High Times Cannabis Cup Raided in Amsterdam

CANNABIS CULTURE – Amsterdam police are in the process of raiding the High Times Cannabis Cup for the first time in its 24-year history.

Cannabis Culture received several messages from Cup-goers this morning, warning that police have swarmed the location and are searching people before letting them leave and confiscating marijuana.

A video sent to CC by an attendee of The Cup show a police officer looking at a table while an announcement over the loud speaker talks about the police entering the building and says in English: “You need to leave the building through the exits. When leaving the property, you will be subjected to a search by police [inaudible]of the opium act.”

Early reports of the raid are already hitting Twitter and the rest of the Internet.

Former CC Editor Dana Larsen (who wrote an article about the Cup for the Vancouver Sun this year) is giving updates as it happens on his Twitter account.

“Huge crowd of #cannabiscup attendees waiting to get searched on their way out of the cup.” he wrote. “Police officer told me they investigated yesterday, saw some booths giving out weed & breaking other rules. So now the event is shut down.”

Another of his posts says, “Everyone will have their buds confiscated but no-one will be charged or fined. This is the first time this has happened in 24 years.”

Watch CC for more information.

Visit the High Times Cannabis Cup website.


Read more in a report on the raid from Dana Larsen from Cannabis Culture.



  1. Attorney (retired) Wash. D.C. on

    Total Legalization is the pot growers and sellers worst nightmare!The price would drop through the floor! This nonsense about taxing pot at today’s price levels would not hold. Like any illegal product or vice, price is a direct relation to risk.

    Without risk, you have nothing to stop anyone from growing. Pot is the easiest plant to grow and harvest. Even moonshine takes some skill and capital cost in equipment,tobacco is very difficult to grow and even beer brewing is an “art” to some degree. Distillation is also very costly for Scotch and other brands. Wine too. But pot, it is so easy all you need is good genetics, don’t buy into the hype about fertilizer, hydroponics and strains of seeds, you are just trying to get THC laden seeds, that’s all. Once you have them you are done. All these medical growers are secretly against total legalization, and they plant anti-pot arguments to sway opinion against legalization. That’s why California did not pass “Total legalization”. It would have been the death of profits! Northern California’s business would be finished. Fines and slap on the wrist laws are the gold standard money makers of this industry. From the pot attorneys to the distributors. Tourist purchases in both Amsterdam and San Francisco: Yes, that $50.00 dollar bag would be about $5.00 if it were legal.

    Don’t be fooled! High Times makes all it’s money from “cottage” industry advertisements. If it were totally legal, the excitement would end and so would the advertisers.

    As for taxes, since legalization would bring the price to rock bottom, what tax on that $5.00 dollar bag? Remember, risk is key to profits! That’s all there is to this debate. It’s a “phony” debate!

  2. Anonymous on

    Looks like I’ll be spending my holiday dollars somewhere else. To bad I really liked going to Amsterdam in the past. I don’t think their policy makers gave much thought to the impact on tourism. My 1 week getaway usually set me back 10.000 dollars and I know my wife and adult kids have all decided to stay home ( Canada ) and will visit the west coast to spend my 10 grand. Gonna miss the dam but probably not as much as they’ll miss me and every other tourist. I know that my friends we usually meet up with are also making plans to holiday somewhere else ” OH AMSTERDAM: WHAT. HAVE YOU DONE.

  3. Qtrig on

    Sorry to inform you but jamican weed is not all that good. But if you can get oil or hash your laughing. Also weed isn’t legal there it’s just the people that live there are to poor to pay fines and prison would be over populated if they threw people in jail. Your best bet would be to come to Canada best kush or weed in the world.

  4. J D on

    Was going to Amsterdam, but now I,m going to Jamacia mon.

  5. Anonymous on

    So who needs Amsterdam. Let it go back to being known for tulips and Nigerian scam mills. Spain could probably use some tourism.

    From Wiki “legality of Cannabis” page;

    “In Spain the possession and use of cannabis in public places is classed as a misdemeanour under public health laws and is punishable by fines and confiscation. Trafficking is a criminal offense.

    One can be denounced for doing so by neighbors or ill-wishers, and the burden is then effectively on the user or grower to prove that the material is for personal use only.

    In recent years a number of members’ associations have been established throughout the country in an attempt to extend the boundary of the Spanish citizen’s constitutional rights. In an association cannabis is grown and shared among the members. The association may not promote or be seen to encourage the use of cannabis and it must be a closed group for existing adult consumers only, distributing only small amounts regularly to each member (typically 10 grams per week) so as to prevent the possibility of trafficking. As well as a membership fee, members must pay for what they consume and prices may not be much different than on the black market.

    Where the associations have come under legal challenge they have been able to surmount this, and in at least one case have secured the return of several kilos of confiscated plants. The umbrella group for cannabis associations in Spain is the Federación de Asociaciones Cannábicas.

  6. Anonymous on

    The Cannabis Nazis are alive and well.

  7. Craig on

    Hey people, you are always welcome in sunny California, the great pacific northwest, and the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia; any of these fine places will welcome you with the best cannabis on the planet.

    Please come join us anytime of year! The west coast Rocks!

  8. Lygeia on

    Something is going wrong with our world.

    If you had told the Founding Fathers of America (Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams) that cannabis/hemp would be illegal in the future anywhere in the world, they would never have believed that people would allow themselves to lose such a basic freedom.

  9. Ozlanthos on

    If Amsterdam wants to make these kinds of events go away, I say let them have what they want. Clearly some within Amsterdam do not like foreigners coming there and smoking pot, I say great! Let them have their way and stop going to Amsterdam! Then in about 2 years, when Holland’s economy starts completely collapsing due to the lack of “cannabis-tourism” monies coming into their nation, they can get rid of the conservatives pushing this stupid policy, and go back to getting rich off of stoners!

    Seriously folks, the only way to show the failure of a policy is to allow it to fail. That means that you need to forget about Amsterdam’s legal weed and concentrate on getting it legalized where you live. The Dutch Experiment has been one of the distractions that has kept us from being more vigorous about ending our own prohibitions As a result, the prohibitionistas have continued to gain ground, and as a result, the Dutch won’t have legal marijuana even for themselves.