Someone Tell the CBC We Don’t Need Medical Marijuana Inspectors

CANNABIS CULTURE – Mainstream media companies have a habit of framing issues in a way that helps their corporate or political masters, and Canada’s public broadcaster is no exception.

Take, for example, the video clip below.

In their report, CBC journalists never ask if we actually need medical marijuana growing inspectors, they just parrot the police and government line claiming we do, and assume it is true.

Where is the evidence showing grow-ops are inherently dangerous and need to be inspected by the government?

Canada seems to have come along just fine as a country without inspectors for other types of home gardens. I haven’t heard of any plagues of fires sweeping through neighbourhoods or urban centres every year due to our shortage of tomato plant inspectors.

It all fits in quite nicely with the Conservative government of Canada’s new plan to eliminate personal production licences altogether. By criticizing Health Canada, it looks like the CBC is doing their job as government watchdog, but really they are just playing right into Stephen Harper’s plans for the medical marijuana community.

Though the CBC journalists in this clip seem completely oblivious, their viewers get it just right in the segment at the end.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Most of the government inspectors couldn’t distinguish the difference between cannabis & hemp. Laws are based on this misguided philosophy.
    Beware Cannabis culture: the is a new sheriff in town. Harper & Co. All herbs will be banished under his regime as they not represented by large pharmaceutical companies who lobby their own poison.

  2. Anonymous on

    I have been growing cannabis for 11 years and been licensed by the MMAR for 5. In that time I have seen countless grow ops with extreme safety hazards. people keeping their water reservoir next to dollar store power bars and extension cords on the ground full of ballasts never meant to run on them. It’s not hard to imagine what else people might be doing and I would be more then happy to have my garden inspected.

    If Health Canada can’t inspect, this should fall to local fire/police who are more then capable of determining if a grow op is a fire hazard or counting plants.

  3. Anonymous on

    Harper’s Cons will cancel the PPLs and promise to license private companies to provide MMJ to those with Health Canada MMJ cards. Then they will do one of two things: either they will fail to license private companies to provide the MMJ, or they will give the licenses to their cronies who will supply the worst pot you can imagine, at sky-high prices.

  4. Anonymous on

    As the only person in canada to ever present legalized cannabis policy in three 3 MAIN STREAM NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTY’S

    After others tried for even one for 40 years and after my latest one the liberals came out of the closet I will leave it to history to show things

    as I actually do some thing and not hide I will just continue and consider you irrelevant

    and by the way you are a liar and the greens now paying me to not tell people the truth I mean if you actually know whats going on

    I am not some pimp of pot and no one can say they have done what I have…no even close

    flakes and fakes every where it seems

    you are one

  5. Anonymous on

    I don’t wish anyone in the medical community any harm like you do. If you wan’t to be a source of idea’s and inspiration find your own community to express your views and idea’s. After googling shavluk I quickly found out who you were and i’de like to make a few suggestions of organizations you can join.

    After failing to capture supporters in the Green Party for anti-semitic beliefs and continuing your streak of failing to capture supporters for mandatory minimums on a cannabis website, I’de like to suggest directed marketing. You have a view point you would like to sell, try the KKK, some Jihadist groups are anti-semitic. try the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Until you find a group that embraces you and your beliefs you will be a TROLL!

  6. Anonymous on

    you should google shavluk and know you are an idiot

    I stand by my comments

  7. Anonymous on

    Subject says it all

  8. Anonymous on

    As a med patient I know all this means at some point in the future I won’t have my meds when I need them. Let’s assume the status quo, except there are no personal grow licences and I have to mail order from and existing dispensary,presumably good news, or another an even better mail order system than currently exists because its been Harperized.

    At dispensary prices i’m paying $70 dollars a day for my prescription at $10/g and that translates to $2100 /month. As a comparison, when I HAD Blue Cross my prescription drugs (which I will never take again) cost $300/mo. after their 80% discount which means about $1500/mo. for the privlage. Since I grow my own, don’t pay tax on my medication, I pay for supplies, power, water and other related expenses are around $500 a month.

    I expect to receive LESS than a Quarter of my prescription if I can’t grow my own and I know because I’ve sampled the difference I can 100% trust mine, 80% trust dispensaries (I smoke the best buds myself (A Grade Grower)and bubble the lower buds which is common A grade comsumer). Which leaves Flin Flon Kush or Harper Haze…. 0% Trust

  9. Anonymous on

    Oh no dont think for one second we dont need them
    I think its way over due
    Take all these cowards hiding behind a MMAR card and keep them honest and maybe us doing the REAL WORK may get some help !!!! POLITICALLY

    We inspect other “””””medical”” producers no difference here

    I would also call for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for any MMAR’s selling pot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Anonymous on

    Maybe you could explain why it is you all keep saying marijuana and the medical community together in the same sentences. Marijuana and the current government licencing for people with medical needs is just a duck blind for whats really going on.
    You all rake in the sympathy votes for us handicapped and in need people and along the way keep raising the prices of marijuana always keeping it out of our reach. You know full well that most people in need are on pensions and at the best of times can barely even afford to eat. Knowing that fraction of truth here you even go as far as to almost double the street price of marijuana at your rallys ….
    You people are as big a hipocytes as is the Harper government and your using people for your own needs in much the same way. GROW YOUR OWN AND FUCK THE SYSTEM THAT CARES LESS ABOUT THE REAL PEOPLE WHO NEED MARIJUANA..