Cannabis Culture News LIVE: House Passes Bill C-10; Obama Admin Helps Mexican Drug Cartels

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: The Conservative-controlled House of Commons passes omnibus crime bill C-10 – and will Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder be forced to resign over Fast and Furious?

Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer will discuss the passage of Bill C-10 by the Canadian Parliament and play the latest videos from the continuing Fast and Furious and DEA money laundering scandals involving the US government providing guns and financial assistance to Mexican drug cartels.

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On the show:


How Did Obama Know About ‘Fast And Furious’ Before Holder?

New Documents Show A.G. Eric Holder Knew of ATF ‘Fast and Furious’ Program July 2010

Congressman Poe “It’s A Violation Of International Law To Allow Gun Trafficking Between 2 Countries”

“How Is It That You & Secretary Napolitano NEVER Discussed Fast And Furious?” Congressman

Congressman Lungren “You Screwed Up! You Ought To Admit You Screwed Up!”

Judge Napolitano – Eric Holder could be impeached


Mexico Demands Investigation Into DEA Laundering Cartel Money

Rep Issa On DEA Laundering Money For Drug Cartels


2011 – Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D

2010 – Hartford Hospital – University of Iowa Study

1999 – University of Adelaide and Transport South Australia

1999 – University of Toronto


Debate on Bill C-10 (Omnibus Crime Bill)

Ryan Cleary on The Conservative Omnibus Crime Bill – Bill C-10

Bill C-10 The Safe Streets And Communities Act

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.




  1. Norm Smith on

    Harper is a very sick and sadistic Bilderburger / American Puppet. The red, white and blue brochures gave them away from Day 1, if you understand NWO symbolism. The whole Conservative Party is an American/CIA creation.

    I burned an American Flag in public when the DEA started opening bases in Canada because I saw this coming. The CIA-DEA runs Canada now. You will soon see American pigs – wearing tactical combat gear – patrolling Canada, and Americanizing law enforcement.

    The peaceful cannabis community must rise up and be counted. No more closet cases. Come out of the closet and be a vocal opponent of Comrade Harper’s Regime and his sadistic War on Marijuana People. Even if you hate the herb, fight for Canadian sovereignty.

    Stop expecting someone else to do it. Do something yourself. Just one little thing. This includes “middle class professionals” like me. I am 54 y.o. xray manager in BC.

    Get out of your closet and join the resistance. Make a difference. Start with a brief letter to the editor of your local paper about why you enjoy marijuana, or why you oppose American pigs on Canadian streets. Every little bit helps the cause. It’s very liberating, believe me.

    There is strength in numbers. Harper wants to divide us and destroy us, but this will backfire and unite freedom lovers like never before.

    Best wishes to all for the Christmas season. Smoke a fattie for Marc.

  2. Anonymous on

    big bullshit politics: Harper,Obama & Co.

  3. Anonymous on


    The Federal Tort Claims Act or “FTCA”, (June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Title IV, 62 Stat. 982, “28 U.S.C. Pt.VI Ch.171” and 28 U.S.C. § 1346(b)), is a statute enacted by the United States Congress in 1948. “Federal Tort Claims Act” was also previously the official short title passed by the Seventy-ninth Congress on August 2, 1946 as Title IV of the Legislative Reorganization Act, 60 Stat. 842, which was classified principally to chapter 20 (§§ 921, 922, 931–934, 941–946) of former Title 28, Judicial Code and Judiciary.
    That Title IV of the Legislative Reorganization Act act of August 2, 1946 was substantially repealed and reenacted as sections 1346 (b) and 2671 et seq. of this title by act June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 982, the first section of which enacted this title (Tort Claims Procedure). [1]
    The FTCA permits private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. The FTCA constitutes a limited waiver of sovereign immunity.

    The Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, for the first time, gave American citizens the right to sue the federal government.” [4]

    Bill O’Reilly Thinks Medical Marijuana is a Sneaky Plot to Give People Medicine, Or Something

    Bill O’Reilly’s indignant posturing is typical of the contemporary medical marijuana skeptic: I have no problem with medical use, but any plan for supplying patients is a fraud and anyone who grows or sells marijuana is a scumbag.

    The primary reason for this communication was to create an awareness of the methods of omission used by all parties in this great crime against humanity itself. Now if you look closely you will not find the mentioning of powerful antibiotic actions of marijuana nor will you find the mentioning of the Lyme plague (Lyme disease primarily is treated with powerful antibiotics ) which was so disturbing to myself — you the reader are being directed to these specific omitted facts with all the background provided.

    Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.

    Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa

    The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The email sent out by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.

    Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime.