Draconian Crime Bill Passed By Conservative Majority in House of Commons

CANNABIS CULTURE – Severe crime legislation that includes mandatory prison sentences for minor marijuana offences was passed by the Conservative-controlled House of Commons yesterday. Bill C-10 now heads to the Senate for approval before it can become Canadian law.

The Safe Streets and Communities Act – an omnibus bill composed of nine separate pieces of crime legislation Conservative MPs failed to pass while they had a minority government – was easily passed this time around by the Conservative majority in a vote of 157 to 127.

The bill has come under strong criticism from virtually all sides. Legal experts, opposition politicians, provincial government heads, non-profit groups, and even lawmakers from other countries say the proposed laws would send scores of non-violent Canadians to prison and cost billions of extra tax dollars to maintain.

Critics say the government is evading statistics showing crime in Canada at its lowest in almost 40 years, and ignoring repeated warnings that the legislation will actually make crime worse.

Read more about the dangers of Bill C-10.

Watch video of NDP MP Ryan Clearly criticizing the bill in the House of Commons:

Watch video of Liberal MP John McCallum criticizing the bill in the House of Commons, saying the Conservatives are “taking us back to the middle ages”:

The Conservatives have also come under fire for forcing the bill through the House, invoking closure to limit debate every chance they could, and for keeping the true cost of the bill hidden from the Canadian public.

The massive bill would increase the length of marijuana-related prison terms and impose mandatory minimum sentences for growing as few as six marijuana plants or extracting hash or oil, and is expected to have a dramatic effect on Canada’s cannabis community if passed.

The bill would also crack-down on young offenders and eliminate conditional sentences, and contains other changes that are expected to intensify problems within Canada’s justice system.

Read the entire bill.

A growing number of activist groups have been fighting to raise awareness and encourage members of the government to oppose the legislation. Opponents of the bill staged protests of the Prime Minister and Premiers who supported the bill, and thousands of petitions against the bill were presented to Conservative MPs in the days before its passing.

“I don’t think it’s going to lead to safer streets. In fact, it may lead to more crime and recidivism,” NDP Justice critic Jack Harris said Monday in response to the bill’s passage. “I think this government is making a big mistake and the next government is going to have to fix those mistakes and undo the damage that has been done.”

The Liberal Party of Canada released a statement on Monday pointing out the dangers of the bill:

The Conservatives’ bundling together of 9 bills that warranted independent discussion, their shutting down of debate in committee, and their rejection of all amendments while arrogantly labeling others as supporters of criminals and not victims, undermines Parliament and democratic process. They have rammed through the House of Commons a law and order agenda that is poorly thought-out, rushed and demonstrates the Conservative commitment to governing by ideology instead of facts and evidence.

This bill will impose mandatory minimums that will turn young offenders into hardened criminals. It fails the mentally ill, aboriginal people, visible minorities and the poor. It repeats the mistakes of failed, expensive and discredited American crime policy. Police and prisons officials from states like Texas are telling Mr. Harper very clearly: We tried what you are doing but it drained the public coffers and made our communities less safe. Do not go down our failed path.

At the end of the day we will have more crime, less justice, skyrocketing costs, prison overcrowding, less rehabilitation for the offenders, less protection for victims and less protection for the public. Liberals are committed to pursuing a crime and justice approach that is evidence-based, cost effective and focused on preventing crime and victimization.

The bill is expected to be just the first stage of the Conservatives “tough-on-crime” agenda, with journalists speculating on increasingly harsher rules once the bill is passed.


Though C-10 will likely be approved by the Conservative-controlled Senate, there’s still time to encourage Senators to oppose the legislation. Contact Senators and let them know how you feel about Bill C-10.

Read Marc Emery’s latest prison blog post about Bill C-10 from Cannabis Culture.

Read mainstream media stories about the bill’s passage:

Conservatives force through crime bill

by UPI

OTTAWA, Dec. 6 (UPI) — Canada’s Conservative government used its majority to force a sweeping crime reform bill through Parliament in Ottawa.

The omnibus bill is made up of nine smaller bills the Conservatives weren’t able to get passed as a minority government, the National Post said.

It passed by a vote of 157-127 Monday night.

The Safe Streets and Communities Act is widely seen as a get-tough approach to crime and punishment, calling for mandatory jail time for growing marijuana, making it tougher to get parole and stricter sentencing for young offenders, the Post said.

The Canadian Bar Association lobbied against the bill, alleging it was based on a flawed U.S. system that resulted in a prison overcrowding crisis.

