Holy Crap: Federal Judge Denies Man Legal Right to Religious Cannabis Use

CANNABIS CULTURE – The latest battle in the Canadian courts over the right to use marijuana for religious purposes – the seemingly immaculate Charter Challenge case of cannabis historian Chris Bennett – was struck down by a Federal Judge this week.

Bennett, a reverend of the Church of the Universe, believes the cannabis plant is the Tree of Life as described in the Bible and doctrines of many other religions, and uses marijuana to invoke his own revelatory experience. He’s written three books focusing on the use of cannabis and other drugs as entheogens: psychoactive substances used for religious, spiritual, or shamanic practice.

Bennett applied to the Minister of Health for an exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act so he could practice his religion without the fear of arrest, property seizure, or the loss of the custody of his son. His request was denied with only the explanation that it “would not be in the public interest.”

After applying for a judicial review, he was granted a court hearing and attended the proceedings on November 8 and 9.

The hearing took place in a downtown Vancouver Federal courtroom and was notably odd, thanks to the eccentric Judge Michel Shore, who made several indecipherable statements and didn’t seem to be understand – or to be interested in – parts of the argument of Bennett and his attorney Kirk Tousaw.

Prosecutors argued essentially that Bennett’s use of cannabis has nothing to do with religion; that cannabis is a dangerous, cancer-causing substance that often leaves chronic users with permanent brain damage; and that granting Bennett his exemption from the law would “open the floodgates,” legalizing marijuana to anyone who claimed to use it for religious purposes.

Read a detailed account of Bennett’s court hearing from Cannabis Culture.

After taking only a few days to consider the case, the Judge released his decision on November 15.

Judge Shore ruled against Bennett, accepting virtually the entire argument of government prosecutors, agreeing that Bennett’s use of marijuana was secular and that granting him an exemption might cause the “detriment of the collectivity” of the Canadian people.

“It is not for a Court to deny or affirm a revelatory experience,” the Judge wrote in his judgement. “The revelatory experience exists, in and of itself. It is neither to be denied nor confirmed by law or reason. … Law is formulated in its intention for the collectivity of individuals, for society as a whole; however, the revelatory experience, which is individualistic, is in its own realm. The law is formulated by the legislative branch for the collectivity, while safeguarding the individual inasmuch as possible, when that is not to the recognized detriment of the collectivity as a whole; and, therefore, the judiciary must not do otherwise, but interpret the collective legislative will, which cannot satisfy every individual.”

Read the Judge’s entire 54-page REASONS FOR JUDGMENT AND JUDGMENT.

Bennett told Cannabis Culture he thought the ruling was “obviously unfair” and that most of Judge’s decision was “just cut and pasted from the prosecutions argument.”

“It just goes to show what a crap-fest the whole Canadian court system is,” Bennett said, “the bottom line is that decisions are supposed to be based on the supremacy of God and The Law – well they just throw that right out the window.”

Bennett’s lawyer Kirk Tousaw told CC his client plans on appealing the decision based on several factors.

“I think the record did not support the finding of fact that Chris’s religious belief was really just secular belief in disguise,” he said. “I think that is unsupported by the record. I also believe the Judge applied the wrong standard of reviewing to what is essentially a question of law with respect to what the charter protects. We are also going to be appealing the refusal by the court to allow us to introduce evidence of the government’s conditional approval of an exemption of ayahuasca for religious purposes.”

Tousaw said Judge Shore’s claims that it’s not the courts role to “deny or affirm a revelatory experience” were not in harmony with past court judgements.

“My view is that the Supreme Court of Canada made quite clear that that is exactly the sum and substance and scope of the court’s roll – to make a determination as to the sincerity of the individuals belief – and the court seems to instead take on the role of judging the validity of the religious belief and indeed whether or not Chris’s belief system appropriately constituted any religion. In my view, as I explained to the Judge in both written and oral submissions, that is emphatically not the role of the court and we certainly will make that a principle focus of the appeal.”

During the hearing, Judge Shore repeated several times that his decision would be harmonious with either entirely what the prosecution said in their memorandum of law or entirely what Bennett and Tousaw said in their memorandum of law.

“In my view, the idea that you had to fully accept one side or the other was not necessarily an appropriate consideration,” Tousaw said. “Even the test that the Supreme Court of Canada set out for determining whether religious beliefs have been violated involved a number of factors. Conceivably the judge could find for or against each party on each individual factor, it didn’t have to be one or the other.”

“The idea that he has to choose completely one way or completely the other is ludicrous,” Bennett said. “There are issues in several Sections, and those issues themselves break down, and the Judge doesn’t deal with any of that. It’s a crazy way to judge on such a complicated issue. I think he made his decision about which one he was going to pick before the trial even started and he was just trying to justify that choice throughout the trial, and he didn’t do a good job of that.”

Though they were discussed at length throughout the hearing, the Judged seemed to ignore Bennett’s accounts of his beliefs and his work with the Church of the Universe.

“He continually focused on my personal revelatory experience, like that was it,” Bennett said, “when I’ve been a member of a church that has been around for 42 years.”

As an extra burn, the Judge also ruled that Bennett would be responsible for the costs associated with his Charter Challenge.

“In civil cases in Canada we have a system colloquially known as a ‘loser pays’,” Tousaw said, “so if you lose the case you can have an order of cost made against you calculated on a specific scale – it’s not the actual costs but based on the amount of time for prep and trial – and it means, subject to appeal, that Chris is going to have to pay some amount of money to the government.”

Bennett said he will start the appeal process soon and is hopeful he will get a better result, though he has doubts about the fairness of the legal system.

“The Charter is not worth the paper it’s written on,” he said. “This was a kangaroo court with a nitwit judge. It’s ludicrous that this is what our tax dollars are paying for.”

