Marc Emery Claims Victory in Drug War

Vancouver cannabis crusader Marc Emery may be facing two more frustrating years behind bars in the Deep South of the United States. But he’s more confident than ever he’s winning the war on drug prohibition.

The Prince of Pot believes the drug legalization campaign he’s waged for more than 30 years is already over at the “intellectual” level. And it’s only a matter of time before marijuana and other recreational drugs are sold in stores in Canada and the U.S. – and taxed and regulated just like liquor and cigarettes.

“The end of prohibition is close, five years for marijuana or less,” he told me from inside the U.S. federal correctional complex where he’s serving a five-year term for selling marijuana seeds. “And I can take a lot of credit for it.”

Crisply dressed in khaki prison fatigues and black boots, Emery said he was heartened that John McKay, the former U.S. attorney who helped put Emery in jail, has had a Saul-on the-road-to-Damascus conversion and is now championing a Washington State initiative to legalize pot.

He’s also encouraged that a raft of Canadian VIPs, including four former B.C. attorneys-general, have jumped on the decriminalization bandwagon.

“I’m running out of people who disagree with me anymore,” the pot entrepreneur quipped, as we sipped pop together inside the visitors’ area of the massive, razor-wire-clad jail northwest of the Mississippi state capital of Jackson.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I also would like to think that Marc is correct, but this probably won’t come about because good overcomes evil, or that people decide to do the right thing. We could argue over the imipact of “Big Pharma”, but I believe it’s fear of change and fear of the unknown that helps to maintain support for the failed drug war. Special interests feed on those emotions and help control the discussion, but that’s a factor and not the cause. These are also different problems for Canada and the US, and I assume thaqt Marc is speaking of change North of the border. South of the Border I suspect that economic pressure will force a reexamination of the Drug War, but this is an election year and all bets are off.

  2. deepthought1337 on

    I wish Marc was right, but the war on drugs is a perpetual war that will never end. It won’t end as long as prohibition is profitable. By making drugs illegal, drugs become a highly lucrative endeavor on the black market. Drugs fund organized crime and promote violence. This in turn raises budgets for law enforcement and the prison system. Every time a drug dealer is arrested, more rise up to take their place. As prisons get crowded, more are built. The war on drugs is designed to create the crime it purportedly fights. It doesn’t matter if people know the truth about marijuana because greed will always win over reason and logic.

  3. PTSDMAN on

    Free Marc Emery, Free Ourselves!

    A 10 year old can see that the reason cannabis is illegal is a political one.
    This political lie has destroyed millions of lives, costs billions of dollars.

    More people die from prescription drugs than cannabis could ever hope for.

    The reason cannabis is illegal is because it Works!

    Big Phat Pharma hate$ it!

    Cannabis is a Exit medicine, not a gateway drug!