Dutch Authorities Raid High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam

A Dutch revenue agent questions an exhibitor during the raid on the High Times Cannabis Cup. (Photo by Dana Larsen).A Dutch revenue agent questions an exhibitor during the raid on the High Times Cannabis Cup. (Photo by Dana Larsen).Shortly before 4:20pm today, Dutch police and revenue agents raided the High Times Cannabis Cup Expo in Amsterdam.

Dozens of uniformed officers quickly occupied the building and separated the hundreds of attendees from exhibitors, who were instructed to remain at their tables.

Read an earlier report from Cannabis Culture and see video of the raid in progress.

Officers were polite and efficient – all armed, but no guns were drawn. I asked one why this was happening and he told me undercover police had investigated the Expo yesterday and seen violations of the Opium Act. He cited things such as some people giving away free samples of bud and hash, offering bong hits to promote their business, and so on.

Dutch rules allow only the sale of marijuana and hash from licensed coffeeshops. They are prohibited from selling customers more than 5g each per day, and cannot have more than 500g on the premises at any time. Individual possession is supposed to be kept under the 5g limit as well. Dutch coffeeshops are also prohibited from promoting or advertising themselves.

It took about two hours for police to clear the hall. Everyone was searched before being allowed to leave, and all marijuana and hash was confiscated.

There were about 50 police officers on site, and about two dozen tax agents wearing reflective green jackets. The tax agents questioned exhibitors about their products, sales and receipts. I saw some exhibitors being questioned as their cannabis was put into plastic evidence bags by uniformed officers.

At this point it looks like the Expo portion of the Cannabis Cup is over. I expect that evening entertainment scheduled at the Melkweg club will still take place as planned.

Legal Status

The status of cannabis law in Holland is often debated, but change happens slowly. The licensing and control of coffeeshops is done largely at the municipal level. Some cities do not have any, others have only a few, while Amsterdam has over 300. That may seem like a lot, but the number is down from over 800 a few years ago.

Holland’s current federal government is less friendly to the coffeeshop scene and has been pressuring cities to restrict marijuana sales to Dutch citizens. They want coffeeshops to become private clubs, with a record kept of all sales made to every member. Some border towns have already gone this route, largely in response to concerns about German tourists returning home with pockets full of Dutch weed and hash.

Watch Cannabis Culture for more updates as information becomes available.

Dana Larsen is the former editor of Cannabis Culture and founder and operator of the The Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.



  1. underkat on

    “Everyone was searched before being allowed to leave, and all marijuana and hash was confiscated.”

    They’ll probly resell it all for profit, which was probly the real motivation behind this asinine raid.

  2. Son of Sam Walton on

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  3. HG on

    this is not a true article. this is not what is happening, High Times did not do what they should do to make the cup safe.
    the lawyer is trying to make it appear everything ok but that is not true\he is just covering up
    when actually the police are again at the cup and telling us they will close it
    the way this was handled is not protecting the people who pay to come to the cup
    the articles hare are different from the other one written by same man.
    the dutch government needs to be sued in the Hague over this
    but at least we should have some real reporting not just calming words

  4. Truthbeknown on

    The global illegal drug industry constitutes nearly 8% of the worlds economy – almost 400 Billion dollars. Of course any criminal group wants wants a piece of that action; Organized Crime is this planets largest single industry. The opium and heroin trade in Afghanistan is worth over 4 Billion dollars inside the country, and nearly 30 times that much to narcotics runners outside the country. One of the main reasons the Taliban are trying to take Afghanistan back is to control this money, a huge market in a land where the average man makes less than $500 a year. American armed forces in Afghanistan allow opium growers and warlords to traffic in drugs, as long as they keep the Taliban out. One of the main reasons the Taliban fell so quickly in 2001 was that they had banned opium production that year, and thus lost all support of the tribes and warlords that were involved in it. So the American military is now facilitating the drug trade, while pretending to fight the global mafias that control it.
    There may be some strategic reasons why the U.S. allows this, as there are 3 million heroin users in Iran, an enemy of America, and 5 million in Russia, a potential adversary in the region. Afghan heroin is nearly 85% of the worlds supply, and the DEA allows most of it to leave the country unmolested. The narcotics trade is a scourge on the inner cities of Europe, Canada and the U.S., and keeping the poor people down might be just what certain segments of the “Security State” apparatus want.
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  5. joe on

    In order to bring the new world order the Old world order must be distroyed.

