The War on Drugs is a Losing Battle

Most British Columbians, I’m sure, won’t weep over the murder in Mexico of drug kingpin Tom Gisby and other B.C. gangbangers.

They’ll figure that, if you play with fire, you deserve to get burned — and that assassins in the Land of the Hot Sun are simply taking care of a problem our criminal-friendly justice system has failed to address.

However, I’m more inclined to agree with jailed pot activist Marc Emery that no good can come from pumped-up Canuck drug-dealers mixing directly with Mexican cartels for whom survival is everything and life is cheap.

“As a Canadian, I am very concerned about the apparent integration between Canadian actors in the (drug) prohibition wars and Mexican and Latin American players,” Emery told me via prison email. “That is a very ominous development. Mexican gangs do not hesitate to use violence or murder.”

In fact, it seems as if the only recent progress in the “war on drugs” is that the extreme violence of the infamous Colombian drug cartels has moved north to Mexico . . . closer to B.C.

Emery, currently serving a five-year U.S. term for cross-border selling of marijuana seeds, outlined the futility of trying to police it. He pointed out that any sharing of intelligence between Canadian and Mexican cops is immediately accessed by the Mexican cartels.

“All levels of Mexican law enforcement and the judiciary are completely compromised,” he said from his medium-security jail in Yazoo City, Miss.

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