Judge Shore is, coincidentally, the author of several books about religion and spirituality. The publisher’s description of his book At the Window states, “From the Sinai desert to ancient India. From Christianity to Islam, and Buddhism to Judaism, Michel Shore’s spirituality, mirrored in his writing, encompasses the universality of God. The result is a journey that is firmly rooted in both the soul and the soil. It is the journey of a spiritual voyager, searching within himself, and for all humankind.”

In this case, the Judge didn’t seem to search too deeply within himself before blockading the path of another spiritual voyager.



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  1121. friv4 on

    It was a great read which was extremely helpful.

  1122. peeps on

    In response to Your religion Chris, I’d like to add a few comments.

    What is a religion without religious persecution? The Cannabis doctrine that Chris is assembling is akin to the history of oppression documented and experienced by the Jews in the bible. (What were the hebrews brewing anyway?) Might they have had their own secret, magical ‘God’ creation that set them free from slavery; their belief in entitlement to possess nature rights like land or possessions. Perhaps, we are living the doctrine right now, and the persecution faced by MILLIONS EVEN BILLIONS worldwide, has to do with the communion with natural plants and the outright false values (God) created by the oppressor. We, the oppressed are witnessing the draconian crushing of the human drive towards nature in exchange for bloody war.

    If a Cannabis religion did exist, it would have to include a doctrine of natural rights; That the people of this planet cannot be persecuted, imprisoned or put to death in the war on the cultivation of plants. It is a religion that would abolish wars and create the cultivation of all healing plants patent free.

    People would naturally take an interest, want the knowledge and believe that the oppression needs to be transformed into freedom.

    My personal view, without getting myopic, monotheistic and out right oppressively single genus about it, a religion about one singular cannabis ‘tree of life’ would have to expand to the whole tree of life; life, dominion, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

    We would have to end the production by highly dangerous profiteers who would create horrible abominations of plant material like crack cocaine, heroine and monstrous chemical synthesis that destroy human life.

    People would have to understand in their hearts that we are being betrayed by a synthetic chemical system.

    I think keeping the faith in Cannabis is the religion, and the oppression is the tell tale sign that it is a true faith.

  1123. peeps on

    In response to Your religion Chris, I’d like to add a few comments.

    What is a religion without religious persecution? The Cannabis doctrine that Chris is assembling is akin to the history of oppression documented and experienced by the Jews in the bible. (What were the hebrews brewing anyway?) Might they have had their own secret, magical ‘God’ creation that set them free from slavery; their belief in entitlement to possess nature rights like land or possessions. Perhaps, we are living the doctrine right now, and the persecution faced by MILLIONS EVEN BILLIONS worldwide, has to do with the communion with natural plants and the outright false values (God) created by the oppressor. We, the oppressed are witnessing the draconian crushing of the human drive towards nature in exchange for bloody war.

    If a Cannabis religion did exist, it would have to include a doctrine of natural rights; That the people of this planet cannot be persecuted, imprisoned or put to death in the war on the cultivation of plants. It is a religion that would abolish wars and create the cultivation of all healing plants patent free.

    People would naturally take an interest, want the knowledge and believe that the oppression needs to be transformed into freedom.

    My personal view, without getting myopic, monotheistic and out right oppressively single genus about it, a religion about one singular cannabis ‘tree of life’ would have to expand to the whole tree of life; life, dominion, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species.

    We would have to end the production by highly dangerous profiteers who would create horrible abominations of plant material like crack cocaine, heroine and monstrous chemical synthesis that destroy human life.

    People would have to understand in their hearts that we are being betrayed by a synthetic chemical system.

    I think keeping the faith in Cannabis is the religion, and the oppression is the tell tale sign that it is a true faith.

  1124. Anonymous on

    Congratulations Rev Bennett-
    you have fulfilled
    all expectations of modest success
    in yet another going nowhere fast
    occupation of an MP’s office.

  1125. Anonymous on

    Just read your arguements, and submitted a comment before that im sure if you comment youd probaly ridicule me for scruitinizing your case and not directly helping with the legalization. Which i suppose is justified, go ahead, youve obviously done a lot more than me, and you have way more support, even a magazine that supports you.

    In all fairness, im trying to find ways to help in any way i can, currently all i think of doing is commenting on discussions like this, at least i have some input on this. I made a suggestion about your religion, im sure your way more involved and have thought about that though, i just commented on the article which seemed to state that there was no ceremonies around your cannabis use.

    Anyways, i support you, but i cant risk getting a criminal record for my pot use, if i was caught, i would definitly want to argue something in court, but im not sure what although i do like your idea, i dont think they would listen to a 18 year old with no good lawyer to defend him. I really have no knowledge in law to accurately defend myself.

    However, contradictory to myself, you seem to be able to defend yourself well in court and you have a lawyer to defend you and you have a good case already with a religion already in place. Therefore, theres not much i can say but, how can i help? Knowing that im not going to travel to vancouver though, im a student, if i cant really help then i dont know what to say but good luck, not all are as brave as you. So thank you Chris.

  1126. Anonymous on

    I am not a lawyer, but i do have interests, and here are my thoughts.

    You seem to truly believe that cannaibs is the tree of life described in the bible. Although i don’t have much knowledge of your religion, may i suggest if you haven’t done so to write up a list of rules surrounding your religion? Maybe rules isn’t the right word, but in due respects, respectable religions have many documents concerning their faith, and i haven’t seen evidence that you do.. Not to say your religion is true, but you should probaly make it like any other religion in order for the judge to accept it.

    Your best bet is to make a real ceremony that you guys can practice your religion. Say, every sunday at 12 everyone hits a vape bowl and says a small prayer to God? Maybe once a week is just for non-authordox followers, whereas orthadox followers could smoke a vape bowl at 5 pm every night. There could be a mass where a preist would say a sermon and deliver some kind of message, he can deliver news concerning the community. If you were that priest who would devote his time, possibly you can create a confession booth, and all other sorts of religious conventions. Marry people? I think having priets in your religion is probaly a must, every religion has a priest.