  6. Eve Lentz on

    If this can happen in Amsterdam, it can (and does) happen everywhere! My heart goes out to everyone involved!

  7. Anonymous on

    I was planning to take a trip to Amsterdam, but after hearing about banning tourist in cafe’s and now this fiasco.. well now im not going there. too bad so sad.

  8. Anonymous on

    I was planning to take a trip to Amsterdam, but after hearing about banning tourist in cafe’s and now this fiasco.. well now im not going there. too bad so sad.

  9. Anonymous on

    go bankrupt holland others can only benefit

  10. richard kudra on

    Thank you for clarity Mr.P.Lunk. Nice to hav the real info…from the ground. I read somewhere they pull 2B / yr from our industry. keep up the good faith fellow “Lobbiest”.

  11. Anonymous on

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Amsterdam is greatly reliant upon the Marijuana tourism and the United States may soon be responsible for a cities “recession!” The U.S. Gov’t has taken it upon themselves to run around and meddle in other countries- there are many instances of this-even in Jamaica where MJ is a RELIGIOUS sacrament! Marijuana is a great part of total income in the Emerald Triangle in Cali and now pretty much All of Denver and its surrounding areas. Marijuana is an asset to the communities that allow it, Colorado used 9 Million of the Marijuana industries taxes and fees to balance the budget last year. Colorado is extremely close to full legalization and will not tolerate outside pressure to suppress the legalization movement. Amsterdam should have done the same with the Bush Administration and subsequent officials, this is going to bite them in the behind.

  12. Peter Lunk on

    This just in from David Holland, event counsel, via comments.
    “Chillax, all is good over there. I am one of the attorneys for High Times and this started over a misunderstanding about a permit application filed by the venue to host the event. Our US and Dutch lawyers have just finished reviewing them with the police there. No attendees have been arrested and attendees are not the targets of the police presence. Police are ensuring that all vendors are in compliance with the 500 gram limit under the Opium Law for licensed vendors at the venue. Only one vendor has been identified as potentially over the limit, but only slightly. In any event, the show will go on tomorrow and additionally, the Melweg will be opening at 2pm tomorrow to accomodate judges who do not wish to trek outside of Amsterdam so that they can avoid the lines and vote early. Further details will be posted on the High Times site later today.”

  13. Chris on

    A sad day indeed when the Dutch government no longer thinks for itself, but is instead a loyal poodle to the Britsh, French and German governments who are putting pressure on the Dutch to close down the coffeeshops, as the successful Dutch policies show up their failed policies of prohibition.

  14. Son of Sam Walton on

    The act of keeping drugs illegal finances terrorism. In the Real World of Cause and Effect it is either A: Drugs are legal and therefore terrorism is illegal or B: Terrorism is legal and drugs are therefore illegal. Funny how actions speak louder than words: I guess the Dutch Government is keeping their fingers crossed for the blessings of having a large bomb detonate in Holland by some terrorist cell . . . lest we forget what happened in Paris of December, 2008 at the large shopping mall . . . they were at least lucky it was a warning made out of a lot of bombs and no detonators. The Dutch are our allies in the War on Terror and therefore a target . . . drug money just makes it easier for cells to operate locally and internationally and regionally . . . organizing 9/11 and letting the hijackers stay in America for over a year (pilots) to a few months (muscle men) cost a bunch of money, given we can prove it requires money to pay rent or buy groceries. I guess the Dutch forgot what they did to Anne Frank . . . funny how alcohol and tobacco affects the memory. Police are supposed to stop terrorism and crime, not be its largest fans and supporters.

  15. Bhonze on

    Well this is really going to boost there economy. What dumb asses, to do this in a time when the economy is so poor. So now they loose tourism money and money from weed sales. Man i’d like to see those figures! I will take my business to Vamsterdam and when Colorado legalizes I will go there. FUCK Amsterdam!!!