Georgia Puts Welfare Drug Testing on Hold

Georgia’s new welfare drug testing law was supposed to go into effect July 1, but that didn’t happen. According to a spokesman for Gov. Nathan Deal (R), the governor still supports the law, but will hold off on implementation until a legal challenge against a similar bill next door in Florida is resolved.

The Florida law took effect last July, but was blocked by a federal judge in October. That case is expected to go before the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Civil rights and civil liberties groups in Georgia said when the law was passed they would challenge it as soon as it is implemented. But they may not have to if the federal courts strike down the Florida law.

The federal courts have generally taken a dim view of random, suspicionless drug testing. They consider drug testing a search under the meaning of the Fourth Amendment and have carved out only limited exceptions to the general prohibition against warrantless drug testing. Those exceptions include public safety-sensitive positions (airline pilots, truck drivers), law enforcement personnel engaged in anti-drug work, and high school students involved in athletics or extracurricular activities.

“The governor feels confident that the law in Florida, and therefore in Georgia, will be upheld,” spokesman Brian Robinson told the Associated Press. “We plan to move forward on this as soon as we can, but we’re willing to wait a little bit longer on the federal courts. There’s just no need in us hopping in.”

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  1. Paul Pot on

    Are you going to test for alcohol too, now that stuff really does screw you up.

    It’s all just prejudice, this disgraceful abuse of the weakest members of the community is a total denial and a cover for the fact that these morons have completely failed in their duty of care to the community.

    They never got rid of the drugs and instead created a night mare monster that puts us all at risk of violence and loss from both police and criminals.

    After fifty years of failure the best they can do is stomp on those least able to defend themselves from attack.

    And as we perpetually prove that prohibition does not work the laws continue to escalate in desperation and we end up with final solution scenario where people are herded into labor camps which become death camps and are exterminated.

    This is a serious abuse of power and violation of human rights, these idiots put themselves at risk of future prosecution. Can’t they see that prohibition is dying.

    I pray for the various marijuana initiatives around the country.

    How fortunate it is that America has a democratic system that offers a chance of reform of a desperately outdated regime of brutality.

  2. gutrod on

    i believe the laws have it ass backwards. they should be testing for opiates & clamp down on the largest drug pushers in America, pharmaceutical manufactures & the doctor’s that peddle their dope.