Stop Bill C-10: Activists Plan Visit to BC Premier Christy Clark’s Office

CANNABIS CULTURE – A group of activists will pay a visit to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark’s office today to submit thousands of letters warning against the Harper government’s Omnibus Crime Bill.

Bill C-10 was proposed by the majority Conservative government and includes mandatory minimum sentences for minor marijuana offences as well as many other changes that experts say will overload Canada’s prison system with new inmates and cost untold billions of dollars.

Several provinces including Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland told Ottawa they cannot afford the price of the new legislation and have refused to pick up the tab.

Clark said she is concerned about the projected costs of the new bill, but that she supports Harper’s tough-on-crime stance.

“We do need to be tougher on crime in this country,” Clark told the press. “There are going to be costs associated with this, and we have to work through them with the federal government. But, ultimately, I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater.”, a website devoted to fostering “progress through democracy”, has started a letter-writing campaign to Clark and the premiers of other provinces, encouraging them to stand up to Harper and refuse the costs of the new legislation.


In a message sent to Vancouver activists, Campaigns Director Matthew Carroll outlined today’s protest action at the Premier’s office:

In the last couple of weeks, tens of thousands of Canadians in the Leadnow community have spoken out with you against the Harper government’s cruel, ineffective crime bill. Thousands of people across BC sent messages direct to Premier Christy Clark demanding she refuse to allow British Columbians to have to pick up the tab for a dangerous, fill-the-prisons approach to justice the federal government is trying to force on our provinces.

Our friends at Avaaz have joined the fight to stop the crime bill and tomorrow we’re teaming up to pay a visit to Premier Clark’s constituency office in West Point Grey.

What: Delivery of and Avaaz petitions direct to BC Premier Christy Clark’s constituency office
Where: 3615 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
When: 1pm, Monday 14 November 2011
On-site volunteer: Katherine – [email protected] – 250.884.3601

Together, we’ll deliver the Leadnow and Avaaz petitions to Premier Clarke’s offices. We’re hoping the media will be there to cover this, so we’d like to get a good turn out.

View a map to Christy Clark’s office:

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