“Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets” Great for Clandestine Cannabis Growers

While sitting in the Cannabis Culture office one day I noticed a book on Jodie Emery’s desk titled Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets: Hints Kinks and Tips for the Clandestine Cannabis Grower by author Vinnie Kaz.

A handwritten note inside the cover read, “To Marc Emery, Thank you for all that you have done for the cannabis cause! Thanks to people like you, the marijuana plant will soon be very legal and the DEA will be out of business!” Vinnie Kaz

Jodie said the book was sent to Marc to review, but due to his incarceration as a political prisoner he couldn’t, and she wondered if I would be interested in taking a look.

Being as my roots lie in guerrilla growing – which is just growing weed on land that isn’t yours, public or private – I was curious to see if this was just a knock-off of other books or did it contain some really useful information. After only five minutes of casual thumbing through I knew I had to read this book!

Guerilla Growing is a compilation of information gleaned from chat rooms, growing forums, seed banks, cup competitions and more over a long period of time. Some of the websites like cannabinoid.com and heavensstairway.com are no longer around after extreme pressure from authorities and much of the important information was thought to have been lost.

Not anymore, as explained in the introduction to Guerilla Growing.

The data was compiled, then processed, filtered and re-written by a group of growing experts. With the threat of governments shutting down the web or websites anytime they see fit, the author saw the need for this information to be available to gardeners in book form – and I agree.

Guerilla Growing is well-written, with lots of attention to detail. The book poses and answers a number of questions growers might have, and provides more than one answer for each question to help the reader decide what would work best for them in each situation.

As with any outdoor growing book, I looked at the chapters on watering first. Unless you have a good year round water source close to your garden, you’ll need reservoir tanks or to become a pack mule hauling heavy jugs of water. Hauling is something I vowed to never do again. I was very pleased to see such an extensive, well-written chapter on storing and collecting water, even though the book did miss a trick or two I know.

This book tells it like it is: guerrilla growing is best done with no more than 3-5 plants per location. By having many plots, your chances of a harvest go up considerably and you draw much less attention to each area. Cops will not spend the time and effort to get 3 plants they see from the air if they have to bushwhack 2 miles over a ‘fuck-off hill’.

The book also contains very detailed information on police surveillance, including airplane, helicopter and satellite techniques, and covers security devices including camera detectors and game cameras (lots here I didn’t know). This and more is covered in the chapter called “Know Thine Opponent – Police Eradication Tactics”.

All the regular information found in many growing guides on things such as soil testing and PH adjustment, seed germination, and some good soil and grow mix guidelines are here, but it is all geared with the outdoor gardener in mind.

The sections on “Site Selection” and “Camouflage & Grow Holes”, as well as “Trails and Grow Locations” contain some extremely useful information. It is all good stuff to know if you’re not an experienced bush person.

If you’re a newbie just thinking of growing outdoors or a seasoned grower, I encourage you to read this book. It is sure to get the creative juices flowing in the old-timers and will go a long way to helping the novice pull off a successful harvest, something that plays well for wanting to do it over again, year after year.

Here in Canada with the Conservative government trying to bring in mandatory minimum jail time for growing as few as 6 plants in your home, I see more people finding the need to grow outside. Finally, a book dedicated to guerrilla gardening at a time when we need it most.

This book is the best outdoor guide to overgrowing the government I’ve seen in my 35 years of growing weed.

Cultivate your freedom!

Find out more about the release of this book at the Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets website.

Mik Mann is a licensed medical marijuana grower from Vancouver Island and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and Pot TV. Watch episodes of his weekly Pot TV show, Opus LIVE with Mik Mann.