    Second, i would get a lot of followers, i mean if i were living in vancouver i would follow your religion, although i wouldn’t set up my own church in vancouver for i would be scrutinized and wouldn’t be sure who would follow me. Having people believe in your religion would go highly in your favour, Show proof that people who follow your religion actually attend ceremonies, and create ceremonies, i do not believe a judge would just let you smoke 7 grams a day for no reason. Muslims have like 5 times a day that they pray.. So set 5 specific times a day that your church can gather and pray. When you pray, have a legit mass, none of this smoke, pray and leave bull****. Actually have some kind of guided prayer and ceremony. Maybe most of the time people come and smoke, say a prayer and leave, but at least once a day or once a week there must be a legit ceremony. I mean im sure you know a lot of people who smoke in vancouver, get them to all gather and smoke together. Even better get them all ask for an exemption and get on this court case. The more people who actually believe this religion is real, your chance will be higher.

    No pun intended.

  1127. richard kudra on

    I’m just a human, Mr.Bennett is a hero. I’ve been at it since 1981. ccic.net after that russo cannabinoids Management of difficult to treat pain…british J pharmaco 2008….then..Russo Taming THC Potential Cannabis Synergy…for the science. As for spiritual …. you’ll find us in the later.

  1128. Chris Bennett on

    Ok Tinkerbell, keep ‘waching’ when ‘I in public’! Vrooooom. LOL. Don’t forget your medication.

  1129. Anonymous on

    ” I was at one of their conferences recently, attended by cops, doctors and lawyers and all about legalizing and regulating cannabis ”

    someone has to wach you when you in public so you don’t drive away intoxicated

  1130. Chris Bennett on

    haha, as if you Shill.

  1131. Anonymous on

    Don’t forget the part where your boss
    ( Marc Scott Emery aka: The Prince of Pot )
    will tell you to shut up
    and if you don’t want to be evicted
    from the CCHQ to sell bunk dope on W Hastings
    you will

  1132. Chris Bennett on

    Well I “tink” (whatever that is all about, Tinkerbell)you should see who is involved with newly formed groups such as http://stoptheviolencebc.org/ I was at one of their conferences recently, attended by cops, doctors and lawyers and all about legalizing and regulating cannabis, one of a number of groups forming to oppose C-10.

  1133. Anonymous on

    .. doctors, lawyers, cops and other professional people will leave their busy lives to stand on the sidewalk with your Christmas Card list to yell chants led by Rev Bennett at 4:20 ?
    In hope that your enemies in Ottawa will hear you and Legalize all controlled substances so that your badly aging drug gang can cash in ? Its worth a try : )

    This important question remains:
    do you prefer a lower or an upper bunk ??

  1134. Chris Bennett on

    Just posted on facebook friends NDP MP Libby Davies’ and Liberal MP carolyn Bennett’s walls: Hey I have been dealing with the same Conservative trolls and Web Bullies at the Western Standard and Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture website for years, and was thinking of filing a freedom of information request to get to the bottom of this matter, has the NDP looked into this?. CTV Confirms Government(s) employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVUYGcgtjw


  1135. Chris Bennett on

    …and I will be filing my information request soon, and asking the NDP and other Political parties to look into this matter. You have over ridden your mandate…. CTV Confirms Government(s) employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVUYGcgtjw

  1136. Chris Bennett on

    “on our radar” hmmm, nice reveal. Lots of ammo for my suite.

  1137. Chris Bennett on

    Pfffft, spoken like a true, Conservative Blue, fascist. Bill C-10 will lead the way to legalization and Harper’s own political fall. If you think its “dope fiends” you are fucked in the head, its doctors, lawyers and cops…. lead now, leads the way. “? “No More Incarceration, Lets Talk About Legalization! No More Incarceration, Lets Talk About Legalization! No More Incarceration, Lets Talk About Legalization! No More Incarceration, Lets Talk About Legalization!” say it with me, say it together, this Thursday, wherever you are http://leadnow.ca/stop-the-crime-bill

  1138. Anonymous on

    You stated here that

    “One day after the Harper dome has been lifted, i plan on doing a freedom of information request to find out who these guys are. That my tax dollars pay for this creep is outrageous.”

    At the very earliest that will be four years from now- 2015
    & by then Marc Emery will home from jail and on our radar
    and he will tell you to shut up

    And if the Conservatives win again, it will be _eight years
    til you’ll do anything about it – 2019

    Open a window Rev Chris, you could use some fresh air

  1139. Anonymous on

    Thanks for being a five star heat score Rev Bennett–
    We can’t find everybody we’re looking for at the Occupy Rallies
    And as the designated pitch hitter for the ” Prince of Pot ”
    you bring out all the dope fiends into one convenient place
    who have something to lose when manditory minimums
    are installed into law.

  1140. Chris Bennett on

    …and if my freedom of information request regarding sleazebag harper internet shills proves fruitful, I will be filing a civil suite against all involved.

  1141. Chris Bennett on

    Actually that is a great defintion for te Harper government, neo fascists and you are one. Thanks for the definition! Bill C-10 is the best example of this.
    This Thursday Stand for Freedom, Stand Against Bill C-10, The Ominous Omnibus Crime Bill, and Occupy a Conservative MP’s office. At 1 pm Thursday November 24th I will be at MP Wai Young’s office on 6406 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC, if you can’t make it, please phone him with a complaint about Bill C-10, or fax or email. http://leadnow.ca/stop-the-crime-bill

  1142. Anonymous on

    This sounds like you guys

    .. Fascism (play /?fæ??z?m/)

    is a radical authoritarian nationalist political ideology.[1][2] Fascists seek to rejuvenate their nation based on commitment to the national community as an organic entity, in which individuals are bound together in national identity by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood.[3] To achieve this, fascists purge forces, ideas, people, and systems deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration.[3] Fascists advocate the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through indoctrination, physical education, discipline and family policy (such as eugenics).[4][5] That state is led by a supreme leader who exercises a dictatorship over the fascist movement, the government and other state institutions.[6] Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition.[7]

  1143. Chris Bennett on

    Well Troll, as in singular, lol, you grandiouse Harpy Shill. How many hours have you banked on my file? Its not called free speech, when the Government hires trolls to hassle members of the public, its called fascism. The Harper Government has passed through the door of hate, and you have travelled with them…. and it is going to catch up to you. All will be revealed.

