Omnibus Crime Bill Rushed Through Senate, Liberal Senators Say

The government’s omnibus crime bill was being pushed through its final test in the Senate for no good reason, Liberal senators charged Thursday.

Their words, however, were unable to change the trajectory of the bill’s path to becoming law, as the Conservatives used their majority in the Senate to give final approval — by a vote of 48 to 37 — to the bill before it returns to the House of Commons.

Once in the Commons, MPs would have to approve the six changes Conservative senators made to the bill that more clearly define terrorism activities and how victims of terrorism can sue groups or states that support terrorism.

Bill C-10, the Safe Streets and Communities Act, passed its final vote in the Senate at about midnight Friday.

The Conservatives used their majority to limit debate on the bill to six hours, much to the chagrin of the opposition Liberals. Only one Conservative voted against limiting debate: Sen. Pierre Nolin. Mr. Nolin was also expected to vote against final passage of the bill.

The government promised to pass the omnibus crime bill within 100 days of taking office, and limiting debate was done to ensure the government could keep its promise, said Conservative Sen. Claude Carignan.

“Canadians are expecting us to (pass) this,” Mr. Carignan said.

“The best way to ensure the population is not jaded when it comes to politics is to keep our promises.”

The Liberals, however, said there was still enough opposition to the package of nine bills that every senator deserved the right to speak to the bill, especially the seven newest senators who may not have had the chance to review every transcript and piece of evidence a Senate committee heard about the bill, including critiques of the mandatory minimum sentences outlined in C-10.

“It is not a one-size-fits-all justice system. Criminal justice is not a vending machine, where you press a button — A1, B5 or B6 — and out pops a sentence,” said Sen. James Cowan, the Liberal leader in the Senate.

“Vending machines usually dispense junk food. We should aim for something higher when we dispense justice to Canadians.”

During 2 1/2 hours of arguments on the proposal to limit debate to six hours — the least number of hours required when the Senate approves time limits — Liberal senators called the rush to make C-10 law an affront to democracy and a hindrance to the Senate’s ability to act as the “chamber of sober second thought.”

“There is no excuse for what this chamber is about to do. We should be ashamed of ourselves,” said Liberal Sen. Joan Fraser.

– Article from The National Post.



  1. guitarod on

    The bill has already been rubber stamped by our Conservative majority senator’s. There is something seriously wrong with Democracy in Canada. We have a serious problem. I would compare Harper & his Cronies to Communists and Dictators. They govern with a rubber stamp.
    Case closed. Canada Wake Up. We can decide our future in the next federal election. if Elections Canada doesn’t declare our last election fraudulent in the meantime. In that case the PC’s would drag the case out in court for the next decade. They have deep pockets and an attitude of win at all costs. Us taxpayers will be left to foot all of the lawyers and investigation bills which will be in the millions. We will then have to rectify the legacy of Mr. Harper and the P.C.’s.

  2. Alfrede E. Neuman on

    Somebody design a graphic… and have too many 6-plants to imprison everybody

  3. Anonymous on

    If they jail people to fast there goes the work force expanding then, the faster this monetary system comes to it’s knees the better for everyone that wants freedom from the enslaved money system we all are attached to. Harper doesn’t seem smart enought to realize that he is playing into our hands, just proves church people really are as stupid as I have learned them to be over 30+ years. Why is it the church people are some of the nastyest people I have ever known. I have come to learn they rape and pillage in short order, and they are violent controlling people. I have never met a non religious person to be any where as much trouble in ANY social circle as a person of blind faith.

  4. Anonymous on

    I think the strategy should go back to “Over Grow the Government”. Have so many people growing cannabis that they can’t afford to enforce their laws.

  5. Anonymous on

    Thats ok in 4 years we will be broke crime rates will be up and all you Senators will be out on your ass when Canadians are pissed that you bankrupted the country, created more crime, strengthened the black market, and the NDP will be voted in! It’s only a matter of time. You can’t make something work that hasn’t worked anywhere else in the world! When the people who created this policy in the USA are sending you letters telling you they changed their minds and your a bunch of idiots it is doomed to fail. The only sad part is more countless lives will be ruined! Hope you sleep well at night you pieces of crap!