Is Political Correctness From Within Hurting Our Cause?

It’s recently come to my attention that certain factions of the legalization movement are boycotting THC-related events that allow synthetic “marijuana-substitutes” to display their wares, or have scantily clad “nurses” representing businesses purporting to be medical in nature. This is ridiculous and goes against every tenet of anti-prohibitionism I hold dear.

Remember this? Pot Activist Rhetoric 101:

Consenting adults should have the protected freedom to do with their bodies what they will, without private or public intervention.

Granted, if it weren’t for prohibition, these “legal” alternatives probably wouldn’t even be on the market and by no means am I endorsing their use. I’ve tried some of them and I was like, ‘meh’. I prefer the real deal. But how dare anyone fault anyone for choosing to use these legal products? Not everyone is willing to lose their job because they’re insistent on their method of inebriation. Don’t like ’em? Don’t use ’em.

The ganga-lei’d “nurses” are also un-boycott worthy. We should be so lucky that cannabis were legal and we have the entire gamut of industry, from medical to recreational to industrial, to choose from. As it is, some states must work within the current framework where all legal marijuana-related businesses are medical.

While I don’t approve of the gratuitous sexualization of businesses that otherwise tout themselves as being somehow clinical in nature, those businesses would not be using the “medical” handle if it weren’t for prohibition. Their very existence brings us choice, which is the foundation of freedom and the antithesis of prohibition.

Most importantly, the cannabis industry as it stands is just not large, nor stable enough that we can afford to hurt large (or small) chunks of it by boycotting the very few events that even exist with the cannabis consumer in mind. Just as you vote with your wallet in other legal markets, forsaking products that you consider harmful or just plain bad, so to should you simply ignore those businesses that have what you consider to be questionable practices or products in the world of weed. If enough people stop throwing their financial support behind these companies, they’ll fail.

#OccupyWeedStreet, if you will.

However, there’s no sense in taking out all the other businesses and even non-profit organizations participating in any given event. The government is a formidable enough foe, without having to fight negative forces from within The Movement. Don’t think it’s anyone’s business what you smoke? Then don’t worry about what others are smoking. Worry less about what that pot model is wearing (or not wearing) while she’s handing out cards for a dispensary and more about keeping all dispensaries from being shut down by the Feds.