Marc’s thoughts about the White House petitions

Today is November 1, 980 days to go till my release on July 9, 2014. There are two possible hopeful scenarios that could shorten that wait. One is the petition to “Pardon Marc Emery” which appears at in the “We The People” section. On September 22, that petition initiative website was launched and any petition that obtained 5,000 signatures within 30 days was promised a response from the White House.

The threshold of petitioners for an acknowledgement by the White House was raised to 25,000 signatories by early October, the exception being those petitions that had been started under the original rules. The petition to give me a pardon (based on the explicitness of DEA’s statement that my crime was legalization advocacy and financing, no mention of distribution of seeds) reached 7,500 signatures in 30 days and qualifies for a response, which is due shortly.

A pardon is desirable for two reasons: it would free me immediately, and it would permit me to return to the United States to speak to those supporters in America who would wish to meet me and hear me speak. Once I am deported from the USA on the “early release” completion of my sentence on July 9, 2014, I will be barred from entering the United States at any future time.

I’d like to thank all those who took the time to sign on to the petition. Newspapers and radio in Canada covered the petition to have me pardoned, and they’ve been asking Jodie for news about the response from the White House when it comes. Those who posted the links on their Facebook or Twitter get special thanks. The required 5,000 signatures took only nine days to achieve. Tommy Chong made a charming video for Pot TV urging people to sign on to the petition. In fact, I was speaking to Tommy on the phone only moments before he made the video, which can be seen on YouTube, as he came by the Cannabis Culture Headquarters to check in and help with the petition drive.

The other possibility for an earlier release is for me to be transferred home. In March 2013, 16 months from now, I can make an application to the US Department of Justice requesting, once again, a transfer back to Canada to serve out my sentence. Both the US Department of Justice and the Canadian Ministry of Public Safety must approve this request. If I had been accepted for transfer earlier this winter when I first applied, I would have been eligible in Canada for release on parole in on November 16, 2011 as a first-time non-violent offender, which means I qualified for release at 1/3 of my sentence in Canada.

As you know, the US Department of Justice refused my transfer application in April this year, even though I qualified under all 26 criteria set out and had over 23 elected representatives from all levels of Canadian government endorse my transfer. It’s thought that the DEA and the Canadian government under Stephen Harper were both hostile to my transfer.

If my transfer request is delivered in April 2013 to the US DOJ, and accepted in June 2013, it would then be necessary for the Canadian government to accept the transfer – which, if approved, might see me back in Canada by November 2013 to February 2014. I would qualify for immediate statutory release upon my return to Canada, but I would be on parole until February 2015. If I am required to wait until the completion of my sentence here (July 9, 2014), there would be no parole requirements when I am delivered to Canada.

The Justice Department, in refusing my transfer to Canada last April, made reference to the seriousness of my crime (advocating legalization), law enforcement opposition, and the work I was doing on behalf of my fellow inmates and my unrelenting public criticism of D Ray James federal prison, a private prison concentration camp for foreigners that I was housed in before I was transferred to Yazoo. The reasoning for the refusal of my transfer back to Canada dispels any doubt about the politics of my imprisonment.

Despite President Obama’s promise of “Hope” and “Change”, things aren’t getting better for the cannabis culture under his administration. Evidence can be seen in the official response to the most popular petition, which gathered 74,169 signatures urging the legalization of marijuana, and seven other cannabis-related petitions that reached the threshold for a response. This answer came from the White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, former Seattle Police Chief, in the expected unsatisfactory way:

What We Have to Say About Legalizing Marijuana

By Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

When the President took office, he directed all of his policymakers to develop policies based on science and research, not ideology or politics. So our concern about marijuana is based on what the science tells us about the drug’s effects.

According to scientists at the National Institutes of Health- the world’s largest source of drug abuse research – marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. We know from an array of treatment admission information and Federal data that marijuana use is a significant source for voluntary drug treatment admissions and visits to emergency rooms. Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about what this means for public health – especially among young people who use the drug because research shows their brains continue to develop well into their 20’s.

Simply put, it is not a benign drug.

Like many, we are interested in the potential marijuana may have in providing relief to individuals diagnosed with certain serious illnesses. That is why we ardently support ongoing research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine. To date, however, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard for safe or effective medicine for any condition.

As a former police chief, I recognize we are not going to arrest our way out of the problem. We also recognize that legalizing marijuana would not provide the answer to any of the health, social, youth education, criminal justice, and community quality of life challenges associated with drug use.

That is why the President’s National Drug Control Strategy is balanced and comprehensive, emphasizing prevention and treatment while at the same time supporting innovative law enforcement efforts that protect public safety and disrupt the supply of drugs entering our communities. Preventing drug use is the most cost-effective way to reduce drug use and its consequences in America. And, as we’ve seen in our work through community coalitions across the country, this approach works in making communities healthier and safer.

We’re also focused on expanding access to drug treatment for addicts. Treatment works. In fact, millions of Americans are in successful recovery for drug and alcoholism today. And through our work with innovative drug courts across the Nation, we are improving our criminal justice system to divert non-violent offenders into treatment.

Our commitment to a balanced approach to drug control is real. This last fiscal year alone, the Federal Government spent over $10 billion on drug education and treatment programs compared to just over $9 billion on drug related law enforcement in the U.S.

Thank you for making your voice heard. I encourage you to take a moment to read about the President’s approach to drug control to learn more.

National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Marijuana Facts (ONDCP)
Drug Abuse Warning Network (HHS)
Treatment Episode Data Set (HHS)
National Survey on Drug Use and Health (HHS)

Kerlikowske says “science” and “facts” will guide the policy, not “ideology” and “politics”, then proceeds to ignore any science and medical comparison and sticks entirely to politics and ideology – the ideology of prohibition!

The petition request to legalize marijuana, and the request for my pardon, both need to be seen in regard to certain facts. Not only have Canadian Prime Ministers Paul Martin (pot brownies), Pierre Trudeau (hashish), Kim Campbell (marijuana), and Premiers Ralph Klein (of Alberta), Jean Charest (of Quebec), Glen Clark (of BC), and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson – plus many others – variously smoked, grown, eaten, and enjoyed marijuana, but a host of prominent elected US officials have also done the same, including President Obama, who commented in his book “Dreams from My Father – A Story of race and Inheritance” that “Pot had helped, and booze: and maybe a little blow when you could afford it… and if the high didn’t solve whatever it was that was getting you down, it could at least help you laugh at the world’s ongoing folly and see through all the hypocrisy and bullshit and cheap moralism.”

Read Kerlikowske’s response to the legalization petition and see if you can spot 1) hypocrisy, 2) bullshit, and 3) cheap moralism.

The hypocrisy is that the health hazards of marijuana, even the trivial ones he mentions, pale in comparison to the health hazards of hundreds of legal, sanctioned consumed substances like tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, fatty foods, over the counter medicines, etc. There are no known fatalities from cannabis consumption, making it one of the safest consumables on the planet considering peanuts, sesame seeds, numerous flowers, nuts, seeds, gourds, fish, shellfish, and other foods can kill certain people from allergic reactions. Sugars, salts, preservatives and additives in our food chain are much more hazardous than cannabis.

