RCMP Busted Hiding Cameras on Private Property to Spy on Grow-ops

RCMP have been left red-faced after police investigation pictures, including some depicting dead bodies, were found on surveillance cameras installed in a tree in Grand Forks, B.C., forcing police to contact victims’ families after the cameras were taken.

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Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel said Mounties want the cameras back so they can review what’s on their memory cards and call relatives.

“I’m told that there’s images in various investigations where dead bodies are included in those so that’s why it’s important for us to get those cameras back and review the images and contact the families.” The cameras were installed in June as part of a marijuana grow-op investigation and targeted the driveway of Dion Nordick’s residence, about 600 kilometres east of Vancouver, Seibel said Wednesday.

But the supposedly covert cameras were spotted when they flashed and someone removed them. Nordick’s lawyer now has them.

Seibel said the cameras shouldn’t have been detected. He suspects the flash was going off in error because either a wrong button was pushed or the cameras malfunctioned.

He said the flash would have been so bright “that you couldn’t miss it.”

Jesse Gelber, Nordick’s lawyer, said Wednesday that images stored on the cameras’ memory cards show pictures of people installing the equipment in the middle of the night that appear to be RCMP officers.

“Mr. Nordick has asked for an explanation of why the cameras were on property that he was in legal possession of,” Gelber said.

“I don’t know what the rhyme and reason of the police investigation is here,” he said, adding the cameras are now in a safe place.

“They’ve (police) alleged that they were on public land and our position is that they were not. And of course, if they were not on public land then there may be a trespass involved.”

– Article from The Chronicle Herald.



  1. Psychedelicious on

    What the hell are you talking about the Mayan Calendar for? Somehow you manged to fit some crazy bullshit into this unrelated article. I visited some of the Mayan ruins earlier this year and in speaking to actual Mayan descendants I found out that they too laugh at North Americans who think the Mayans knew what would happen at the end of this year.

    @ the comment about targeting more important criminals, like pedophiles and/or violent offenders, as opposed to pot smokers I agree.

  2. Anonymous on

    Bored cops gone wild

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  4. TheTruthSpeaks on

    Indeed my friend. I predict, in the near future, say around December 21, 2012, a new beginning free from the tyranny of those who try to impose their will on society will be gone. I do not think this will be a violent end, I think it will be a peaceful beginning. Think about it, one month after the 2012 elections? This is TOO much of a coincidence to not at least ponder for a minute. The Mayans were on to something. They knew something we do not, and 90% of their history was destroyed by those whose greed knew no bounds, they were only interested in their GOLD.

  5. Bhonze on

    That’s good for those sorry pigs got caught. they should put cameras up to watch child molesters instead of people smoke’en weed!