  1144. Anonymous on

    ..don’t wrinkle your roachclip Dope Pope Bennett.
    The press hasn’t cared much about your struggle
    at the best of times,for years on end as you point out yourself.
    There is no reason at all the straight media would start now
    to give coverage to a selfish bid that continiously fails
    to receive permission for one cranky old stoner to be
    publically intoxicated and drive his vehicle into oncoming traffic
    because some inner drug deity didn’t warn him in time

    Actually, it’s you who is threatenting to whine to Ottawa
    in a bid to stop someone else’s free speech. Now that you have
    demonstrated that you are an officer in an established religion, this
    action you are recommending would qualify as > systematic harassment
    of an individual by an organization. You are on the doorstop of hate.

  1145. Chris Bennett on

    At this point, I am considering seeking a retrial at the same level, due to an incompetent Judge, rather than an appeal. Anyone who attended my court case should file a complaint about the Judges questionable actions. “If you have a complaint about the conduct of a Federal Court judge, you should write to the Canadian Judicial Council, Suite 450, 112 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0W8, fax (613) 998-8889 providing the details of the conduct which is of concern to you. For additional information on the Canadian Judicial Council, visit its site at: http://www.cjc-ccm.gc.ca.” http://cas-ncr-nter03.cas-satj.gc.ca/portal/page/portal/fc_cf_en/FAQ#22

    Judge, Michel M.J. Shore Date: 20111115
    Docket: T-1073-09
    Citation: 2011 FC 1310
    Ottawa, Ontario, November 15, 2011
    PRESENT: The Honourable Mr. Justice Shore

  1146. Didymos on

    your problem starts with Rome screwing up christianity. at which time most of what promoted internal develoment was labeled witchcraft. And cast aside .their practioners were killed in the thousands in the name of romanized christianity to the dumb ass judge your a witch……….Romanized anything means death and conquest.REV CHRISTIE in jail w no trial or bail for 2 yrs.in hawaii by Romanized feds.in the land of corporate ROME.be glad thay didnt burn you at the stake. ROME in the form of trade deals, has the countries whos gods were about the cannabis plant to make it illegal.like india pakistan etc. corporate rome seeks to rule the world. denying rights to religion water food etc A STATE OF AWARENESS MUST BE MADE so talk it up out there ..we occupy 99%of the world….MUCHlove the Didymos

  1147. Chris Bennett on

    Indeed, imagine the press release it would make as the country is broiling over the Gestapo’s Bill c-10, ‘Harper’s covert attack on free speech with his army of internet trolls’. ;-).

  1148. Anonymous on

    –send them the money, wait 4 months then you can get transcripts of the comments you are reading right here.. brilliant Rev Chris using the mails to thwart the advance of high technology creeping into the very smoke holes of the cannabis community
    Another Tree of Life inspired blow against the enemies of freedom working overtime to ruin your dinner

  1149. Chris Bennett on

    The Harpy troll always seems to disappear when you bring up is professional life.

  1150. Chris Bennett on

    Anyone who attended my court case, should file a complaint about the Judges questionable actions. “If you have a complaint about the conduct of a Federal Court judge, you should write to the Canadian Judicial Council, Suite 450, 112 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0W8, fax (613) 998-8889 providing the details of the conduct which is of concern to you. For additional information on the Canadian Judicial Council, visit its site at: http://www.cjc-ccm.gc.ca.” http://cas-ncr-nter03.cas-satj.gc.ca/portal/page/portal/fc_cf_en/FAQ#22

  1151. Psychedelicious on

    I say push the issue until it is in the courts if you can. I just love the idea of people challenging anything that infringes on freedom, provided that thing does not cause harm.
    I think it is hilarious in a way that people are hired by the government to patrol sites like this and challenge the growing number of people aware of truths that have been buried from public knowledge. It just seems so juvenile, in terms of trying to make the world fit into the ego comforts of one way of seeing things and having no regard for what the truth privy to others might be (see any 4 year old for a reference).
    With regard to trolls I think they pose no threat. At best their attempts to express misinformation are comedic, and at worst we just ignore them. It is one thing to have an opposition based on good reason, logic, and evidence, and another thing to simply slam something because of ideology. For those that do this I really see no threat. It is the responsibility of those who know better to spread the word. After learning about marijuana I have made efforts to discuss these truths with everyone I know. No troll can trump that as long as each of us continues this process of knowledge transfer.

  1152. Chris Bennett on

    Indeed we have been taking shit from this anonymous asshole for years. It’s hard to believe that the Harper Government is allowed to hire web bullies and thugs, and that no media does an investigation into it and what they are posting. Its net terrorism. I think I will talk to Kirk about a Freedom of Information request into this matter…. be nice to expose the story more.

  1153. Cat Leach on

    So this person can devote their time and energy because it their 9-5 grind…

    To Quote Star Wars (Princess Leia) “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”


    -Catharine Leach

  1154. Chris Bennett on

    This guy is paid for his time, he is a Harper troll, you can find him over at Western Standard as well. CTV Confirms Government(s) employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpVUYGcgtjw
    One day after the Harper dome has been lifted, i plan on doing a freedom of information request to find out who these guys are. That my tax dollars pay for this creep is outrageous.