The bullshit is that for being involved in cannabis you can serve 5, 10, 15, 20 years or even life in prison, a punishment that is barbaric and extraordinarily cruel because all the hazards inherent in cannabis use result from the government policy of prohibition of cannabis. All the cartel violence, the full prisons, the lucrative corruption of police, prisons, teenagers, the poor, the blacks, Latinos, all who get seduced into the world of growing and selling cannabis do so because of the prohibition on the legal production, sale and use of marijuana.

In my drug abuse prevention class here at Yazoo prison, I asked this question; “Would any of us be here, guards or prisoners, if all these substances were sold legally at retail outlets throughout the community? Isn’t this a tragedy and crisis manufactured exclusively by government policy? Doesn’t the US criminal justice system put us behind bars for these huge lengths of time because that’s precisely the intent? Doesn’t the evidence of the last 40 years show anyone looking that prohibition is designed to fill prisons, bankrupt the nation, create gangs and gang violence, diminish our civil liberties and consolidate a police state?”

Needless to say, this line of questioning was regarded as heresy and I was advised to be less vocal about these ideas.

To support this prohibition you have to support evil behavior, the virtual destruction of peaceful society, the depraved violence we see afflicting Mexico, Columbia, our inner cities, the Nazi-like violence by urban SWAT police (over 100 SWAT raids happen each and every day in America), the packed prisons, and the despair and utter heartbreak of millions of American families. Since 1970, over 12 million Americans have been incarcerated for drug use, production or distribution. Each of these 12 million had dozens of family members and loved ones who are also greatly impacted.

What, one must ask, is the point in all this? How can President Obama continue such a prohibition policy when two decades of books, news reports, statistics, dozens of former Presidents throughout the world saying “end prohibition”, millions of horror stories and packed jails scream of the failure of prohibition to achieve any desirable goals. In fact, the obvious road of prohibition is to make a decaying police state out of the entire planet!

Prohibition is a corrupt, barbaric and intentional deception. Those, like Kerlikowske, who support it, absolutely know this. President Obama knows the prohibition policy is the death of black America. One in four black Americans are entwined in the revolving doors of the US criminal justice system – in prison, on probation, supervised release, parole, on bail – almost exclusively for drug and drug-related offenses. Certainly 80% of the inmates here at Yazoo federal prison are black Americans, virtually all here for drugs, and guns with drugs. It is the new Jim Crow laws brought to bear after the Civil Rights Act in 1964 finally did what the Emancipation Proclamation did not do100 years later – free the black man and ended slavery.

But there is still slavery. It’s here. Prison USA.

At the risk of saying it will take a great white man, Ron Paul, to free millions of black Americans in November 2012, the petitions to legalize marijuana and pardon me give President Obama a chance to re-affirm what he believes. Is it the Obama who wrote “Dreams of my Father”, or the Obama who is ramping up the drug war in medical marijuana states to new extremes?

It is the DEA press release issued on the day of my arrest that President Obama is directly endorsing if he keeps me in jail. The DEA press release is specific about why I am in jail, and explains clearly that if you talk about and work towards legalization successfully, they’ll invade your country and bring you to their prohibition prison system.

The DEA press release did not ever say I was arrested for selling seeds. The word “seeds” was never used in the DEA press release. What was mentioned over and over again was legalization. Use the word “seeds” in the same press release with “drug kingpin” and what you have is absurdity – albeit a cruel depraved nightmare absurdity that we all get to inhabit, but especially me, and others imprisoned like me.

The DEA tried to ignore and refute the press release but the truth had been exposed. If the reasons the DEA gave for jailing me were so corrupt and embarrassing that they pretend that release doesn’t exist, what does this say about a President and government that agree with the same immoral and anti-democratic edicts that keep me imprisoned? Answer: it says everything.

Under federal legislation in the United States, the DEA is mandated to use whatever means necessary anywhere in the world to combat any person or organization that promotes the legalization of marijuana. It said so right at the bottom of the DEA letterhead the press release was sent out on.

When police smash into homes and terrorize taxpayers and families, shooting people and pets, all over something the majority do not believe should be a crime under law, then we should remember that our leaders, Prime Minister Harper, President Obama, and Mexican President Calderon, favor this sort of carnage and abuse by allowing it to continue.

We must ask ourselves what kind of government would enter into perpetual war against its own people. What type of government denies sick people a medicine, a plant that improves their lives and diminishes misery? What kind of government obstructs scientific research into the truly incredible and scientifically documented healing properties of marijuana? The answers to these questions are obvious and not pretty.

The DEA, who no doubt was the principal bulwark against my transfer to the Canadian prison system, tells us in their own hackneyed words (see DEA Tandy’s press release once again) that I was jailed for expressing an idea. The expression of that idea – the legalization of cannabis – is specifically mentioned in that DEA mandate we’ve all read. This federal laws gives the DEA the legal right to go anywhere in the world to combat legalization initiatives and activities, in the same way the CIA has authority to overthrow governments around the world (Iran 1953, South Vietnam 1965, Chile 1973, Panama 1984). The DEA has offices and agents active in over 90 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Afghanistan.

Essentially the DEA has been given eternal wartime powers on a global scale to fight the demonized herb cannabis. According to US law, any country can be invaded to stop any threat of legalization, just as any state or city or town or US community can be. Most of the world is unaware of this fact. So if Obama refuses the petition to pardon me, he reaffirms this mandate of manifest destiny when he thus says I’ll stay in a US federal prison for expressing an idea.

Only an evil nature can support, approve and perpetuate evil acts. And as Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said about new laws requiring mandatory minimum jail sentences for as few as six marijuana plants, “this is just the beginning.” If putting a Canadian in jail for 6, 9, or 12 months for six plants is “just the beginning”, try to imagine the “end”.

These sadistic politicians and their lackeys do not inhabit the same reality that we civilized people do. Until we understand and publicize this fact, we give them victory by default. Remember, majorities in Canada and the United States support the legalization of marijuana. At least 55% of Canadians want legal marijuana, and now 50% of Americans want legal marijuana.

This is why we fight. It is the right, we are the majority, the enemy is pure evil, and we have a world to rescue from darkness.

Marc Scott Emery
P.O. BOX 5888

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. don on

    Quite the cowardly advice from someone who obviously wouldn’t and couldn’t stand up for their freedom if they had to.

    To suggest that Emery should just roll over like a lap dog rather than stand up to abusive government power misses the very spirit that founded the United States. It was not founded by cowards like you, that suggest one acquiese to tyranny.

    It was founded by men who stood up against abusive power with their lives on the line. Emery essentially does the same. He put hsi life on the line for his cause and continues to do so.

    “anonymous”, you don’t deserve the freedom that you have.

  2. Greg on

    When I was working in drug and alcohol counseling, we had a phrase that we told our substance abusers that went something like this: If you want to keep getting what you’re getting, just keep doing what you’re doing. However, if you want something different, do something different. I feel like our current political fiasco is a prime example of this. In the U.S. we have been voting democrat or republican for more than a century and low and behold we keep getting corporately enslaved democrats or republicans in office. I say go Green for a (real) change. The Green Party has a solid platform for reform on numerous issues ranging from the Drug War to public education to renewable energy and from what I’ve gathered they know how to run a country for the people by the people. How about shaking things up a bit and doing something different for a REAL CHANGE.

