End Prohibition with Dana Larsen: NDP Leadership Race

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canadian marijuana activist Dana Larsen endorses Peggy Nash for leader of the NDP in the first episode of his new End Prohibition video series.

Larsen, former editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine and founding director of The Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, discusses a recent survey of NDP Leadership candidates on marijuana legalization and decriminalization released by his group End Prohibition.

Larsen ran as a candidate for leadership of the BC NDP in 2011.

Watch the first episode of End Prohibition with Dana Larsen:

End Prohibition is a national group of New Democrats working to end marijuana prohibition and stop Canada’s failed war on drugs.

Founded in 2004, the group has grown to over 1200 members nationwide and has had a presence at over two dozen provincial and federal NDP conventions across Canada.

Over the past decade, resolutions supporting drug policy reform have been passed by the NDP provincially in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and the Yukon.

Visit the End Prohibition website for more information.

Dana wants you to become a New Democrat today!



  1. Anonymous on

    The only way you can do that is with a coalition. That’s just the reality of the fptp electoral system, which is heavily gained. A split “left” just don’t have the numbers vs a united right, and so harper will be in power for a long long time.

    The fallacy here is obvious. They don’t want to unite because they don’t want a two party system like the states. But its’ a defacto two party system, and short of a coalition, harper is in power and makes us the states. So the single solution should be painfully obvious.

  2. Dana on

    Thanks for joining the NDP and getting involved! Let’s make sure that Harper is defeated in 2015!

  3. Scarlet on

    What I am most concerned about is….who is best positioned to take down Harper and his campaign to create MORE prisons and less tolerance for marijuana users/growers/decriminalization and legalization? I wonder who Jack Layton would get behind in this leadership race?
    Harper is a cleaver strategist and the NDP needs a leader who can match him on all levels. It seems as though Topp and Mulcair are the top runners but after watching this video, I have made my mind up NOT to vote for Mulcair, thanks! Peggy Nash I am about to study up on now 🙂
    Oh, I have never joined a political party before, but I just joined the NDP because I want a vote in where our country is going and the NDP seems like the only party that resonates with my own ideals. I’m not even political to tell the truth (!) but became much more so as it affected my own life and lifestyle and those of whom I love. I’ve always voted, however, and have consistently voted NDP (thank you Jack Layton!). END PROHIBITION and make Canada the leader in the new way of love, tolerance and equality for all.

  4. guitarod on

    The laws are ass backwards if you ask me. Any mention by a politician or national media is a step in the right direction.
    Alcohol is not treated like the drug that it is. I have seen a lot of stupid stuff over the years by drunken idiots. Extreme anger, verbal abuse, violent assaults, people passing out and pissing themselves or puking on others couches. I enjoy a drink but know my limitations through experience, some good some bad. I also enjoy a good joint while relaxing at home. Mostly on weekends while playing guitar. Sounds pretty dangerous eh.
    For this I am breaking the law, which is absurd, while Prohibition lives on.
    In the real world, I don’t see any one being hurt by the cannabis culture.

  5. highman on

    why isnt dana larsen running again?

  6. highman on

    voting in the ndp is are last chance out of this sh*t hole. jack layton was the bees knees hopefully the next leader is dope. haha a pun.