  1155. blazn on

    Prosecutors argued essentially that Bennett’s use of cannabis has nothing to do with religion; that cannabis is a dangerous, cancer-causing substance that often leaves chronic users with permanent brain damage ummm last time i checked there has been no proof in over 2000 years of cannabis use of ne of these happening. infact it only happened when they suffacated monkeys with 0 oxygen and killed brain cells, so y is this statement aloud to be used in court when theres no facts and his statement is all bull shit. it just shows how uneducated the court system and lawyers really are. they get there fat pay checks from the government and who runs the government the devil stephanie harper

  1156. Cat Leach on

    I can’t believe the folks in cyber-space that devote so much of their time and energy hating on particular activists with their comments on this site!
    I mean, if you believe in something, go invest your time and efforts in that cause, that thing that YOU believe in.
    Why are you spending all your time and energy trying to break down another person’s or group’s cause? Its bizarre….
    ‘C’mon People Now, Smile on Your Brother, Everybody Get Together, Try To Love One Another Right Now’

  1157. Chris Bennett on

    I am free Harpy troll 🙂 and business is good. My life revolves around cannabis, the Tree of Life, and it has been good to me, your life revolves around being a spiteful anonymous troll, and for you its a full time job. You are kind of a parasite on me and my friends, your existence needs us to attack so you can survive….. Your persecuting complex is more like pathetic, than it is sad.
    One man religion, there are over a thousand members of the COU…and tens of thousands of religious cannabis users 🙂 watch that number grow and grow!

    Thin research? sure thing.

    A Canadian Government report verifying my research http://www.parl.gc.ca/Content/SEN/Committee/371/ille/library/Spicer-e.htm

    Reviews from academics, not anonymous dipshits
    http://www.forbiddenfruitpublising.com Thanks for giving me a reason to post this and sell some more books! You help me to define my position, and in doing so it reveals yours 😉

    “A treasure trove of up-to-date ancient information on cannabis. Highly recommended to round out your library on religious uses of psychoactive drugs.”
    Julie Holland, MD
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine
    Editor, The Pot Book. A Complete Guide To Cannabis.
    Editor, Ecstasy: The Complete Guide.
    I have a chapter on cannabis in the ancient world in Dr. Hollands widely released ‘The Pot Book’.

    “I have read Mr. Bennett’s several books on this subject and am in general agreement with what he states, especially about the extent to which the Vedic hallucinogen Soma was probably made from cannabis. Indeed, his research has changed my own thinking about this ancient conundrum (heretofore, the majority of scholars have suggested that Soma was prepared from psychotropic mushrooms).
    As Chris Bennett amply demonstrates in this seminal book, the ritual use of cannabis has a very long history. It extends from Vedic India in the second millennium, B.C.E., where the hallucinogen in question was known as Soma, classical Greece, ancient Israel where it appears as keneh bosem, and the steppes of Central Asia, where, according to Herodotus in Book IV of his History, the ancient Scythians ritually inhaled the fumes given off by burning cannabis leaves. Indeed, the plant has consistently occupied a central position in shamanic cults almost everywhere. In more recent times, and especially in the twentieth century, users of cannabis for spiritual purposes have unfortunately been persecuted, in the United States and elsewhere, by authorities enforcing laws against its possession. A good example can be seen in the ongoing attempts to suppress its use in the Rastafarian religion. In short, I heartily recommend Bennett’s book to anyone seeking a better understanding of this well-nigh universal, albeit all too often misunderstood hallucinogen and its crucial role in the history of human spirituality.”
    C. Scott Littleton, Ph.D.
    Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus
    Occidental College

    “The book is fascinating! There can be little doubt about a role for Cannabis in Judaic religion… there is no way that so important a plant as a fiber source for textiles and nutritive oils and one so easy to grow would have gone unnoticed, and the mere harvesting of it would have induced an entheogenic reaction.”
    -Professor of Classical Mythology at Boston University and author, Carl P. Ruck

    “Scholarly, hip, witty and extremely well documented… This book might cause a revolution in biblical studies!”
    -Robert Anton Wilson, Philosopher, Author and Lecturer

    “…SEX, DRUGS, VIOLENCE AND THE BIBLE is…excellent… especially in its detailing the early history… politics… [and] the… seamy sides of Christianity… Read Bennett before rereading the Bible!”
    -Jonathon Ott, Entheobotanist, Author and Lecturer

    Washington Post http://cannabisnews.com/news/15/thread15357.shtml
    London Sunday Times http://www.forbiddenfruitpublishing.com/SexDrugs/CarlRuck

    vroooom 😀

  1158. BonnieJeanneTonks on

    Law based on findings of fact doesn’t exist anymore either.

  1159. Anonymous on

    Wasn’t actually asking you. Just putting it out there. I figure if I post questions like that on a public forum then maybe somebody in the government will see it, like all those cops they pay $100,000 a year to play with the computer. Yes, I mean you, Officer Friendly. I see ya. Put that donut down…put it! Now step away from it. Look Fido, a donut, hahahaha! Never take your eye off the donut, Friendly.

  1160. Anonymous on

    two more appeal rounds?..fine..you will have to sell a lot of blue monkey dung in your little shop to pay for all that McJustice not to mention underwriting your sacred seven grams a day habit. oh well, thats the religious ecstacy bizz for you.
    Why have a religious experience unless you can’t tell everybody about it. Paris Hilton will want to there with you on your next inner voyage to alpha absurdity

    Most of the potheads you know are safe drivers.. Well thats great, we suppose all the safe drivers you know are all potheads, in fact everybody you know is a pothead..just like your Judge said.. your life revolves around cannabis very much like a flie’s life revolves around steaming cow pats, or, if you are not vegetarian – revolves around dead fish

    Your punishment fantasy is very revealing Rev Chris..but a l;ittle sad, no- make that a _lot sad & so you stand up to be yourself ? Well good for you big boy.
    Praytell who else could you be _but yourself..? Who else could anybody be but themselves ?

