Miami Face-Eating Attacker Had Marijuana, But No Bath Salts, in His Body

A Miami man killed by police after he chewed off a big chunk of the face of a homeless man had marijuana in his system but no other drugs, authorities said on Wednesday.

Police had speculated that Rudy Eugene, who was found naked gnawing on his victim’s face on the off-ramp of a downtown Miami bridge, may have been under the influence of a synthetic drug known as bath salts at the time of the attack.


The Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department said in a statement that results from toxicology tests identified only components of marijuana.

“The laboratory has tested for but not detected any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs,” it said.

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  1. Afro Activist on

    They’re just still trying to enforce scare tactics, but it just keeps coming back on them every time.

  2. Anonymous on

    He was for sure mental…

  3. Anonymous on

    speaking of, I don’t think the kill was at all legit, but ain’t nobody talkin about it. OMG he ate a face kill it with fire. This is acceptable police work, is it?

  4. Anonymous on

    probably abilify

  5. Paul Pot on

    What I am still not seeing being addressed is the pressure placed on society by the prohibition of some drugs.
    I read that he was arrested on 4 occasions for having cannabis, and how many times was he searched to get that result?
    He was doing the right thing, he was self medicating with an herb to help him keep his cool and the police jump him and steal his meds from him and put him through the procedure of charging and judges and that whole deal is traumatizing for anyone but if you have mental problems it’s simply soul destroying.
    The police totally failed in their duty of care to this man and the community by abusing him and denying the community the chance to manage community health competently.
    If you continually attack thousands of people every day including the mentally ill, of course some one is going to break and it will lead to tragic consequences like this.
    I have lived with the mentally ill and I was horrified by how often the police raided and how they treated people with disabilities. I assure you there’s a very good reason for calling them pigs.
    Heavy handed policing of the intellectually, mentally or emotionally disabled and deeply introverted can only result in giving these people very serious problems often resulting in self harm, suicide, violence and in the worst cases murder.
    The drug war has placed an inordinate burden on society and yet police are able to point at these problems and announce that the drugs were the cause, we’ll just forget about the completely callous and incompetent interference of the police.
    Take the budget for this brutal behaviour away from the police and give it to community health organizations who really help people.
    When they see some one in the street who looks down on his luck, they stop and say “Hey do you need some help, are you hungry? Have you got enough buds to keep you going? We got some top buds here if you need”? But instead the most sensitive and needy people in the community only live in complete fear of the police.
    The police take the simple people of our community and through harassment and abuse turn them into ticking time bombs and just leave them to walk freely in the community ready to explode at any moment.
    The problem is not in the drugs it’s in the way people are being treated by an abusive gang of old men who rule with an iron fist and have no idea of how violent and dangerous and feared they are and how the use of violence only spreads the use of violence for reasons of greed, fear and broken down insanity.
    It’s way passed time to end the drug war.

  6. gouchout on

    Obviously had schizophreniform psychosis of some kind – we can only speculate as to the cause. Your own brain can manufacture chemicals that make “bath salts” look like the bath salts you put in your bath. I went through a phase 25 years ago of taking probably too much acid, STP & speed which gave me a mild psychosis. For a year after that, whenever I had a good bong it would cause a temporary psychotic episode, where everything on the TV, for example, seemed to be about me & my thoughts. After laying off speed-type drugs for a year I was fine. If I had lacked insight, though, I could have easily gone off the deep end.
    The drugs prescribed for Thorazine side-effects are dangerous too. Taken alone they can cause a scopolamine/atropine type 3+ day trip into total unreality – I took some once & very nearly got committed to a mental hospital – I came around just in time as I was being examined by the 2 psychiatrists who were about to commit me & persuaded them that it was just drugs 🙂

  7. gutrod on

    Bath salts is not detectable in the blood. Could have been anything like prescription drugs & a natural high. The guy obviously had mental issues.
    I can’t say that I ever had the urge to chew someones face off after puffing one. LoL

  8. Johnnyseed on


  9. MrsSuspektNY on

    Funny in the autopsy when they were looking for flesh they found a handful of undigested pills in his stomach, soooooo what were said pills?? bath salts come in pill form!! and who knows how many were already digested?!?! the formulas for the bath salts and synthetic weed keep changing so they’re harder if not impossible to detect.