Nancy Pelosi Defends Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Face of Obama Administration Crackdown

Minority Leader Rep. NancyPelosi (D-Calif.) released a statement yesterday condemning the Obama administration’scrackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries and advocating for thedrug’s medical properties:

“Access to medicinal marijuana for individuals who are ill orenduring difficult and painful therapies is both a medical and astates’ rights issue. Sixteen states, including our home state ofCalifornia, and the District of Columbia have adopted medicinalmarijuana laws – most by a vote of the people.

“I have strong concerns about the recent actions by the federalgovernment that threaten the safe access of medicinal marijuana toalleviate the suffering of patients in California, and undermine apolicy that has been in place under which the federal governmentdid not pursue individuals whose actions complied with state lawsproviding for medicinal marijuana.

“Proven medicinal uses of marijuana include improving thequality of life for patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiplesclerosis, and other severe medical conditions.

“I am pleased to join organizations that support legal access to medicinal marijuana, including the American Nurses Association, theLymphoma Foundation of America, and the AIDS Action Council.

“Medicinal marijuana alleviates some of the most debilitatingsymptoms of AIDS, including pain, wasting, and nausea. Theopportunity to ease the suffering of people who are seriously illor enduring difficult and painful therapies is an opportunity wemust not ignore.

“For these reasons, I have long supported efforts in Congress toadvocate federal policies that recognize the scientific evidenceand clinical research demonstrating the medical benefits ofmedicinal marijuana, that respects the wishes of the states inproviding relief to ill individuals, and that prevents the federalgovernment from acting to harm the safe access of medicinalmarijuana provided under state law. I will continue to stronglysupport those efforts.”

The statement follows the deliveryof a petition signed by San Francisco residents asking Pelosito speak out against Obama’s medical marijuana crackdown. Rep.Barney Frank (D-Mass.) called the crackdown “bad politics and bad policy” lastweek.

– Article orginally from Reason.