    That doesn;t excuse your thin research, sublimated rage and one man franchise stoner religion that needs dope to keep afloat- nor does it excuse your bosses tears and whining about a big bad spider biting his bum. And you rent space at his Ayn Rand Themepark playhouse to sell magic beans to idiots..figures

    Happy motoring! See you at the next banana appeal court-
    this time wear a ” Free Chris Bennet ” T shirt
    then maybe the media will give a shit
    when they mistake you for Marc

  1161. Chris Bennett on

    Write the Government and ask them. How could anyone here give an answer that was correct or mattered?

  1162. Anonymous on

    And if they say it is because Cannabis has an “abuse potential” then why isn’t Nicotine in there and why isn’t ethanol in there and why isn’t caffeine in there, ALL of which have a much higher abuse potential and more harmful effects therefrom. If a law is selective like that then it is an arbitrary law. An arbitrary law is a violation of the fundamental principles of justice. That’s like saying that it’s illegal for black people to rob gas stations but it’s okay if they’re white people.

  1163. Anonymous on

    If something has no recognized medical use then it shouldn’t be in the CDSA at all. Why would it be in there? Is anything which is supposedly harmful if ingested supposed to be included in the CDSA? If so then why isn’t cyanide in there? Why isn’t arsenic in there? Why aren’t all poisonous substances in there? Cyanide has no recognized medical use and is not in the CDSA, so why is THC? Are they telling us that THC is more dangerous than cyanide? And if they say that there are other controls on cyanide then what about drain cleaner? I can walk into any store and buy enough drain cleaner to kill me if I eat it. No protections whatsoever aside from the dangerous labels on the can. So why don’t we just put danger labels on Cannabis baggies? Why has Cannabis been singled out as requiring a special CDSA category just for it? Why is it in there at all when it is clearly less dangerous than drain cleaner? Is it because drain cleaner doesn’t help anyone to elevate their mood? What if I put some caffeine in with the drain cleaner?

  1164. Chris Bennett on

    I think there should be a roadside test for coordination and ability, so pharmaceutically medicated morons like you can be tested, as well as anyone else who should not be on the road. Most cannabis users I know are safe drivers. Something that comes, out again and again in any proper study on the subject. https://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/1775.html
    Further, there is no indication that prohibition of pot makes for less people driving high, or for even less cannabis, its more popular than ever. Prohibition only serves to give mean spirited people like you, Harper, Nicholson and Towes an outlet to punish others to your satisfaction.
    Battle of wits? well maybe battle with a nit-wit Judge, lol. Oh and Harper troll, there are 2 appeal processes yet…..
    The thing about people like Marc and I, despite the threat of persecution, we stand up and be ourselves, you, you pathetic little turd, cowardly attack from a point of anonymity on the side of the armed oppressors, the whine of the coward is all you have, like the screeching Harpy that you are. If we were not effective at doing what we are doing, you would not be here…… Keep watching 😉

  1165. Anonymous on

    ok, so what about the collectivity of all the people that continue to be busted for smoking pot or posession? what good is the law doing to them, and what good is the law that makes us all pay taxes to be wasted on a prohibition that hasnt shown any good or reduction in use or availability anyway. what a load of bullshit. these prosecution guys should have been taken to task on proving the harms of the plant.

  1166. Anonymous on

    And how is life as a Drug Cartel doorstop ? or have you been promoted to ashtray ?
    We don’t want you prison, we just don’t want you operating a car in traffic
    – but if you do decide to get holy during rush hour, somebody will pull you over or pull you out of the wreckage. Go ahead and mess with the system : but next time don’t whine when you lose a battle of wits, and for heaven’s sake don’t cry like your boss when he surrendered.

  1167. Chris Bennett on

    Ah, do you even know how old that Charter is? In Canada, we Have TheoCratic Conservatives running the show, supported by right wing trolls like you. God’s got nothing to do with it. God’s stance on plants is pretty clear, they were put here for Man’s use. Only a real true Conservative blue fascist would see another imprisoned for that which has been given by God and received with thanks… and that would be you.
    Ironically, I think it will be Bill C-10 that paves the way to legalization, as the reaction has been that all sorts of new groups, not formed by the typical pot activist, have developed to oppose it. oh and in regards to the Majority, they want legalization, every poll says so, fascist fucktards like you are the minority now. Gloat well you can, Harper troll,… while I enjoy this most excellent joint from God’s Tree of Life 😀 because the reality is, its your objections that don’t really matter, I do as I will, I’m just messing with the system.

  1168. Chris Bennett on

    well instead of antagonizing me about the case I have been doing,at great personal costs, and accussing me, Kirk and others of being a prohibitionsits with inflamatory attacks, why don’t YOU go get busted and use this defense? Show me, don’t tell me. Like a lot of Freeman jargon, I don’t think this would fly in court. I wish i could offer something as an alternative that would.

  1169. Anonymous on

    Thats in the charter of a vast swath of the nations of Planet Earth for many centuries, oh Rev. Chris, because that is the understanding, wish and directive of the greater proportion of your fellow human beings,. Until such time as random stoners & or their magic plants are able to make it rain one drop, change one hair on a rats ass from black to white or even amuse the rest of us with more botanic fantasy role playing games, I guess God is running the show.

    It’s OK with billions of the rest of us if you wish or believe otherwise, because your objections don’t really matter.In the meantime Rev, Chris keep that 7 grams a day furnace going, eventually something will happen if you smoke what someone else sows & reaps.

