Is Political Correctness From Within Hurting Our Cause?

It’s recently come to my attention that certain factions of the legalization movement are boycotting THC-related events that allow synthetic “marijuana-substitutes” to display their wares, or have scantily clad “nurses” representing businesses purporting to be medical in nature. This is ridiculous and goes against every tenet of anti-prohibitionism I hold dear.

Remember this? Pot Activist Rhetoric 101:

Consenting adults should have the protected freedom to do with their bodies what they will, without private or public intervention.

Granted, if it weren’t for prohibition, these “legal” alternatives probably wouldn’t even be on the market and by no means am I endorsing their use. I’ve tried some of them and I was like, ‘meh’. I prefer the real deal. But how dare anyone fault anyone for choosing to use these legal products? Not everyone is willing to lose their job because they’re insistent on their method of inebriation. Don’t like ’em? Don’t use ’em.

The ganga-lei’d “nurses” are also un-boycott worthy. We should be so lucky that cannabis were legal and we have the entire gamut of industry, from medical to recreational to industrial, to choose from. As it is, some states must work within the current framework where all legal marijuana-related businesses are medical.

While I don’t approve of the gratuitous sexualization of businesses that otherwise tout themselves as being somehow clinical in nature, those businesses would not be using the “medical” handle if it weren’t for prohibition. Their very existence brings us choice, which is the foundation of freedom and the antithesis of prohibition.

Most importantly, the cannabis industry as it stands is just not large, nor stable enough that we can afford to hurt large (or small) chunks of it by boycotting the very few events that even exist with the cannabis consumer in mind. Just as you vote with your wallet in other legal markets, forsaking products that you consider harmful or just plain bad, so to should you simply ignore those businesses that have what you consider to be questionable practices or products in the world of weed. If enough people stop throwing their financial support behind these companies, they’ll fail.

#OccupyWeedStreet, if you will.

However, there’s no sense in taking out all the other businesses and even non-profit organizations participating in any given event. The government is a formidable enough foe, without having to fight negative forces from within The Movement. Don’t think it’s anyone’s business what you smoke? Then don’t worry about what others are smoking. Worry less about what that pot model is wearing (or not wearing) while she’s handing out cards for a dispensary and more about keeping all dispensaries from being shut down by the Feds.



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  2. Private Comment on

    If vendors want to limit sales to the Beavis and Butthead crowd, they are on the right track. If they want to grow market demand and assure long term freedom for cannabis, their promotions are shackling them.

  3. Anonymous on

    As a feminist I was offended when I found such a strong connection between porn and pot at the Treating Yourself conference in Toronto the year before last. I didn’t attend last year. Libertarians like to link the two causes but you do a disservice to legalization of marijuana in doing so. I imagine most porn consumers already support legalization of marijuana anyway so you aren’t gaining supporters by promoting porn. I am not at all offended by fake marijuana.

    The world of marijuana is not particularly welcoming to women and we are 50% of the population. Associating yourselves with the porn industry doesn’t alienate all women but it does alienate many women and not just feminists.

  4. diggitee on

    I am not sure what country you refer to but My country feels the same way.America does similar things and as far as I’m concerned television is more revealing than those nurses lol.I was unaware however that THC related items cannot be sold.I think that is just wrong and believe world peace or something close can be achieved when this plant is legal.

  5. Anonymous on

    I wouldn’t be so quick to think this stems from “within the movement”, as you say. But there are many a simpleton who will latch on to simple slogans and mantras and support their own oppression. It’s how propaganda works and government/corporations are the masters of it.

    Where do you think the idea of calling drugs medicine comes from, or using hot chicks to sell products??

    You’re even self censoring yourself in support of the idea of it being bad when you say “they wouldn’t be doing it if”… YES, they damn well would, but you’re pretending it’s wrong and there’d be some higher road for them to take if only their hand weren’t forced. You’ve PC’d yourself, and that’s just how powerful a technique it is. Maybe you don’t want to see too extremist, so you conform, mostly just a little, but you’ve conformed none the less.

    How do you think they can drug 4 year olds with permanently crippling black-label speed/crank, or flood the shelves of every corner store with “energy” drank, while simultaneously prescribing them drugs, ie “medicine”, to “level out their imbalance” and “help them focus”. But when in the next breath, when it comes to “weed”, they “wouldn’t want to send the wrong message”.

    How about the way they name their drugs, “abilify”.

    Face facts, you are eyeball deep in a propaganda war, and ya best be wise to the power of it, because it affects you even when you realize what it is.

    BTW, appealing to the the emotions of mothers is one technique they enjoy using. All they need do is plant the seeds and then you might think the growing resistance comes from within. They are planting all the seeds they can.

  6. Anonymous on

    I would like to point out that “it’s” is a contraction meaning “it is” not “it has.”

