Vancouver Court Will Rule on Religious Right To Marijuana

Chris Bennett speaking about cannabis freedoms at the recent Occupy Vancouver protests.Chris Bennett speaking about cannabis freedoms at the recent Occupy Vancouver protests.Cannabis historian Chris Bennett is heading back to court in Vancouver on Tuesday, in a federal case that could determine whether he has the right to use marijuana for religious or spiritual purposes.

Watch the latest episode of CCN LIVE for an interview with Bennett and his lawyer Kirk Tousaw, or find out more about the case here, here, here, here or on Bennett’s CC blog.

The court proceedings begin at 9:30am and are open to the public. Please come to the Federal Courthouse at 701 W. Georgia (map), and show your support.

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Chris Bennett is a long-time contributor to Cannabis Culture, the former manager of Pot-TV, and the author of three books about the history of cannabis and religion Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic & Religion, Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible, and Cannabis and the Soma Solution.

Chris gave an amazing speech at the Occupy Vancouver protest on October 15, 2011. Watch the video I shot:

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



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  2. Chris Bennett on

    There are no criminal charges here, this is a case we initiated against the government.

  3. Chris Bennett on

    that will fly like a lead balloon.

  4. Chris Bennett on

    A lot of talk, get back to us when it becomes a reality.

  5. Jason D Garbo on

    Smart, conscionable people operate independent of the illegitimate government and its might. Other than us all paying our extortion fees in the name of taxes, and many stupefied voters endorsing it as land’s paramount gang, what difference is there between our government and the mafia?

    We are a war mongering nation, to start. When murder is an economic policy of state, as it clearly is in Canada, it no longer gets my support.

    We are the power of this nation but we act like children. Two things can change this quickly. One, we operate as all powers do — we act without asking for permission. Two, we stop paying taxes and voting — we remove any suggestion of granting it legitimacy.

    Are you ready to join me??

  6. Anonymous on

    And the law says they can’t go harder on you because you choose to plead not guilty, as is your right. Yup, always go for jury trial. No matter what they promise you if you plead guilty, don’t take it. They wouldn’t be offering unless it was in their own interest, not yours. Make them drag 12 people in and then drag out your defense for weeks and weeks, representing yourself. I don’t care what they say about self representation, that’s your chance to have your say, for a REAL long time. If they want to lock you up, make them work for it and make it as costly as possible for the system. If everyone did that they would start seriously considering whether they should even go to trial on such insignificant charges.

  7. Anonymous on

    So you refer to a kids illustrated dictionary to give cred to your cheap cuts
    and you can:t figure out two sentences– at least you admit it
    I suppose your long and intense interaction with professionals puts you in a perfect position to recommend the help you need yourself to others. That was a great sacrifice oh wise bunk grinder. you serve the stoners well as a doorstop.

  8. Bud Grinder on

    In the dictionary, next to “nutbar”, there’s a picture of you.

    I was unable to make any sense out of your disjointed and incomprehensible rant.

    Please seek professional help before its too late.

  9. Anonymous on

    Bible haters are worse than Bible Lovers by miles
    At least Christians sing, you sir are a mental case

  10. Bud Grinder on

    Good luck to you, Chris. Please keep bail money handy, though.

    Attacking them through the system is pointless and futile. I figured that out years ago. Because its THEIR system. The only way to prevail against Pastor Harper and his deluded gang of ignorant, mercenary raptureista thugs is by overwhelming force of numbers.

    It is a physical impossibility for the thugs to build enough jails to hold all the potheads. Everyone charged with a cannabis offense has to, no matter how insignificant the charge, insist on a trial by JUDGE AND JURY. Within a few weeks the whole thing will grind to a final halt.

    No “deals”, no pleading to a lesser charge… no nothing. Stonewall. It will stop them cold in their tracks and they won’t know what to do.

  11. Anonymous on

    Folks the country is a Christian monarchy..she defends the King N=james Bibel with all of her power by law….The Bible grants us the gift of herbs and rather than stand up against these blowhards privately in real by taking on these huffers and puffers of de facto law in their private capacity for the tort of discrimination and intimidation as is correct and true we are led down the dark trail of fraud and corruption to her majesty’s courts of fiction and fraud where the cases like this are pre-decided and already lost.. Taking your case before false oathed impostors using flawed law conceived in fraud no different that the formation of the country itself is folly just waiting for history to write. The false oathed judges will not rule against their financial masters and will decide against God just watch! Suing them in their private capacity is a bit different as the facts rule the day not a judge.

    I put in complaintd against 7 judges and 3 crown federal crown prosecutors in their private capacity..It worked they got removed with the left over judge saying “Due to the nature of the disqualification there is no guarantee I will make it through the case” Quote unquote!

    I plan to fire the false oathed Charlatan that assumed he was representing me in front of a false oathed judge and set in place a precedent claiming my ministry as my duty and the King James Bible as my law..Keep it simple folks do not trust false oathed charlatan lawyers who make jokes about the necessity of the oath as they are imposters and will lie and cheat you for money..ask Kirk Tousaw if he will produce a copy of his valid aoth of allegaince and he will waffle as the oath in BC is bogus and he knows it..Only the federal Judges have valid oaths….File in federal court get a form to file a motion for indigent status AKA informa pauperis then your case is free and in front of a valid judge with a valid oath binding him..Accept no facimiles!!!!