  3. Greg on

    1). Pleading guilty to a crime to garner a 5 year sentence instead of life imprisonment is by no means a legitimate confession any more so than torturing a confession out of a bound victim.

    2). Great men like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, became great men doing exactly what Marc is doing… standing against systematic prejudice for what’s right, rather than just watching in silence like everyone else.

    3). Realistically, I’m sad to say, Marc has little to no chance for early release. He’s a political prisoner and he’s there as a warning to other free thinkers who would stand in defiance of the tyranny we all currently live under, and to fall to his knees now would discredit all he has fought for.

    4). I find it infuriating that someone would come to a site like this to speak out while lacking the intestinal/testicular fortitude (that’s guts/nuts for those who don’t know) to speak out where and when it matters. I wonder if, while Christ was being tortured and crucified, there was some bonehead whispering in his ear that he should have just kept his mouth shut and let Caesar have his way. I’d imagine so. Stay strong, Marc! Without men like you we’re all doomed!

  4. Ben T on

    In every aspect of the word, this man is IGNORANT and ill-informed. Let me take a wild guess, you stumbled upon or saw a link somewhere on Facebook that brought you to this site, so to just stir the pot, you copy and paste the most sense you could make out of the close to 3000 word article, and finish with telling everybody to fuck off. You have wasted your time and everybody else’s time. In the great words of Walter Sobchiak, “you’re out of your element donny.”

  5. Joseph Hinson on

    I can not believe our goverment is at war with us. This once great country is being destroyed and it makesme sick.

  6. Anonymous on

    & so was Jodie Emery a frequent whiner there & elsewhere as she tried to convince the world Marc was innocent of drug racketeer crimes he later admitted to. Go figure on that one. But do we care about open online debate that happened years ago that didn’t influence history in any way ? NOT REALLY

    at least we get a dental plan

  7. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    That really only happens if you’re born into politics, I think. d;o)

    (Google “Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus”…or maybe “Destroyer of Nations”…)

  8. Chris M. on

    Hey Marc! I wanted you to know that nobody has forgotten about your struggle to legalize and fight for our rights. People are starting to wake up and realize what the US government has done to our rights and yours. The DEA is a criminal organization and we want them to pay for their wrong doing. I will do my best to spread your message and will always admire your courage. You are one of a kind and I like many others are looking forward to your release.

  9. Anonymous on

    the point is that Harper thinks that peoples brain stop developing at age 8

  10. Anonymous on

    stephen harper is hostile to all canadians who dont think like him. Intolerance is the rule in Canada under a conservative government.Intolerance is rampant everywhere.My neighbor is complaining of marijuana smoke from a couple of cigarettes a day but me I am not allowed to complain of her barbecue smoke all summer long. Fuck what kind of fucking country is this ?

  11. Guitarod on

    The article mentioned that marijuana use can be a danger to young people while their brains are still developing well into their twenty’s. What about people over 30 who’s brains have developed to a point where they are capable of making educated decisions.
    The war on drugs will continue as any regime has to have a perceived enemy. In this case their own people both in Canada & America. This justifies their cause in their own eyes as we are the enemy, now that communism is not the great threat it once was.
    Marc Emery is a political martyr who is contributing to the downfall of a once great nation. The American’s are basically bankrupt & every dollar spent on the war on drugs & prohibition (trillions) will eventually bring them down. This hits the average American where it really hurts, financially. They will continue to print money though & create jobs that are 100% overhead.
    Marc: chin up, your time to shine will come.

  12. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    If you were actually talking to the people behind the scenes, as I have been for the last several years, and continue to do to this day, rather than accepting whatever you are TOLD BY THE BIG NAMES, you would understand how flawed your thinking is.

    What you “believe”, if not rooted in fact, has no bearing on the outcome.

    Jack Herer, unlike me, had a tendency towards saying things like “Well, if that’s what you think, then you will have to live with your decisions.” I prefer to get people to think…although many people still refuse to, as it’s not as simple as “accepting what you’re told to think.”

    I will not go into the reasons behind why I have SUPPORTED OTHER PEOPLE INSTEAD OF YOUR GODS, as I have been asked by innocent people not to tell their stories. (This is what I mean by “talking to people behind the scenes.”)

    If you were to look at what I have posted previously, all over the net, you would see that I have stated FACTS, which were ignored by you, and other people who prefer to accept others’ words. I can’t get you to think for yourself…I can only give you THE FACTS, as I know them…I can not force ANYONE to accept the facts, or to base their future actions on THE FACTS.

    Just to “allude to the truth” without releasing anything…several documented attacks made by “Your God” were copied VERBATIM to another person who has read this entire conversation…but who will NEVER acknowledge–and has repeatedly publicly DENIED that those words were said by “your leader”. Again, this is what goes on in the background…that which you are not privy to…that which is not public knowledge…that which you simply DO NOT CARE TO KNOW because it doesn’t fit into your preconceived paradigm.

    As for whether you “love me” or “hate me”, it is of no consequence. I do not exist in this movement “for people to like me” but to do a job. I want people to THINK. Whether you hate me with a passion is not my concern…and if it actually gets you to THINK FOR YOURSELF, instead of simply accepting what you are told–by ANYBODY–then I have accomplished more than you will ever know.

    DON’T JUST ACCEPT WHAT I SAY, EITHER!!! Do your own research into what I say! THINK ABOUT IT! Talk to OTHER PEOPLE and ask them what they think…what they know…and if those few people that you find think that you are capable of thinking for yourself, and not simply “a follower”, then I guarantee that you will be absolutely horrified at THE TRUTH behind the majority of people in the cannabis movement today.

    Again, just to be clear: DO NOT BELIEVE ME any more than you would ANYBODY ELSE! Do your own due diligence…LEARN…and then you’ll be far better equipped to understand what is REALLY going on.

    PS: If you DO actually learn what you NEED to know, I hereby authorize you to continue to hate me, if that suits your needs…I am not what is important, here. The truth is.

  13. Ree on

    Many of your cumbersome posts seek to divide and disrespect people in one way or another – I wasn’t trying to insult you at all, rather point out how repellent your attitude comes across and that perhaps a softer approach would work work in your favour. Do you think Jack Herer inspired so many people by making them feel stupid? NO. You *constantly* insult people, slandering an accomplished and respected activist on their very own website (as well all over Facebook, I’ve seen you attack Marc and Cannabis Culture several times) Better yet, while he’s not here to defend himself because he’s in PRISON for fighting for all our rights. You certainly like to dish it out, but not take it. You’re a passionate person with much good knowledge, don’t let ego tarnish your message. PEACE brother

  14. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    Funny, Ms. Lynch…you say you don’t like to be insulted when you insult others. As usual, as I recall. You really do enjoy your hypocrisy, don’t you?

  15. Ree on

    EP, your arrogance is so off-putting, I can’t comprehend why you would think that is a way to influence people. Usually people don’t respond to being insulted or being preached to about how little they know! How rude to imply Marc’s contribution and accomplishments are somehow inferior to those of someone else, Marc has done many great things, look it up!! Lose the elitist attitude and get on with it, man.