Meanwhile, the two most populous provinces of Ontario and Quebec have indicated they can’t afford the new costs being downloaded to them by the bill, the Globe and Mail said.

– Read the entire article at UPI.

Police chiefs urge more ‘balanced approach’ while supporting omnibus crime bill

by Toronto Star

OTTAWA—The head of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is calling for an end to “tough on crime/soft on crime” sloganeering and a more “balanced approach” to the serious issues of criminal law policy.

Standing in uniform as he flanked the federal justice minister, Prince Albert’s Police Chief Dale McFee said he supports the government’s new law to increase penalties for serious crime, but added labels are getting in the way of constructive debate.

McFee was presented at a morning news conference as a “stakeholder” and supporter of the Conservative government’s tough-on-crime package, Bill C-10 — entitled the “Safe Streets and Communities Act.” It passed a Commons vote Monday evening with a vote of 157 to 127.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson called the news conference earlier in the day to urge swift passage of the omnibus bill, and suggested the Opposition was dragging its feet.

“The time for talk is over. The time for action is now,” said Nicholson.

But while McFee said the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police supported the passage of Bill C-10, he said the simplification of debate is not helpful.

“We’ve got this distinction — hard and soft on crime — and quite frankly I think, on behalf of the policing in this country, we need to stop that,” said McFee.

“In reality, we’re not going to arrest our way out of our troubles,” McFee told reporters, as Nicholson stood off to the side.

Those who commit serious crime “need to go to jail” where McFee said they may receive counseling and rehabilitation programs in a closed environment that keeps Canadians safe.

But, McFee said, a lot of people would be diverted from crime through early intervention and prevention programs. Such programs would “save lots of money and obviously be more efficient in achieving the results at that end,” he said. “And I think unless we do both, quite frankly, we’re missing a piece.”

– Read the entire article at Toronto Star.

Tories’ omnibus crime bill passes in the House of Commons

by National Post

OTTAWA — The opposition has called it misguided, at least two provinces have vowed not to pay for it and the Canadian Bar Association has done its darndest to get the Conservatives to listen to reason.

Still, the controversial omnibus crime bill cleared the Commons Monday evening, just 45 sitting days after it was first tabled.

The Safe Streets and Communities Act — a hodgepodge of nine justice bills, most of which were defeated in previous Parliaments when the Conservatives were in minority status — easily passed thanks to the government’s new majority in a vote of 157 to 127.

“Parliament has seen and debated these measures, some of them for as long as four years,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said earlier in the day as he called on all MPs to unanimously support the measures — even though this clearly was no longer necessary, nor likely to happen.

“The time for talk is over. The time for action is now.”

The government fast-tracked the bill through the Commons, invoking closure every step of the way to limit debate, and Nicholson expressed hope that the bill also would move through the Senate “expeditiously.”

– Read the entire article at National Post.

Omnibus crime bill passes through House of Commons

by CTV

An omnibus crime bill passed by the House of Commons on Monday needs to be balanced by crime-prevention efforts, says the head of a major police organization.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police supports the Conservatives’ multi-part bill because it deals with serious crimes, said the association’s president, Chief Dale McFee.

Among other things, the bill increases penalties for sexual offences against children and ends the use of house arrest for violent crimes.

“The reality is we’re not going to arrest our way out of our troubles but we’re not going to stop arresting,” he told a news conference.

“When we’re dealing with serious crime, there’s quite frankly some people that need to go to jail but there’s also a lot of people (for whom) early intervention and prevention will go a long ways and save lots of money and obviously be more efficient in achieving the results at that end.

“And I think, unless we do both, quite frankly, we’re missing a piece.”

McFee says he hopes to speak with the government about the prevention piece going forward.

– Read the entire article at CTV.

Tougher laws days away

by Edmonton Sun

OTTAWA – Canadians will ring in the New Year under a stricter Criminal Code.

The omnibus crime bill passed third reading in the House of Commons Monday night and headed to the Senate, where it is expected to be swiftly passed into law by the Conservative majority in the red chamber.

“Canadians gave us a strong mandate to crack down on child sexual offenders and on dangerous drug dealers who sell drugs to children, and we are one step closer to achieving this with the passage of Bill C-10 in the House of Commons,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said. “We promised to pass this important legislation within the first 100 sitting days of the parliamentary session and we intend to deliver on that promise.”

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) support the changes.

“When we talk about terrorism, organized crime, violent or sexual offences, producing and trafficking controlled substances, and any other criminal acts related to this bill, let me emphasize, we’re talking about serious crime here and this type of activity is simply not acceptable.” CACP president Dale McPhee said. “Bill C-10 provides appropriate consequences for serious criminals acts and will assist in strengthening the public’s faith in the justice system.”

