TODAY: Marc Emery’s U.S. Prosecutor Joins Jodie Emery to Call for Marijuana Legalization

John McKayJohn McKayCANNABIS CULTURE – John McKay, the former U.S. attorney who prosecuted imprisoned pot activist Marc Emery, will appear at a press conference today with former B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant and Emery’s wife, Jodie, to call for an end to marijuana prohibition.

Stop the Violence BC a newly-formed activist group that has had major success in acquiring high-profile endorsements for legalization, organized the event. From the Stop the Violence press release:

John McKay, the former U.S. attorney for the Western District of Washington State who prosecuted B.C.’s Marc Emery, will join former B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant and Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife, to call for the legalization and taxation of marijuana in Canada and the US during a lecture and media conference on Wednesday, April 18.

During the lecture, organized by Stop the Violence BC, McKay will share insights on the impact of B.C.’s marijuana industry on drug-related crime and violence in the Pacific Northwest region. A professor in the Faculty of Law at Seattle University, McKay is an avid supporter of the Washington State ballot initiative for the November election to implement a regulated, taxed market for marijuana. He was a U.S. Attorney from 2001 to 2007, when he resigned along with eight other U.S attorneys.

“Following the lecture, McKay will participate in a news conference with Geoff Plant, Jodie Emery and Dr. Evan Wood, physician and founder of Stop the Violence BC.



  1. Anonymous on

    marc is the face of our medicine being FREE for us to use with out having to worry about going to jail

  2. Bud Grinder on

    McKay should be given a taste of what he was so eager to dish out. Simply saying words to the effect that he’s sorry and he was wrong are not enough. He should be made to suffer the same fate he consigned Marc Emery to in aid of raising his consciousness and demonstrating to the other government thugs that their evil plan to financially benefit themselves on the backs of HARMLESS marijuana consumers will catch up to them sometime, hopefully sooner than later. Then they’ll ALL be getting what they so richly and justly deserve…. CORRECTION!

  3. Dave on

    Wow! Is forgiveness a big word in the Emery vocabulary. So sad the American government is not as forgiving of Marc. Not sure if I could be in the same room let alone sit on the same stage?

  4. Bradleyson on

    This is great news! This is what Marc wanted, to be a martyr and to show people how stupid it was to extradite someone to a us jail for selling marijuana seeds from Canada (or using cannabis at all.) Now the guy who was fighting to put him away for marijuana is fighting next to him for marijuana is a great turn. We need another Canada wide FREE Marc rally!