  16. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    Ray, I think that I’ll address your points in reverse order.

    Lastly, The current Canadian Elected Criminal Contingent (a.k.a: “government”) is also a continuation of George Dubya Bush’s policies. As a matter of fact, The All-Powerful Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus is in the process of importing the “pre-failed policy” of mandatory minimum prison terms for non-violent–and specifically, CANNABIS-related–paper-based, victimless “crimes”, and is drafting all sorts of nifty paper-based crimes to fill the 9 BILLION dollars worth of new, replacement, expanded and refurbished prisons.

    I ask you a very simple question: When we’re building more prisons in a country with 30-year low, and still declining, crime rates across the board, with the excuse offered being “a rise in unreported crimes”, how can we take “our government” at all seriously? To add to the sheer inanity of this situation, they are trying to ramrod through statutory legislation which gives longer sentences to someone growing a few plants than it does for CONVICTED SERIAL CHILD MOLESTERS!

    Personally, if I’m going to have an “ex con” released into my neighbourhood, I want the plant grower!!! I’d much prefer to have to “suffer through a few weeks of stinky plants” out by the garage, than to worry about the freak with the binoculars staring intently at all the children in the neighbourhood through a crack in the window blinds…but then…I’m not a politician who still gets paid for such asinine things.

    And firstly, I am an “enemy of relegalization” myself. I am also an enemy of “legalization”, “decriminalization”, “tax cannabis like wine” and I am most assuredly an enemy of “tax and regulate.”

    You must understand that I want to see the same thing that Jack Herer, Ed Adair, Dana Beal, Roger Christie, Rick Simpson, and others who want to see the evils of prohibition ENDED COMPLETELY!

    I don’t want to see this idiocy “PROLONGED with tweaks” when what we need is to see it REPEALED and ENDED PERMANENTLY.

    We all need to stop using the words that the politicians use if we are going to DEMAND what is actually NEEDED.

    If a politician says “legalize”, they do NOT mean “it’ll be completely legal”, they mean “It’ll be legal for some, but not for all, and since the laws are still on the books, we can put them back whenever we need to take more money from you.”

    When they say “decriminalize”, they mean “it’s still 100% ILLEGAL, so we’ll just give you a ticket and take a few hundred bucks from you MOST OF THE TIME, but we can still arrest you, and we can still put you in jail, take you to court, take your house, your car…whatever we damned well please…because it’s STILL ILLEGAL.” “Decriminalization” does NOT mean “it’s legal.”

    The “tax and regulate” and “regulate like wine” models are also designed primarily to “reap tax revenues off the backs of the sick and dying.” These “new cannabis-specific taxes” are designed primarily to attack the incomes of the MEDICINAL USER, and not “the casual toker”, and secondarily, they are designed to keep the price of cannabis artificially high…the way it is today, and has been for decades.

    Think about it…over $100 for THOUSANDS of different strains of seeds? Those come in 5-packs and 10-packs, not truckloads! If they asked for a hundred bucks for a half-dozen carrot seeds, they’d be laughed at, but by keeping cannabis “illegal”, they have artifically raised the price, artificially created an underground market, and prohibition itself is the cause of it!

    If you could grow your own “legally” today, prices would drop dramatically, both for the finished product, AND for the seeds themselves.

    If they REALLY wanted to increase tax revenues, they don’t need a “new tax” at all, and they definitely don’t need “cannabis-specific taxes.” What they need to do is to REPEAL CANNABIS/HEMP PROHIBITION. When they do that, all of the currently untaxed :underground businesses” will suddenly appear above ground, and start legitimate businesses. Those businesses will pay business income taxes. They’ll also pay sales taxes on everything they need to operate their business. Heat, light, rent, furniture, fixtures, paper, computers…you name it, it’s already taxed!

    Those businesses wil also need employees. Strangely enough, nobody will be shocked to find that employees are people, and that people’s individual incomes are already rather highly taxed already as well. (If you’re not already rich enough to afford the kind of legal/accounting teams to prove that the money you make costs you money, anyway.) Those people will spend their income on things they need…homes, cars, computers, and even “ridiculous things” like food and medicine and clothing…all of which are taxed already.

    Long and short? There is no need for “new taxes” when we could simply raise the current, untaxed (and untaxable) underground economy above grade level. We’d save BILLIONS in wasted police, prison, court and legal costs, while gaining BILLIONS in “new tax revenue” without ever altering a single line of existing tax codes.

    How can this be accomplished? It’s as simple as using the proper word that describes what we actually need to do: REPEAL.

    If we want to end the problem, we need to REPEAL the statutes that created, maintain, promote, and prolong the problems that they created.

    Of course, the government NEVER “fixes problems they created” on purpose…it is THE PEOPLE who need to force OUR EMPLOYEES to fix the problems. A good example is in the mid-90’s, when the government “accidentally fixed” the problem of tobacco smuggling.

    They dropped the taxes to only a few hundred percent, and the price of a pack went from almost $7.00 a pack, to around $2.00 a pack, and suddenly, people weren’t complaining about getting ripped off. Another effect was that tobacco smugglers suddenly had a lot of smokes they’d paid far more than $2.00 a pack for, and they lost a lot of money when they couldn’t sell them for even what it cost them. It bankrupted lots of smugglers overnight.

    Today, tobacco taxes are so high that the price of a pack is already well past the previous crisis point of $7.00 a pack, and we now have tobaco smuggling again, but this time, it’s not just US/Canadian smuggling, now the bulk of it comes from India and China.

    The government “accidentally” destroyed the entire tobacco smuggling market in a period of DAYS by nothing other than reducing excessive taxes to a “less excessive level”…and promptly set about restoring the overtaxation, and recreating the smuggling market.

    If we let them create new cannabis-specific taxes, especially when they’re already targetting the ill and the poor as it is, we can be assured that they’ll make those taxes as oppressive as they can. We must not allow it.

    PS: I call them “Obamatons” myself. d;o)

  17. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    A SINGLE errant word needs to be corrected above: “latter” should be replaced with “former”, as I know with absolute certainty that is NOT what Joy meant to say!

    “…your comment “free Eddy Lepp” – in the same post as Marc Emery… a man who Has taken a least that “Blow” FOR the cannabis 4:20 Team, not Self benefit and financial gain like the latter.”

    I pointed this out, and her response was “Hell no! I meant that Eddy is NOT someone this community should be comparing even To Marc Emery, Marc Didn’t WANT to go to prison and didn’t rip sick people off to get there…”

    Just to make sure nobody takes that single-word error to mean something she did NOT mean to say…

  18. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    Yes, you’re right there, I “slightly overstepped” in my interpretation, based on the wording that was used in the previous comment, which was patently wrong…on soooo many levels…and yes, I completely sidestepped the “Eddie Lepp” issue. Most people don’t know the whole story behind all of that…yet…

    Jack was trying to do the same thing that I’m trying to do with Overgrow The World: To get people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES! Everyone I’ve talked to who actually KNEW Jack, I’ve asked what he wanted most, and they all came back with a common response, that if people would simply get off their asses and DO SOMETHING, that would be the thing that forced the POSITIVE changes that need to happen.