  1170. tokebloke on


    I wasn’t trying to be antagonistic, honestly – just trying to get feedback on Bud’s defence (if he even gets to use it). This is not about Bud though specifically, and certainly not about me. I do admit I could potentially do more…

    Bud’s defence against his potential imprisonment (assuming he manages to get his coerced plea withdrawn) has largely come from another individual who’s presently doing 20 yrs in the UK for manufacturing LSD and ecstasy…namely, Casey Hardison – freecasey.org. However the underlying premise is very closely tied to Bud’s efforts around implementing an alternative society that regulates – rather than the CDSA which prohibits illegally, leading to worse harms – gun crime on our streets.

    It’s also not just about cannabis, rather any ‘substance’ that may be used – which would naturally (and legally) include alcohol and tobacco. For example if alcohol were scheduled we’d see more than just ‘drink responsibly’ on drink commercials – we’d see real serious warning labels (death, liver disease, addiction) on the bottles and at point of purchase/sale.

    This may be difficult to understand – but the CDSA and the law generally, doesn’t recognize any particular substance as ‘illegal’. So when the minister (or Harper) refers to illegal drugs – it’s actually not legally true. I accept that colloquially most people accept certain substances (cannabis, lsd, mushrooms) are ‘illegal’, but when you scrutinize the CDSA it becomes clear that these substances themselves are neither legal nor illegal. Certainly ‘persons’ actions such as manufacture, distribution and transfer, around these substances lead to criminal sanctions – and it’s that point that needs scrutiny.

    There’s a few different points to consider – legally speaking:
    Any act such as the CDSA needs to be applied equally to all persons (as does any law), rather than only against those of certain race, sex etc. However when the ministers of the day have excluded alcohol and tobacco (without parliamentary approval) and chosen to select certain other substances as ‘illegal’ the law should fail as it’s not being applied equally. The CDSA itself doesn’t insist or even direct any form of prohibition – rather controls and regulation (as is the case with most pharmaceuticals), so for the minister to jump to prohibition, and only against certain substances is discrimination in one form or another – whether that’s against the substance or people that use those substances.

    This becomes a form of legal discrimination…against any use of those substances by people for medicine, religion, even reduction of harms by using a safer substance (than say alcohol and tobacco) and would include use under freedom of thought / ‘recreation’…

    We’re so used to thinking illegal drugs that we haven’t spotted the details of the law – and the minister’s implementation of the CDSA and his choosing ‘prohibition’ rather than common sense regulations is what ultimately leads to gun crime around the marketplace. This law should not be applied by the courts as it should fail certain basic legal tests.

    Realize that consumption of these substances is not limited by the CDSA (assuming you could somehow consume – without the manufacture, distribution and handling) and this is not a prohibition law – like the alcohol prohibition law of the US we all reference. The law is in fact very different…

    Sorry to go on…but just attempting to have discussions around this CDSA. It’s not that the CDSA is bullshit (it’s not that bad of an act) it’s that the minister choosing to jump to prohibit ‘illegal drugs’ is what puts it in disrepute.

    Perhaps your judge (strange that he’s written spiritual books – perhaps he’s also too close to the subject at hand?) made errors in law and legally incorrect assumptions about ‘illegal drugs’ and the CDSA and what it allows in his judgement?

    Any thoughts?

  1171. Brian Kerr on

    Ingesting cannabis IS a god given right, or human right if you will. Government does not grant rights. Government grants privileges to slaves, thats a civil liberty.

  1172. Enquiring Mind on

    So what are you guys planning to do about the misadministrating of the CDSA. Is Bud using this in court or something? what can be done about getting cannabis out of the CDSA?

  1173. Chris Bennett on

    Religion has a lot of bearing in law, the Canadian Charter states, “based on the supremacy of God and the Law”, freedom of religion is a Charter right. What sort of reaping does one get for planting the seed of ignorance?

  1174. Chris Bennett on

    Well, I don’t recall seeing you at many protests or Marc’s case, but i do appreciate your patronage, and what you have done, although, as another activist parent, i would say, it could be more, and if I were going to have to go back 6 years for an example of what I have done, that would be a load of examples! And I did answer your question, here is my answer “We all know the CDSA is Bullshit, that is why many of us our doing something about it. All that Bud proved is it can not be simply ignored, or you end up in jail.” you sure lack comprehension.

    I told you i think the CDSA is bullshit, that idea is nothing new. What does recognizing that, do about it? It has not helped Bud much, he has been in jail and is on parole. So, I will ask you the same question again, what are you going to do challenge the placement of cannabis in the CDSA? What is Bud’s plan to get cannabis out of the CDSA? or is this all a bunch of self agrandizing pointless blabber?

    In resposne to you, I use some of your own snarky self righteous comments to retort “If I don’t see a real response to the question above I have to assume that you are essentially all about upholding this unlawful ‘prohibition’ of ‘illegal drugs’ – discriminatorily applied to certain people in society.” Pfffft.

    I have been doing lots, maybe its time you started doing more, instead of criticizing those who do, with silly demands and stating the obvious?

    so enlighten us with your plan to get cannabis out of the CDSA Toke Bloke, or by your own defintion, you are a prohibitionist.

  1175. Chuck on

    Yeah, I heard of that nonsense—doesn’t exist in Amerika anymore. Wow, the nuts are out! You think religion and politics are separate? hahahah.

  1176. Anonymous on

    Heard of seperation of church and state? Sorry law is law and religion has no bearing on it. Though I do not believe that… but you reap what you sow.

  1177. Chuck Taylor on

    I guarantee that the US was involved. Not one country has been able to use this defense for cannabis. Watch closely with Denmark. If they get close to legalizing outright (as is the path they are on), the politicians will be shut down I’m sure with the usual US tactics: bribes, threats, etc., all through indirect means for the most part (i.e.,Europe). Yeah, it’s a small country and all, but hey, legalize a fairly benign plant that brings in billions for the US government and the US troopers will get involved–got to protect “our” interests.

  1178. tokebloke on

    Hi Chris,

    Its very sad that CC activists always avoid answering perfectly good questions by challenging the right of those asking but since you asked..!

