Marc Emery’s Suggestions From Prison to Better B.C.

Marc Emery has 10 suggestions for improving life in British Columbia:

1. Eliminate the provincial income tax, lowering it to zero in thirds over three years.

2. Abolish the RCMP in the province. Establish a modest-sized provincial police force answerable to the provincial solicitor-general and attorney-general. B.C. will need far fewer cops and jails once you eliminate the illegal drug markets.

3. Base MLA selection based on a combination of preferential voting (first, second and third choices, etc., on each ballot) or a first-past-the-post system combined with proportional representation.

4. Make the referendum process in B.C. much more accessible by lowering the threshold of signatures required to four per cent of registered voters obtained over a 180-day period, with paid signature-gathering permitted.

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  1. Karen C on

    I agree with you Anonymous, out growing poverty is a solution that is a very difficult controlled vice to get out from,there is ignorance and prejudice attached to poverty, poverty is created as intentional by Government control,improving poverty without all the negative influenced bias of attachments, we need better teachers nor further slavery, sharing not stealing, and more people whom will and may actually do something with action not more lies,harm and hypocrisy,once a person goes in it, how does profit control itself at the expense of others and poverty it’s easy to go into and difficult to get out of as most of all of the world’s populations live below the poverty level at the mercy of Government waste and abuse laced with fear and secrecy as outdated regulation and abuse by people wanting more crap keeping others enslaved is a bad energy,the pricing controls rising costs of housing,fuel and food are subject and more subject to a wasted system abuse, more controls,more vices,violence, where do we find common ground let alone the abuses and waste of this internationally controlled cabal lurking in the shadows of the shadows are hideous this is why illusion is created and necessary and partnered with invested geopolitical systems, with reign and mind control of the masses and financial numerical abuse creating degradation with tyranny are horrible partnerships.We are all in many senses directed by numbers,money and debt and stupid ideals all this is changing. The problem is the Private and Central banking system, corruption that run, Powerful families, groups, the constant dumping of toxic bullshit,that control industries and Governments on all levels,the not so human beings inhabiting on this planet are very intelligent, that advise and control in groups, the top tier is a poisonous toxic root and evil strain, that is truly weak and murderous strangling poisoning of this beautiful natural earth and it’s children instead of nurturing and care taking of it and humanity with people world wide for centuries a low level of consciousness, it’s own entity that controls and divides us an electronic holograph or a controlled grid as humanity needs to evolve and the controls expands at a rapid rate and move off planet,to an earth conscious paradise, the people that are in the know and tell of what is beyond this present illusion meme are either jailed or murdered whom have any mass influence.I now believe this meme is of another dimension and appears human like, what we humans are unable to perceive as all of the illusion and attachments with it this is the desire for fancy stuff is programmed in educational systems and in social classes from the get go, nature to heal the cracks of the divided and toxic system.There are municipal bylaws that are enforced from putting up a green house on your property or front or back lawn to grow your own food.Where did the name Cabbage town come from originally in Toronto, people grew cabbages on their front lawns, Keep people in media mind control as propaganda as “addicted” on dead matter as fossil fuels and create further propaganda mixed with lies and truth. For those living in planned detached communities with urban sprawl viable solutions are slow to come.I’m considered lucky, in a safe vanilla suburb protected by whom else, the Police protect and serve that live here and the energy that runs this electronic message is nuclear and toxic and an area is secretly socially doused in alcohol and some perversions as programmed. I’m alone in the new pollution and there isn’t any help only increases in living only to find another way to live.Where did empirical medicine evolve out of and it goes back centuries.Cannabis currency is without such levels of competition and division yet has yet to resurface,is evolving, more cooperation is much better than living as prisoners and in controlled fear every day.
    I pray or meditate every day for some kind of way to wholly,naturally being and integrate a better direction, the only person I can change is myself with others.Cannabis is and always has been connection to a better planet overall, as other plant life organisms that give life.I’m all for the vaporization and natural oils of healing all aspects of life and humanity on how to live better in our evolution on this planet.We are in this together and becoming the majority.

  2. Anonymous on

    I still think out growing poverty is the best solution, too bad Emery is one of the few people that thinks along similar lines. If you can grow enough food for more than your own family, that would shift the need for the system period. No point of putting money into some thing that doesn’t work, now was it made to work for any extended period of time.
    The problem is the policy makers will not like every 2nd house wising up and adding a green house to the property, that’s far smarter than spending money on a TV or a stupid car and what have you. All that fancy shit isn’t worth any thing when the world got hungry!
    Keep at it Mark, the world needs more people like you. Some thing I have been told a few times myself, and you need to hear that also – so keep at it.