    He was right…no one person can change the world on their own…but with people like Jack Herer, Ed Adair, and now Rick Simpson, maybe they can learn to think for themselves, and then they’ll be able to understand that they don’t need a “leader” at all, when they start actually MAKING CHANGES instead of “waiting for someone to tell me what change I need to make.”

    Was going to close with something like “Maybe if enough people start thinking for themselves, start understanding that THEY are the change they keep waiting for, and start acting on their own to make the changes that need to be made THEMSELVES…maybe we can finally do away with the “leader/follower mentality” that seems so pervasive in this world.

    Now, as long as it seems that the majority of people INSIST on “following” ANYBODY, I have to say that I’d be much more comfortable standing behind Rick. Something about a man who’s saved a few thousand lives lends him a bit more credibility…

  19. Joy M. Graves on

    Sharki, there is one Main point that I would like to make to you regarding what you’ve said, so listen. The title to your post is Wrong, misleading, disrespectful and quite frankly Stinging to those of us who actually Knew as well as Listened to what Jack said and what his intentions, wants and desires are as far as the future of this HIS created movement, the cannabis community, and his cannabis Family. IF people had actually Listened to him, and not just for those key phrases like ‘not one f**king cent in taxes”, “F88K the government”, or any other curse word and slam at “Law Enforcement” of all kinds, even past the “you’ve gotta be insane to Not smoke Dope” type comments, or even the fact that it was an elderly man willing to scream it, right in front of their faces time and again. What he would say, beside all the little that the world seemed to really “Hear”, if you go back and Listen, you will hear him clearly Say “over and over and over again” that “No one Person can Do THIS alone.. Not even I can do This by myself… I need Each one of you standing up here right beside me… THEN we can get this done once and for all.” Pretty straight and to the point HUH. There are many “Worthy” feathers in our crown, but not ALL many seem to be Thinking are our feathers, really ARE feathers at all. I Hope soon, this will begin to correct and change toward the truth and actual fact, I reference to your comment “free Eddy Lepp” – in the same post as Marc Emery… a man who Has taken a least that “Blow” FOR the cannabis 4:20 Team, not Self benefit and financial gain like the latter. One day, things will be clear of the smoke and mirrors I hope, and we’ll achieve our missions objective and ALL will be free and happy regarding cannabis including it. This story was More to do with Current Government issues anyway, wasn’t it?!

  20. Joy M. Graves on

    Electropig… calm down. I understand your loyalty and protective defensiveness over and regarding our poppa Jack, but I think you jumped a little far down this person’s throat. Many of your points ARE valid and it IS nice to see someone other than “the usuals” of us standing up to defend the concepts of our Emperor. But in your heated anger, you too, have stated a misleading statement regarding Jack’s intention. Jack DID “Choose Rick Simpson” yes, but NOT as his community Or his canna-families “Leader”, that is a mis-representation of his intent regarding Rick. Your points as to what Rick has done and now sacrificed seemingly forever, Proves Jack’s purpose in Rick as our feather best. Jack talked ALOT about Rick for the last 15 months of his “stage life”, moreso than even permoting his own works, this is No secret, but it had Nothing to do with having a “leader”, just as I attempted to correct Sharki above, same points apply here. Jack believed that Rick Simpson was the PERFECT EXAMPLE of what he wanted and Expected to see in ALL of our hearts and running rampantly throughout His Movement, Especially after he sadfully had to separate us from within to preserve the family as the heart and soul of it. This however does Not declare entitleship To his Throne To Rick, this just ensures that we Know WHO our perfect example as his Family, the only inheritors to his throne Equally,Is so that the rest of this community, whom aren’t of the right heart, mind, or motivations in this, don’t DESTROY all that he has struggled, and all he and the countless Others have and continue to suffer and die for so long as this plant remains without it’s proper Justice… Complete LIBERATION just so we’re all Clear, regardless of your fame or profits, even your personal opinions, this plant is safe, natural, beneficial, and has put up with Enough torture and disrespect. Not all “heroes” ARE heroes OR even Quality Feathers in our community hat, period, and not all who are against it, will be against it when the simplicity of Facts and Truth as acknowledged and accepted for that which it is! You are right though, there ARE many “false leaders” among us in this movement/community, and on both sides of national borders. As our global communities continue to merge and connect, we need to Research for Ourselves whose who as far as our “feathers” and our “Thorns” regarding this movement and the future of it.

  21. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    NOTE: Repost v2.0, 10:53 PM (what a coincidence?!?), Nov-3-2011
    (Original & repost deleted earlier.)

    NOTE: Repost, v1.0, 10:53 PM, Nov-2-2011
    (Original deleted a few hours ago.)

    Jack is still with us…

    Jack Herer himself chose Rick Simpson to take over as the “leader” of the GLOBAL movement to repeal cannabis/hemp prohibition. Want someone living? If you respect Jack at all, then you’ll listen to the man that The Emperor HIMSELF chose to continue the fight on HIS behalf!

    You want PURE, untainted, BIG BRASS CLACKERS? How about a guy who grew SIXTEEN HUNDRED PLANTS in his own backyard, while telling the Canadian Government, the RCMP, the Canadian Cancer Society, Health Canada, The Canadian Senate, the local politicians, and the national news media EXACTLY what he was doing, WHY he was doing it, and actually helping THOUSANDS of people SURVIVE “terminal” ILLNESSES like CANCER at the time?

    Of course, you COULD just make a bunch of videos sucking on a bong and let the dumbasses THINK that “your being cool” is the most important thing…after all, LOADS of people send in TONS of money when they THINK that “being cool is more important than saving human lives.”

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone who wasn’t sucking on a bong said the same things, or even more important things? They’d be IGNORED BY THE WILFULLY IGNORANT MASSES, as per the usual plan.

    People need to understand that the people who are making the most money in the “cannabis community” are DOING IT TO MAKE MONEY or to BUILD THEIR OWN FAME.

    Keep kissing asses, folks….keep sending your money to help out the rich people…the people who actually DO matter aren’t important, right?

    Why not send your money to someone who will actually use it to educate others, or even save lives, rather than to increase their public profile, or to convince more people to send in more money to keep their marketing machines rolling?

    Overgrow The World is 100% behind Rick Simpson, as it is Rick Simpson who is following the path that Jack Herer began over 30 years ago…and because it was Jack’s wish that we give all the support to Rick that we possibly can.

    I understood what Jack Herer was taking about…and I support all of the infinitessimally few people who actually do want to see cannabis/hemp prohibition REPEALED WORDWIDE!

    Not “legalized” or “decriminalized” or even “re-legalized”…and DAMNED SURE NOT “taxed and regulated”…but REPEALED!

    We need to stop begging OUR EMPLOYEES for what they are perfectly prepared to allow us to get back from them…we need to END PROHIBITION ENTIRELY if we ever expect to see the only workable, long-term solution to prohibition come about within our lifetimes.

    Want to fix a broken system? It’ll NEVER work, because the system is DESIGNED TO FAIL! You can’t fix the roof if the walls are crooked and the foundations are rotten!


    Overgrow The World!

    And do it with Rick Simpson!
    Submitted by ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven () on Wed, 11/02/2011 – 18:54.

