Feds Attack California’s Medical Marijuana Trade Again

Federal authorities opened the latest front in their war on California’s massive medical marijuana industry this week, filing property forfeiture lawsuits in a bid to shut down three dispensaries and sending warning letters to 34 people.

The moves by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles are the latest in an ongoing crackdown on what federal prosecutors say is a flourishing network of illegal cannabis suppliers operating across California under the cover of the state’s medical marijuana law.

Authorities have now targeted more than 220 dispensaries — deemed “marijuana stores” by prosecutors — or indoor cultivation houses in the seven-county Central District of California alone, U.S. Attorney’s spokesman Thom Mrozek said.

Most have been closed or are facing eviction or have been the subject to additional federal law enforcement actions, he said. The Central District of California represents the largest federal law enforcement jurisdiction in the country.

“Because there are so many in our district we could not go after all of them at once, so we’ve developed a strategy based on geographical areas,” Mrozek said. “We’re methodically going through our district.”

The forfeiture lawsuits were filed on Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against a pair of buildings in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Fe Springs, one of which houses two dispensaries.

Letters were also sent to 34 other property owners or store operators in the Los Angeles area giving them 14 days to come into compliance with federal law or face civil or criminal actions.

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  1. Paul Pot on

    The feds are totally freaking out because they can see full legalization is just around the corner.

    These people are criminals, they have committed serious crimes against us and when this dictatorial regime is over they will be held accountable and they know it.

    It’s no different to the fall of regimes like Egypt and Libya, they know they can’t win but the danger of losing is so great they cannot capitulate. They don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in prison for their crimes. This is why the last battle is always the worst because comes a point in every war when one side is no longer fighting to win, they are fighting for their lives and this is the most dangerous time of all because they will do anything no matter how dirty and under handed.

    Watch out for these guys cause things could get even worse.
    But don’t back down, stand up to them and we’ll put them in prison where they belong and then we will be able to live in peace.

    Legalize! Apologize! Compensate! Prosecute the Perpetrators!

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