– Read the entire article at Edmonton Sun.



  1. Daniel Johnson on

    Well, if enough people get involved in the movement to overturn the election, we can stop this, and since every party except the conservatives now supports legalization, I can’t understand why CC, etc., aren’t pushing the election fraud rallies…?

  2. Anonymous on

    Hey, if howdy doody wants to be a real boy he’s going to have to give up that barbie pink tween lipstick and corner girl eye liner.

  3. Anonymous on

    Is that what people think? I would say it’s more like people are growing increasingly tired of being preyed on by corrupt politicians who don’t really give a damn about them, and that is what drives their fear.

  4. Bud Grinder on

    Fuck Harper in that putrid cesspool he’s got where there should be a heart.

  5. Norm Smith on

    Harper is calling peaceful citizens who prefer natural cannabis instead of booze and tobacco “criminals” and “dangerous to children.” He wants to lock us all up if we grow the miracle plant.

    Kiss his ass and defend him if you want. I’ll exercise my freedom of expression. He hasn’t abolished the Charter of Rights and Freedoms…


  6. Anonymous on

    Stop calling Harper names, it solves nothing.

    The more people intimidate the government, the more harshness the government will push peoples way.

    As if life wasn’t already hard… People are idiotic enough to make things worse. Just as the government do…

  7. Norm Smith on

    I am one of the 62% who did not vote for this freedom-hating Nazi Warmonger.

    If this is democracy we need to change the whole f*cking system.

    To all you CSIS Agents reading this kiss my hairy crack and go back to hell.

    I’m going to smoke a fattie for Marc.

    Plant some seed and free the weed.

  8. Bud Grinder on

    Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary rapturista thugs are about to learn the truth of the laws of unintended consequences. Once the Canadian public, even those deluded Conservatives who think Harper is on the right track, gets a sufficient dose of what Harper and his gang of co-conspirators is going to inflict on EVERYONE, not just the hippie dope smokers, they’ll tar and feather him and run him out of town on a rail…. a fate MUCH nicer than what he and all of his gang deserves.

    If it were up to me, I’d invite John Hinckley to visit Canada free of charge.

  9. Anonymous on

    Let’s just forgive and forget. Sometimes people need to be forgiven.

    I think Harpers stuck in the middle of politics, what he thinks is right, and the peoples vote.

    To be honest Harper doesn’t know….

    He just doesn’t know whats best for a country.

    He’s one man, and he didnt travel the whole canada yet, searching for everything that really need to be fixed.

    The only reason they’re cracking down on marijuana. Well to be honest there is no reason.

  10. Anonymous on

    then stop reading it fool…

  11. Anonymous on

    With the Omnibus crime bill passing, and the US new law declaring the while country a battleground, authorizing arrests and detentions of unlimited length without explanation or charges, I seem to be feeling a little Orwellian here.
    When the book 1984 came out, we all read it and thought it could never REALLY happen, but guess what? It just did!
    Big Brother (Stephen Harper) is indeed watching, and stands ready to have his forces (police)remove anyone who doesn’t fit into his idea of what a perfect citizen should be.
    I wonder what comes next….public executions of people who don’t conform? Sounds a little like “Logan’s Run”, but if one can come true….

  12. Anonymous on

    I notice people go overboard in promoting Marijuana Legalization.
    People think if you scare the government with scare tactics surrounding marijuana. Just maybe people would let marijuana be.

    What ever happened to decriminizing Pot just like alcohol.? I thought canada

    was suppose to set an example something like LEGALIZATION is FREEDOM
    CANADA WAS BUILT ON FREEDOM or as some recall it was the war of 1812

    And let people do what they want. Just like cigarettes.

  13. Anonymous on

    People waste alot of their time on this website…. Why, people should get a job with a local papers.

    This website always seems to be filled with crazy comments, or overboard comments.

  14. Anonymous on

    To hell with the Church of Satan.

    Those satanic worshippers would make you join their cult, then pay someone to kill you if they don’t agree with how you live according to satanism.

    Thats what happened to Kurt Cobain, Malcolm X , Tupac.