  22. Anonymous on

    If I ever meet up you in a hospital, I’ll wave as I pass
    You’ll still have 29 more days left of the court ordered psychiatric evaluation

  23. David on

    Your comment makes no sense, kiddie, and I am no gramps. Nor am I a hippie or whatever. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippie. I will provide a laugh track for you to be in a hospital should we ever meet up. Now run along to your old Ayn Rand libertarian bullshit and stfu. Marc Emery’s website is too god for you.

  24. Trinibwoy on

    Mr.Marc Emery sir, 1st of all I’d like to let you know I’m a proud supporter of yourself, your movement and your release from the US govt for extraditing you for political reason. You have plenty facts there reading your letter, I hope President Obama himself gets to read it. There are many countries that are seeing what’s going on. The US should look into your matter and do what is right, by agreeing to your pardon. If President Obama is for prohibition he is against change, which is what the people voted for. Legalize marijuana, grow it everywhere, use it for good industrial, medicinal health purposes. This being done can fix Global Warming, Marijuana has 1 of the highest Co2 to Oxygen conversion of all known plants (which is a study environmental experts all over the world should look into, they’d owe me for that LOL). It can lessen the amount of taxpayers dollars spent on prisons, it can make all drug dealers lose their jobs (if legal no one can sell it because of abundance). The amount of people that will grow it can save the earth from greenhouse gasses. Study shows that the earth is steadily rising in temperature, which scientists are assuming is normal, is it? And do we want to wait till it’s too late to find out? There are innocent people being locked in jail for simple possession, these innocent ones then meet criminals and start to change, either join a gang or suffer that’s how it is in prison. Gangs get their money from drugs, if Marijuana were legal they (gangs) can’t sell it cause the Government can create dispensaries and coffee shops Increasing availability and can control and tax the shit out of it. One less product for gangs to make money, no money equal no guns/gangs .It’s a Billion dollar Industry that the Governments’ and I mean all over the world should consider controlling. Instead of deforesting and extincting certain creatures because of loss of habitat, they can make industrialized farms to supply paper, rope, clothing, even Bio fuels which can save our diminishing fossil supply. Their are countless uses for this plant. Legalizing the herb can save the world….. Literally! Anyways I’ll keep posting and showing my support, Will also make an impact on Facebook and Twitter. Take care every1 at cannabis culture and keep ya head up Marc.

  25. Anonymous on

    well Davie, your solution to views other than your own oblique cranky old hippy mumbles is to cry out for an authority figure to shut then down,. Just what we have come to expect from pathetic old stoner food stamp recipients stuck in the 60s..Keep it up Gramps, we’ll provide the laugh track. normal people need to see every side of a subject by debate, even yours.

  26. James Shingola on

    The politicians are the real criminals, us Americans gotta vote these sonsabitches out and replace their worthless asses with REAL representation! I would also like to add FUCK THE DEA!

  27. Anonymous on

    you sound drunk

  28. David on

    First, site admin, please ban this anonymous dumb-ass who always says the same thing every time Marc posts an article. Hey anonymous dumb-ass, go troll on some other site.
    Marc, I admire you for standing tall even while in the cage.
    The DEA is part of the US worldwide war on everyone, including mother earth herself.
    The DEA is an army at war with sick and dying people in California.
    They are terrorists.
    They have no conscience.
    They are in bed with Mexican/Colombian drug cartels.
    They helped fund the crack cocaine epidemic in LA.
    Keep on fighting.
    Be strong.
    We love you.

  29. Gita B on

    Well, alcohol use is associated with addiction, liver disease and brain damage … but apparently the government is just FINE with all that.

    Oh yes and overdose death from PRESCRIPTION medicine now kills more people than traffic accidents (in the US). Not to mention that 1 out of 5 (in Canada) will die from cancer in their lifetime.

    But we are not talking about cleaning up environmental toxins, just like we don’t talk about how DEA has the power to regulate production of addictive painkillers but doesn’t. Instead we introduce 700 new and unproven chemicals every year and prescription painkiller prescriptions are up 900%.

    Do you not yet understand that EVERYTHING is done for political and monetary gain? We, the people, need to agree on some commonsense ground or our collective ass becomes cattle fodder (!)

  30. Anonymous on

    I was at court the other day for my current trail of possession with intent to traffic(2oz total) When i saw another person there as well whom had been snagged with 2.5grams and is currently looking at 12 months in jail for a first time offence so when Marc says this is just the beginning really think hard of what the end is going to be like…….shitt’in my pants at the thought of it…

  31. Anonymous on

    I wish you well marc, I really do, but since you plead guilty in the US Courts, what is really the chance of being pardoned from a crime you admitted to committing ? Seriously I have a lot of doubt on that one. Also you are a foreigner in America and ended up there because they successfully extradited you from your homeland. You made a lot of money selling a prohibited product to Americans . You welcomed being arrested, defied the DEA defied the USA defied everybody and implied you were in the same level as Martin Luther King. Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, and lets face you sort of were not anywhere near those great men. But that’s all water under the bridge at this point. Maybe try to keep your super dope hero act down a bit and try for early release. You at least have a better chance of early release if you behave yourself while you are their caged felon with a guitar. However saying in public you hooe you will be able to tour the USA and give pro party drug speeches to American youth and stoners is not helping one bit marc. That will keep you in the jug as an unreformed drug gang boss from another country.

  32. David on

    sorry guys. Ron Paul is not a hero. Great that he opposes foreign wars and the drug war. He also opposes protecting the earth from corporate destruction. He opposes ALL government. He lives in an Ayn Rand la la land. He is a conservative pro-corporate, pro-greed Resmuglican. He opposes social justice. He opposes women’s rights. He is NOT a savior. He is supported by Scientology, which is totally anti-marijuana. He is a hack. Obama and all the rest of the big pols are hacks too. Other than Johnson, Nader, Kucinich, you’ve got nothing. America is an oligarchy. Join with OWS and stand up against the drug war. Ron Paul is a fail.

  33. ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüüven on

    You can start the ULTIMATE “grassroots” effort by just saving seeds as you come across them.

    What could you DO with those “useless seeds” you usually throw away?

    You might plant them in the mayor’s garden…at city hall…chuck a few in the municipal garden…maybe one or two would fit nicely in the chief of police’s yard? Walking by the courthouse to take care of your latest “victimless offence notice?” Toss a few of those seeds into the gardens at the courthouse while you’re there! Make that stupid parking ticket PAY! d;o)

    Overgrow The World!

    Google us, find us on faceberia, and JOIN TODAY!

  34. The Dagga Couple on

    Well written Marc. We are watching the Obummer debacle here in South Africa with interest. We really thought good things would come from this partition and promoted it on our FB/daggacouple page. Even went through the shlep of a ‘foreigner’ logging in to the Whitehouse matrix.
    Goddam it, if the reply to the partition wasn’t written by Harry J himself 60 years ago. A response from the dark ages for sure.
    Where to now? We wait with bated breath for the SA govt to respond to our summons to 7 govt departments to face various charges of uselessness and complicity in the SA drug laws. It’s never been done before..EVERY cannabis case in South Africa is on hold pending our challenge. Exciting stuff. Our support base is growing locally and abroad and your right up there with the other cannabis icons we’re all fighting for.
    Big up Marc. Keep your sense of humour and we’ll se you in SA before you know it.
    All the best
    Jules n Myrtle….The Dagga Couple

  35. steph on

    Lets start something like OWS, except we enter the hq of big pharmas and sit there until we get what we want. Or just start operation Occupy Capitol and White House lol

  36. PMW on

    Not really communism by its basic definition. Fascism is a better word to describe the restriction of free speech.