    What have I done? Well I’ve often given money to each activist – from Marc Emery, Boyers, Malmo, Turmel, Bud…etc…many others in fact. I’ve got behing various parties and candidates where directed by CC. Specifically with you I’ve bought all your books…and purchased a few small items from your store.

    I’ve also attended most local court appearances where possible (I work and have young kids) – including Emery, Boyers, Malmo, Steve and Bud – admittedly not yours, but I read online and heard directly from Bud about your last appearance. Yes I know Bud came in a few minutes late!

    I’ve written many letters to many publications and had some printed. I’ve produced according to Marc Emery one of the best amateur videos of his protest outside the US Embassy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUkQgSCPhEM

    So I’ve done my fair share – yes, perhaps not been involved in the trade directly or got arrested or anything – but hey that’s why I support those on the front line.

    So there – that’s what I’ve done. Now would you answer my questions?

  1179. Psychedelicious on

    I don’t think an idea as molested as God and so open to subjectivity has any relevance in terms of what matters. One can argue that things are a God given right all they want to people who do not see things that way, like those in the Harper regime. Not even a supposed cultured and educated judge of the world like Shore is willing to open the door to larger problems for the way the system works. Again god has nothing to do with this. My only point is that a personal relationship with and faith in god seems beside the point in terms of making a change. Chris seems at a distance (because I do not know him personally) like the proper candidate for this type of exemption in this type of system. His convictions apparently were not significant enough to grant this exemption and that is like saying to one believer that their faith is more substantiated than others and that cannot be the case in reality. So either you let individuals of this country express their freedoms peacefully to god or any other idea, let nobody do it, or do what our country does and arbitrarily allow some, but god takes a back seat to what our government considers more important issues, like public safety. Its just too bad they have their head up their ass on that too BOOYAH government Im takin bou you!

  1180. Anonymous on

    it is a typical case of people directing the lives of other people.The ones that were created by God more equal than others.What a fucking world to live in isnt’it ?

  1181. Bud Grinder on

    Sharing has always been considered trafficking. That’s why Marc had to do three months in Saskatchewanstan.

  1182. Chris Bennett on

    We did put out a press release, the only bite was a rather lame story by vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew, who, as someone I have shared herb with, I hoped for more from.

  1183. Chris Bennett on

    Only those who have not done much, consider the question “what have you done?” an attack. We all know the CDSA is Bullshit, that is why many of us our doing something about it. All that Bud proved is it can not be simply ignored, or you end up in jail.

    And i am assuming that all you are going to do about the CDSA is complain about it, and criticize those who try to change the paradigm. And if that is not the case, when is your challenge to the CDSA happening?

    How do you know what was said in court? You read a decision, not the dialogue.

    Get back to me when you have something to show for yourself.

  1184. guitarod on

    Smoking Marijuana should be a God given right.

    There are many ways of worshiping God.
    Not just the Right Wing Christian Conservative way.

    I use it for therapy, while playing my guitar with a few friends after a hard work week in my own home.

    By sharing, it will soon now considered trafficking.

    Take me away to prison as I have sinned in the eyes of the law, not God though for he is much more forgiving.

    It harms no one & I could do the same thing with booze but it will give me a slow death as I am diabetic.

  1185. tokebloke on

    Now what do you think of Bud’s assertion that these corrupt politicians and so called justice system are misadministrating the CDSA? I’d like to actually see your response to this question – rather than attacking me and saying ‘what have you done’…

    We know and feel that the CDSA is unfair, not based on science, limits use of safer drugs (instead of alcohol and cigarettes) and creates the violent gangs on our streets – but yet you ask for permission to use cannabis…and now want to appeal?

    This law causes legal discrimination – by not being applied equally to all persons who consume dangerous or otherwise substances. This CDSA and all law does not recognize ‘illegal drugs’ – there is no such thing.

    Nowhere in the CDSA does it exempt alcohol and cigarettes. Nowhere does it proscribe prohibition – in fact it’s actually written towards regulation. This minister and all those before have applied this law unlawfully – and it should be challenged as such.

    If I don’t see a real response to the question above I have to assume that you Chris, Kirk / Conroy and CC are essentially all about upholding this unlawful ‘prohibition’ of ‘illegal drugs’ – discriminatorily applied to certain people in society.

    That prosecutor and judge lied when they said cancer causing…yet no one even comments on that!?

  1186. Dave on

    I’m a news hound and don’t remember seeing much of Chris’s case in the embedded-corporate-media.

    So using Cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes “would not be in the public interest” but corporations self regulating is. Lets see now, we’re deregulating corporations while prohibiting all sorts of people things! Wow!!!

    What else can you expect from people who use alcohol in their spiritual rites

  1187. Peter on

    Don’t give up, especially in these heart times.

  1188. Psychedelicious on

    I think challenges like this showing up in the courts are important even if they are lost. Each time it allows the public a glimpse into federal law and how it is applied by a judge. We learn whether this system is working at all, still working, or in degrees of being broken. It helps us stay informed about where opposition meets freedom in the legal system designed to protect that freedom. Every case of libertarian infringement is a piece of info we can add to a knowledge tree whose ultimate conclusion, if nurtured to a great height and strength, will be to culminate in the kind of civil unrest that can only lead to change in the direction of expansive freedom.
    Here is to people like Chris Bennett and Kirk Tousaw for great effort in keeping us informed about how the law is being used and defending us with respect to our freedom.

  1189. Ray Christl THC Ministry Asia on

    The religious use defense was used by my senior pastor –Rev Jim Kimmel on Maui,Hawai’i & Rev Dennis Shields on Big Isle have brought this to trial more than once & they (pigs) just keep on lying.

    Chris Bennett & Roger Christie along with MANY others have laid the eventual path towards success of modern sacramental usage in a truly FREE society.