  15. Anonymous on

    Do people still produce and sell drugs in the US after many years of MMS? I’d say yeah. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what the sentences are, prohibition makes it so lucrative that nobody cares about the slight chance of actually being caught. The simple fact is that the authorities are at an extreme disadvantage and always will be. Doesn’t matter what the penalties are, they have to catch you first. A few very careless or unlucky people will get caught, to be sure, but most growers won’t notice any difference at all other than increased prices for their crops. Prices were getting way too low in Canada anyway. It was hardly worth the trouble. We needed this stimulus to get the weed industry back to being financially attractive. If you do get caught, the sentences aren’t even long. It’s like a joke. They are only long enough to get the small timers out who were bringing prices down. I wouldn’t really worry about it. Just make sure you have a duffel bag full of cash buried in the woods so the government can’t seize it, and lease houses and vehicles rather than buying them.

  16. Anonymous on


    The Federal Tort Claims Act or “FTCA”, (June 25, 1948, ch. 646, Title IV, 62 Stat. 982, “28 U.S.C. Pt.VI Ch.171” and 28 U.S.C. § 1346(b)), is a statute enacted by the United States Congress in 1948. “Federal Tort Claims Act” was also previously the official short title passed by the Seventy-ninth Congress on August 2, 1946 as Title IV of the Legislative Reorganization Act, 60 Stat. 842, which was classified principally to chapter 20 (§§ 921, 922, 931–934, 941–946) of former Title 28, Judicial Code and Judiciary.
    That Title IV of the Legislative Reorganization Act act of August 2, 1946 was substantially repealed and reenacted as sections 1346 (b) and 2671 et seq. of this title by act June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 982, the first section of which enacted this title (Tort Claims Procedure). [1]
    The FTCA permits private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. The FTCA constitutes a limited waiver of sovereign immunity.

    The Federal Tort Claims Act of 1946, for the first time, gave American citizens the right to sue the federal government.” [4]

    Bill O’Reilly Thinks Medical Marijuana is a Sneaky Plot to Give People Medicine, Or Something

    Bill O’Reilly’s indignant posturing is typical of the contemporary medical marijuana skeptic: I have no problem with medical use, but any plan for supplying patients is a fraud and anyone who grows or sells marijuana is a scumbag.


    The primary reason for this communication was to create an awareness of the methods of omission used by all parties in this great crime against humanity itself. Now if you look closely you will not find the mentioning of powerful antibiotic actions of marijuana nor will you find the mentioning of the Lyme plague (Lyme disease primarily is treated with powerful antibiotics ) which was so disturbing to myself — you the reader are being directed to these specific omitted facts with all the background provided.

    Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.

    Antibacterial Cannabinoids from Cannabis sativa

    The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The email sent out by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.

    Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime.

  17. Anonymous on

    Want legalization to happen over night?

    Become a member of the Church of Satan. Because the government sure f***ed up in helping the world find GOD.
    The government is so money hungry, all the government care about is if their getting money from every citizen . So money hungry that they forget everything that really is important. Until their lives are over and then all your time here has been a complete waste of time!

    While becoming a member, you can wish for pot and that it was legal.

  18. Anonymous on

    Cops always have an attitude about their doing everyone a favor.

    When their only filling the cells and their own paychecks by cracking down on pety crime.

    I can promise you anyone that runs into cops whether it be parking tickets, to routine traffic stops, to routine patrol, to cops being racist pigs.

    That everyone including the Church of Satan, want to target cops in canada.
    For targeting innocent civilians.

    The perfect I scratch your back you scratch mine.
    Is the cops use excessive force to get their point across.

    Thats just like people putting black maggick on police or the police mentality. To show cops they cannot do GOD’s job.

  19. Anonymous on

    PM Humper fucked us all now, we are becoming the new United States Asshole. Good show humper, what’s next on your list of dirty tricks? Are you going to be speaking to Canadians about how we can fix our economy by merging with the US? I guess we could soon sell our debt to the US for all the money wasted on non violent prisoners, then we could be in the position early to wait for PM Humper and his gang bangers to fuck us all over again. Wow this will feel just like the old days of how some police treated us kids 30 years ago!

    Do you think Humper practised on his wife first, then his gang bangers got in the action and then eventually the kids came along and said hey dad wtf! Oh sorry kids, just practising…ok boys get out of my room now.

  20. Amoneymouse on

    In the past people regarded Canada as nice people.. the Conservatives are now wanting a more violent and dangereous people. The Omnibus bill is like a big fat steroid elephant sitting on the teeter totter. Way to go Conservative cunts.

  21. riley on

    Big surprise evil scumbag Harper got his way. Only reason they want this bill is to increase suffering in Canada, there is no other reason. The government is evil scum. Period.

  22. Kelly Cornell on

    Mobina Jaffer

    I am currently out of the country and do not have access to email. For any urgent matters, please contact my Assistant Rahmat Kassam at [email protected] or 613-992-0189. Thank you.