  37. Sharki on

    Jack is Gone.
    Who has else has the Stones ta give the Finger to the “Man”? Harper
    Marc has em. Big ones.

    I really cant think of a better example of someone Living, to restore Cannabis to the Pharmacopoeia, Hemp to Farms, and Cannabis Retail Sales as through the Political process.

    Prime Minister Emery. Has a good sound to it.

    Cannabis Legalization is just the Tip of a evil iceberg Created by the NWO, ta keep the Worlds Addiction to Big Pharma.,Oil, Wood Pulp, and Opiate products UNDER CONTROL.

    The Old System is going down.
    They are trying the “Scorched Earth “Policy, and will try to Take ALL the Money and Imprison us all to work in Slave Camps.

    We are fighting the Good fight, and I know our Army is stronger with Marc in it.

    Free MARC
    Free Eddy Lepp
    Rip Michelle


  38. steph on

    Hehe… someone doesnt belong on this site. Keep going, you’re just making more people laugh at you.

  39. Spring on

    The days are dark when you can’t put your name to an opinion for fear of retaliation by the “Gubment.” It’s all about the money. Big drug companies have it…and the people who need safe medications do not. We need to pool our consumer resources and show them (like folks did with BoA and the crummy debit card fee they tried to institute.) we won’t take this ANYMORE!

  40. Shawn M Adams on


    While I appreciate what you are saying about a government waging war against its own people and that the DEA has federal mandate to go into homes, states, countries, and seize people, property, “drugs”, and cash, I am fairly sure that it actually extends further than that to the military and the State Dept as well other “nation building” parts of the US govt.

    There will never be an interest in making any effort towards legalizing any “illegal drugs” as long as corporations have the same rights as citizens and members of government are able to enforce their own opinions or beliefs anywhere in the world without direct input from the citizenry. The governments have a responsibility to major corporations to ensure access to a “reliable, healthy, and ready” workforce, who are more dogmatic and “clear-headed” so they work (just being glad to have a job).

    NIH, FDA and other entities have worked together with other interests (big pharma) to respond to the problems of providing the citizenry with “legal drugs” which equate in some ways to the “bread and puppet” of the olden days to help members of the populace cope with their situations, brain chemical imbalances, etc, that are incredibly addictive and which can be deadly (think Cymbalta, Celexa, Xanax, Prozac, Alcohol, Tobacco, Valium, Ambien, Dalmane, etc.)

    All people alive are different, every person on the planet may not have problems with their everyday lives that cause them to need additional help coping or dealing with their situation, every person on the planet my not have chemical issues in their own brains that cause them to need to be on various types of drugs (“legal” or otherwise) just to function, but the reality is, that there are many people across the globe that fit into either one or both of these categories, and those people need to have access to means that they feel help them survive (not what is dictated to them from upon high); they shouldn’t be incarcerated or institutionalized or sent to rehab in lieu of prison or jail, they need to be supported and allowed to live their own lives and make their own choices. Part of being alive and an adult on planet earth is being responsible for your own actions and choices. As I see it, members of the US govt and various corporations globally have or are in the process of completely removing someone’s choice to choose and replacing those options with their own “acceptable” and “controlled” choices for you.

    The legality of Marijuana or other helpful holistic or natural substances used for medicinal or even spiritual purposes will never change until there are more studies from big name Drs and Universities and hard numbers provided to the governments of the world showing the efficacy of Marijuana for all of the things that people are trying to sell it as doing. If these types of studies and “facts” cannot be provided, then the legality of Marijuana will not be provided either as far as I can see it…

    Marc those of us on the outside are really pulling for you and your family, please take care of yourself in prison and keep up the hard work.

    Shawn M Adams

  41. Anonymous on

    Your ignorant if you truly believe that statement, and you make an obvious effort to be disrespectful. Thanks for being a stereotypical american make sure you keep voicing your inherited opinions.

  42. Rizanin on

    Mark, I sympathize with you, the brother. All heart with you and our truth. It is a little more and walls of Babylon will fail, as all despotic modes fall.

    And we aren’t silent, and we do all that in our forces to approach this Sacred day

    Have patience the friend. The victory will be for us! And we the eyes will see a celebration of the Holiday of Freedom.

  43. cousinb on

    Marc, it’s truly abominable what the DEA has done to you. And very telling as to Obama’s true intentions.

    While divesting the Fed of this idiotically draconian authority is absolutely necessary, it doesn’t automatically mean the states themselves will act any more responsibly.

    While some states, like California, would tend to be more sensible, the laws across the nation are lopsidedly entrenched against pot over all other drugs on the street.

    Nevada, for example, has a special hammer just for pot smokers.

    If you’re pulled over driving with any amount of pot or pot smell evident, possession is only a $500 fine, no probation or drug court for first offense.

    Under the DMV laws, though, you can be arrested for ‘suspicion of drug DUI’ and taken in for a blood test at the station.

    Alcohol is measured by blood percentage, but drugs are measured by nanograms per ml. And there are the active and inactive (metabolite) versions, each with their own measurement. Among the measurements Nevada uses to establish guilt-

    Heroin- 50 ng/ml, 100 ng/ml metabolite.
    Cocaine- 50 ng/ml, 100 ng/ml metabolite.
    Crystal meth- 50 ng/ml, 100 ng/ml metabolite.

    Marijuana- 2 ng/ml, 5 ng/ml metabolite.

    The pot number is so low it barely identifies the molecule.

    Cops swear that no one is ever prosecuted for second-hand pot smoke.

    But, at 13ng active/83ng metabolite, I was indisputably guilty and found myself charged with a drug DUI AND a little known 5-year felony charge for having the drug in my blood at all. This felony is designed to force one to plead guilty to the misdemeanor DUI, which nets the county about $1000 of your money without a trial expense.

    Had I been on heroin, cocaine, oxycontin or crystal, I would not have been charged with anything.

    It is precisely because pot smokers are more likely to be responsible, productive people that the laws are so far out of whack. Hard drug addicts don’t have money for fines and classes. Neither do many minority members. So, they go to jail. As they pile up the cash-poor minorities in prison, they fleece every working pot smoker they can for thousands. The major budget for the drug war is culled from middle=class imbibers.

    Make no mistake- law enforcement is fully addicted to this war-powers-level of budget. They want pot illegal for the sake of having the law to enforce and cull funds. They want it obfuscated with harder drugs and violence, because it validates their ‘fight’ against the evil demon weed.

    No politician will risk opposing this past primary debates. Once in office, they will support it unwaveringly.

    What douchebags.

  44. Anonymous on

    Do you believe everything you read? Alot of the facts stated in the paper can easily be debunked when you dig a little deeper into the statistics.

    It’s idiots like you who believe everything the gov feeds us is “true” and in the peoples best interests. The government is a bankrupt corporation and we all know how corporation’s treat people. As commodities.