    All the best,

  7. Son of Sam Walton on

    And for the women: Muscle Bound Firefighters with buds around their junk (who wouldn’t smoke some crotch weed if it’s all they had on them?). But the religious conservative groups should have some weed representation since prohibition is loving the Devil and not loving thy neighbor and Christians are all about legalization due to its ‘love thy neighbor’ stance. Christians whom don’t mind or favor drug prohibition as tax paying voters are Closet Jesus Haters. Publicity for them could be some nuns holding some buds . . . Many hospitals have nuns as nurses and doctors, which means advertisement could be the image of a sick man being given the good Book and the good weed as healing. Ads should also focus on those in the Military or who were in the military: ‘Smoke your PTSD away and keep the Timothy McVeigh monster at bay’ . . . ‘cops kept drugs illegal so the terrorists could blow my legs off with dope money’. The office and business world could use some representation since hung over workers are a waste of salary, which pot could limit. Cops should get on the marijuana advertisement bandwagon as well: “I don’t want to be a terrorist sympathizer anymore: Legalize it away from Hamas and Al Qaeda hands . . . vote legalization and keep the boys in blue with badges from being terrorist sympathizers . . . keep us from keeping it illegal so the terrorists won’t use drug money again for another 9/11” . . . or some cop on camera could say: ‘I’m the number one reason 9/11 happened. I knew keeping drugs illegal by doing my job gave the terrorists their illegal drug money to conduct 9/11, which brought us two wars . . . So, when you see me busting someone for pot, take a closer look and you’ll actually see me shooting my gun across the ocean killing our troops and you’ll also see me planting roadside bombs in Iraq or Afghanistan bought by drug money so our American boys can get killed or injured.” etc. etc. The Jewish community should also have some legalization representation: “Legalize it so the terrorists won’t us drug money to blow away Israel.” The Muslim Spring could use some weed legalization advertisement since pot creates renewable gasoline (and thousands of other products and food) and it would help even out the haves and have nots for them. Advertisements about helping the poor here and in third world nations could get a boost from pot ads with little bloated bellied kids stating: legalize it and we’ll have another source of nutritional food, housing material, clothes, jobs and no more drug money corrupted officials and fewer drug money sponsored wars and genocides.” Some small handcrafted beer brewer can state for the record on an add: “help give people a choice and let them drive in safer cars using stronger than steel marijuana plastics so people who abuse my products won’t take lives with their cars.”

    Yes, boobies are great and fun to play with, but we need more than just sex advertising pot . . . what if Feed the Children showed sexy poor teenage girls and young women begging for your donation using sexy ‘wanton’ faces or a 9/11 memorial with Hooters girls juggling their boobs in commemoration? The Humane society shows some sexy stripper pet an abused animal, while mimicking a sexy pole dance at a puppy mill.

    Maybe we should have some faux political advertisement: “A vote for me is a vote for Al Qaeda. Together with the help of the police, we can keep drugs illegal and make sure our American troops come home injured or in pine boxes. I know you enjoy paying over $3 a gallon for gas and I’m determined to keep cheep and efficient cannabis fuels out of the gas stations . . . I know retirement and work is a burden and I’ll fight for joblessness and fight for a worse recession by spending trillions on drug/hemp prohibition and keeping millions of jobs unmade by keeping industrial hemp illegal.”

    Granted we shouldn’t ever be divided over trivial things, but the cannabis community shouldn’t act childish . . . drug legalization has nothing to do with people’s right to smoke pot with sexy women, but everything to do with keeping a kid bullet hole free and keeping buildings from having airplanes crash into them and millions of other serious issues.

  8. Anonymous on

    “Political correctness affects every aspect of our lives. It is no accident. The promoters and defenders of political correctness know exactly their goals. The goal is simply the destruction of individual liberty and freedom and to get everyone thinking alike and doubting their own thoughts.
    Political correctness is a weapon of mass destruction against a free society! ”

    -Tom Buchanan-

  9. Amiee on

    Boycotting is a powerful statement that comes from powerful feelings. MArijuana users are often isolated by the wider culture we live in, by secrecy, and it seems extremely sad that some would feel so alienated by aspects of our culture that they would choose isolation over being exposed to it.

    I have seen great diversity in this culture, which isn’t always represented in our events, magazines and portrayals of ourselves, and that is sad for all of us. (Who doesn’t want more diversity?)

    It is not that people are offended by scantily clad pictures of women with buds and sexy nurses, its is that people are offended by the idea that those uses (visual displays for men) are the most prevalent, predominant use the marijuana culture has for women. Of course there are great female activists out there, but what the culture displays for the general public is mostly sexy ladies, silent with pot.

    However, this doesn’t mean that we are unable to speak for ourselves. All cannabis users need to stand up and if we feel we aren’t represented, we must represent ourselves.

  10. Anonymous on

    if anybody is offended by scantily dressed nurses, then go to the vet for your medical services, You are guaranteed to get the dogs you deserve there. the rest us normal people appreciate a fine rack of hooters. Stoner femminists or any other fundamental brain wash anger club have the right to say anything they want- and so does everybody else

  11. Anonymous on

    although i would like to comment on choosing bedfellows. If we, as cannabis activists, are looking to send a focused image of what we stand for, then it seems a good idea to avoid certain associations. For instance we might not want want to be thought of as being allied with gun runners or weapons manufacturers.

    More support is great, but is having cannabis alternatives sending a mixed message about prohibition and the ultimate usefulness of real cannabis? Not to mention that these novel synthetic cannabinoids simply have not been studied enough, nor do they have a long well established history of safe use. The side effects that have cropped up are certainly nothing to sneeze at.

    The sexualization issue is one where i’m more of the same mind as you. It’s reasonably innocuous and only grows if you feed it. Everyone has different set of aesthetics, so i think perhaps a broader range of what is beautiful would be a good way to go with that. We are all beautiful after all.

  12. foam on

    the whole problem is people being told what to think what to do what to buy what to say…authoritarains think they know better but they don’t but they have the guns so we’re stuck with crooked fuckballs like the Canandian government. Maybe the people will rise and the thugs will lay down their guns?