Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Kill Bill C-10 Before it Kills Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: A number of activist groups are working to kill Conservative omnibus crime bill C-10 before it’s too late. John Conroy and Marc-Boris St-Maurice from NORML Canada join the show to discuss their latest efforts.

Protests and petitions against C-10 are making their way across Canada in a last-ditch effort to stop the bill, which is expected to pass easily through the Conservative-controlled House of Commons and Senate.

Please sign the petitions encouraging provincial heads to say no the the bill.

Also on the show: activist David Malmo-Levine will be in-studio to discuss the shutting-down of Occupy Vancouver and talk about how to build a stronger progressive activist community.

Researcher Rob Callaway will also join us in-studio to talk about his work on a new medical marijuana survey and study. Find the survey here:

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  1. Patrick on

    You can not fill a prison with anecdotes about lenient sentences. The mandatory minimums help to sweeten the pot for the private prison companies. When politicians then enact laws with no regard for the victims or the supposed criminals, they have become flesh traders pure and simple.
    If your child takes a cookie and you cut off his hand, most would agree that you are in need of discipline yourself. The American civil war was fought in part over the practice of trading in human flesh. I propose that all politicians,crown lawyers, and judges who participate in this travesty be sentenced to jail themselves immediately after our own up and coming civil war, election, what ever. The excuse ” I was just doing my job” did not work at Nuremberg it should not work in Canada. We know right from wrong. And this is wrong.
    The provinces must come together to enact a constitutional amendment outlawing minimum sentences in Canada.

  2. Anonymous on

    The following interpretation will be tested in time. The egregious crime committed by the chemical barons and those who chose to participate is truly likened to a living holocaust which is the most appropriate description.

    The audience of the communication has at length in time now been exposed to the Lyme plague instrumented by the United States Government and their facilitating agents. The other email sent out on this day by Joseph Mercola clearly demonstrates the aggressive actions by the criminal parties which must be responded to with every action possible.

    The primary reason for this communication was to create an awareness of the methods of omission used by all parties in this great crime against humanity itself. Now if you look closely you will not find the mentioning of powerful antibiotic actions of marijuana nor will you find the mentioning of the Lyme plague (Lyme disease primarily is treated with powerful antibiotics ) which was so disturbing to myself — you the reader are being directed to these specific omitted facts with all the background provided.

    Thus the difficult yet apparent facts of this bio weapon being empowered by marijuana Prohibition comes to light. This is the 2012 moment and we have to prosecute this crime as a collective tribe.

  3. blazn on

    Teen accused of pot possession in Indonesia sentenced to 2 months for 1 gram…… sounds like harper and bill c-10, lets be like a backwards 3rd world country with goofy laws, even the texan conservatives are calling harper a moron now, TEXANS the one of the dumbest people on the planet, that says a lot… OH THE COUNTRY SLOW PEOPLE