Herb Smokes TC10K

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tomorrow Herb is busting a move once again in Victoria, B.C. Many saw Herb, the mascot of Hempology 101, run in the TC10K last year. But few realized it was Ted Smith inside, one of the best known pot-heads on the island.

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This year Herb will attempt to run the course in less than one hour, beating his time of 1:06 last year. It will depend upon the wind, though, as Herb is 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide!

You can see Herb running last year at the 1:10 mark on this story from CTV News last night:

Apparently you will be able to follow Ted Smith on Facebook as he runs around the course.

Ted has been a vegetarian for over 15 years and firmly believes that eating hemp hearts and smoking cannabis have helped him remain healthy and strong. He has started a project called TEAM 420 to encourage cannabis consumers to get more active and come out of the closet.

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