From Under the Influence with Marijuana Man: February 15, 2012

CANNABIS CULTURE – Get high and talk pot with with Marijuana Man and friends LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Influence. In this episode: We look at the World of Weed today – local and international.

Will Al the Alchemist bring the vaporizer? Find out on today’s show.

Get your marijuana and drug war questions lined up and hit the chat and your bong. In his weekly show From Under the Influence, Greg Williams (also known as Marijuana Man), editor of the Pot TV Network and one of Prince of Pot Marc Emery’s co-accused in his international seed-selling case, talks directly with viewers about marijuana, hemp, the drug war, pot politics and anything else he wants to discuss.

Marijuana Man and Al the Alchemist broadcast LIVE every Wednesday from the Pot TV studios in Vansterdam. Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer takes your questions in the Livestream chatroom.

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  1. CanadianGiant on

    I just want to remind all your weekly viewers that febuary 22/12 is Hash Wednesday. See everyone at showtime, 4pm Pacific time.Bring hash if you got it, but it is not mandatory.Peace.

  2. Capitol G on

    Just as the other replier said, it is good that they can ,with willpower and a simple choice, walk away and be happy. It probably would not be the same were it some of the prescription drugs or harder street drugs out there. As for being in a state of quasi-hibernation and, i guess sitting around on your butt, it would seem to me these are also choices. I know I enjoy getting a glow on and then getting some exercise, like a bike ride or a walk, even working with weights…whatever turns your crank. I have never had a resin string, but if having one makes it so that you can’t get up and move…then by all means stop. Hey I’ve read articles that say that if you can’t catch a buzz, then exercise…apparently some of the chemical reactions are similar for both…go figure. There is no need to be the stereotypical stoner…it seems to come down to perception and how you want, or don’t want, to blend certain things into your life. Choice is sometimes a wonderful thing. Take Care.

  3. Anonymous on

    If you can’t stop from doing too much of ANYTHING it’s time to quit. At least with MJ you CAN quit by just making the decision to stop. AND if you pick it up again you know you can quit again.

  4. Anonymous on

    Hey MM, let me tell you a li’l story. I had been smoking Cannabis resin for about the last year or so every single day. You know how it starts out, you buy a an oz of hash, then you get another one and then a few more and then you start growing some plants because you get tired of paying for it and then not even being that great a quality because there’s too much gland casing material mixed in with the resin. You sure can’t get high off bud either because it’s too damn weak, with all that vegetation material, and it stinks the place up so you start extracting the resin from the buds with acetone. You make like a 1/8th inch thick string of pure resin and pinch off a little piece at a time. Yeah, that works. Nothing else is concentrated enough to have much effect at that point.

    Well, fo’ you know it, you ain’t doing nothing but smoking super-strings all the time. You’re always horny, hungry and tired. You have no energy and your lung capacity starts getting low. You feel like you’re 80. Eventually you just kind of get sick of it and actually stop making more strings, about 10 strings after you said you were gonna. This time you really just stop. First night it’s hard to sleep but after a few days you come out of it and start sleeping normally.

    Now I have boundless energy. Work all day, not even tired. I get stuff done and I feel fantastic. My lungs feel much better, I eat much less and exercise more. I’m young again. Will I start using again? Maybe some day, like if I feel a state of depression coming on. Might have to do a cycle to rebalance my brain metabolism. But I really don’t want to use again just for something to do. Not worth it. I know I will descend back into daily use if I even smoke one little string of resin, so I even stopped growing. If it’s right there, how can I resist? If I have to make an effort to get it and have to pay for it I have more chance of not even bothering.

    Just wanted to let you know that life without Cannabis is great. I sympathize with those who need to use it for medical reasons. If you don’t have medical need for it I think you’re actually better off without. If you don’t need medicine, why take it, right? I was like in a constant state of quasi-hibernation. Now I have emerged from hibernation and have renewed vigor, and it’s not even spring yet. Well, see ya MM and Al.