Medical Marijuana Businessman Christ Sues Missoula Police, Others for $50 Million

In a lengthy complaint with footnotes about the “f” word and being vegan, Jason Christ is suing the Missoula Police Department, Missoula County Attorney’s Office, Missoula County 9-1-1, and other parties in U.S. District Court.

Christ, a medical marijuana businessman, is asking for $50 million in punitive damages, among other demands, for the defendants’ “willful and malicious actions” that have caused him “emotional distress.”

Court documents note Christ, representing himself, is so harassed by the law that the city and county have lost him income, “affected his bodily functions” and forced him to camp “down a vast network of unimproved dirt roads.”

In 2009 and 2010, Christ gained wide recognition helping hundreds of people obtain physician recommendations for medical marijuana with his traveling one-day clinics. In 2011, his focus swung to legal matters and, acting as his own lawyer, he filed 13 lawsuits – mostly against former business associates and competitors – and he’s been embroiled in legal action and restraining orders filed by and against him since.

The most recent lawsuit, however, notes Christ’s legal actions aren’t getting far. His more than 1,300 pleadings in 25 civil and one criminal case are falling on deaf ears, and at least one judge has called him a problem, according to court papers.

“The court called plaintiff a ‘difficult litigant,’ based solely on the number of pleadings, not on the merits of those papers,” read court documents.

Attempts to seek resolution at the highest levels are failing as well. The “governor of the state of Montana has refused to hear any complaints,” Christ wrote, and the attorney general hasn’t responded, either, even though Christ sued the state for access to his medicine, marijuana.

“The AG has never returned the plaintiff’s calls,” reads the document.

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