Massachusetts Voters to Decide Medical Marijuana Question

Massachusetts voters this fall will decide three statewide ballot questions on medical marijuana, assisted suicide and whether to give independent repair shops access to data now closely guarded by carmakers.

Proponents had to deliver more than 11,000 signatures to Secretary of State William Galvin’s office by July 3 to secure a place on the ballot. All three will go before voters, said Brian McNiff, a Galvin spokesman.

A Supreme Judicial Court judge at the end of June also approved new language for the medical marijuana question after opponents successfully challenged its wording.

Originally, ballots would have said, “A yes vote would enact the proposed law eliminating state criminal and civil penalties related to the medical use of marijuana by patients meeting certain conditions.”

The new statement approved by Associate Justice Robert Cordy will go on to explain that patients would be able to get marijuana “produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers or, in specific hardship cases, to grow marijuana for their own use.”

The original wording did not make clear the initiative would allow up to 35 marijuana dispensaries in the state, said Heidi Heilman, president of the Massachusetts Prevention Alliance, which appealed the phrasing.

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