  45. The Werd on

    You are exactly what is wrong with this world, ignant, racist, bigoted, narrow and close minded, you prob a dirty lying christian too. Hope when the revolution starts you are The First to be beheaded, hung from a bridge, as an example….”if karma doesn’t hit you, I f&@€ing will, mark!!!

  46. Anonymous on

    This is a troll, no reason for them to be on the page.

  47. Marty on

    You ignorance is showing. For someone who hates pot heads so much, it seems you are the one with your head in the clouds. Wake up, sheep.

  48. Anonymous on

    this ignorant dick IS the problem

  49. Faycless on

    Hey Chris….How sad you feel this way. You are apparently not very smart are you. Do you take any antidepressants for your mental instability? You sound like you have the brain of a billygoat, go spew your chowder somewhere else. Asshole loser!
    Marc Emery is a fine human being. You, fuckface, are still, and always be an asshole. Enough said, And wow, Ive wasted 30 seconds on the likes of you.

  50. Haoleguy on

    Ron Paul can win and will win! He has the best message. I don’t know if you watched any of the debates or messages of all the republicans’ candidates, but most of them are starting to mimic Dr. Paul’s policies especially on the Fed and Student loans. This shows Dr. Paul is effective at controlling the political discussion. It is logical to make the connection that a large majority of the Republican voting caucus think these issues are important. Also the mainstream media, especially, Fox News is in the bag for Romney. If you listen to the propaganda then of course you will think Dr. Paul can’t win. It’s in these propagandists interest to tell you that Dr. Paul is an extremist and can’t win. Mainstream polls also downplay Dr. Paul continually show him in third place. However, these polls are questioning former Republican primary voters. Dr. Paul has a strong base support of 10 to 15 percent among the Republican Party. This is why he is static in the polls. However, Dr Paul has attracted many disenfranchised Democrats and Independents to the Republican Party for the sole purpose of supporting him and his policies. Dr. Paul also has large support of young new voters who are unaccounted for in main stream polls, similar to Obama in 2008. In addition, this effect will be seen on a much larger scale in a general election because most Democrats and Independents won’t take a proactive move to change registration to the Republican Party, but will vote for Dr. Paul in the general election. Be assured that a Ron Paul Republican nomination would sap Obama’s base support severely because of his anti-war and end Federal drug prohibition policies. Obama has alienated much of his base by expanding foreign wars and the drug war. These voters will come out in force for Ron Paul. Also, Ron Paul receives more donations from individuals and has a better organization than all the other candidates. Ron Paul receives more individual donations from the military than all other candidates combined including the President. This is because he is the peace candidate. There are so many reasons why Ron Paul will win, but he needs republican primary voters. Register Republican and vote Paul in the primary and then vote Paul in the general election! I also think that President Ron Paul would definitely pardon Marc Emmery. HR Bill 2306! Ron Paul 2012! Free Marc Emmery!

  51. Faycless on

    Marc…Please accept my personal apology for what has happened to you, and your family. This is certainly a travesty of “justice”. You speak eloquently, and when you are released, Id love to meet you and thank you in person for everything youve been doing for all of us….Lisa

  52. Haoleguy on

    Educate yourself on your ignorence! Your’re doing the legalize Cannabis movement a disservice. President Obama a Democrat has increased the failed war on drugs. He is the biggest drug warrior ever. The only presidential candidates talking about legalization are Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Congressmen Ron Paul introduced House Bill HR 2306 with bipartisan support from Barney Frank. This is not Democrat vs. Republican issue. This is a Tyrrany vs. Liberty issue. Do us all a favor register as a republican and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Presidential Primary. Then vote for him again in the general Presidential election. Supporting Ron Paul for president is the most influencial act you can do to support legalization other than revolution. HR 2306! Ron Paul 2012! Free political prisoner Marc Emmery!

  53. Chris on

    this guy is a fucking loser, read the text that the white house had to say about legalizing marijuana… seriously. its not at all outrageous. its completely fair.

    “According to scientists at the National Institutes of Health- the world’s largest source of drug abuse research – marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. We know from an array of treatment admission information and Federal data that marijuana use is a significant source for voluntary drug treatment admissions and visits to emergency rooms. Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about what this means for public health – especially among young people who use the drug because research shows their brains continue to develop well into their 20’s”

    enough said.
    now shut the fuck up you Canadian loser and shut the fuck up Norml and all you loser potheads out there.

  54. Brandon B on

    Great response Marc, you play a huge role in this and your handling it greatly.

  55. Eitan on

    Well said.

  56. Cliff Warner on

    I must say to realize that one can be incarcerated for expressing an idea is quite disconcerting!I was ignorant to the fact actually.
    However, I will continue to speak, and will begin to pass out info to inform folks in my state about the glaring hypocrisy, that I dispise,that is prohibition.

    As a born again Christian, I have taken this on as a “righteous cause” based on the passage of scripture-Proverbs 31:8-9 NIV.

  57. Vincent Von Dudler on

    Obama made a mockery of his own gesture of transparency by responding to the 8 or so marijuana petitions (one of which received 74,000+ signatures) with the same tired lies and misdirections. Check out NORML’s response:

    There is hope however – on top of the fact that the news media will hopefully cover this more fully and be sure to paint Obama as acting in the interests of not the people but the interests of his corporate backers. 50% of the US is in favor of legalization and Obama is unwilling to even have a conversation about it – inexcusable

    There is a way to ensure the federal government doesn’t get a say in how states handle marijuana as an issue. We need to remove its power via legislation. Pass H.R. 2306 and limit the federal government’s power to enforcing only cross-border trafficking. Regardless of how you stand on the marijuana debate we can all agree it should be left up to the states and the federal crackdown is an abuse that states should not have to tolerate.

    Tell your representatives ->

    “[Prohibition] attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes.” – Abraham Lincoln

  58. Anonymous on

    Ron Paul for President! Vote in the Republican Primaries to solidify Dr. Paul’s position as a White House contender.

  59. Bhonze on

    Sounds like you’re in jail for freedom of speech! Wow; in a democratic society you can get throw in jail for freedom of speech. Sounds like communism to me!

  60. Anonymous on

    i like gary johnson , but the Ron Pauls chances are slim and Gary Johnsons chances are almost non existant. It’s Ron Paul or nobody really at this point.

  61. doNatas on

    Mr. President Obama, I am hereby respectfully requesting that your exercise your executive privilege as President of the United States and that you grant full pardons, vindication and subsequent removal of their felony convictions of cannabis prisoners

  62. Catharine Leach on

    “War makes for strange bed-fellow”

  63. Anonymous on

    Marc, please consider carefully before backing Ron Paul. A better alternative to Paul, whose approach to civil liberties and human rights in other areas is deficient, is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico.

  64. RayChristlTHC on

    The enemies of relegalization are going to really show their face as Right Wing Republicans in USA start standing up for “Cannabis like Wine” modality. Because Dana Rohrabacher is the main leader with the social conservative Judge Jim Gray the Obamabots are against the initiative.

    The present govt in USA is a complete continuation of the last,yet when our enemies become our friends & our friends want to become our new incarcerator ??? WTF matey !!!

  65. Anonymous on

    Great message Marc, we will win, we have to.