California Could Opt Out of Controlled Substances Act with Ballot Initiative

The United States government has just declared war on medical cannabis, throwing nearly everyone in the cannabis movement into a panic and with good reason.

Even those with years of unblemished operations, including some of our finest and most respected MCDs, are being targeted.  According to the latest proclamation from the Bluecoats, “Nobody is immune.”

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine campaign team saw this coming when Bush holdover, Michele Leonhart, boasted she would ignore the administration’s formal medical marijuana guidelines, but was still appointed to head the DEA.  As a result, our campaign team carefully crafted a revolutionary new voter initiative that will legally allow California to Opt Out of the Controlled Substances Act. Of course, the Feds can challenge our voter initiative once it passes, but we believe we have the necessary legal tools within this initiative to defeat them.

When the Obama Administration announced their drug war budget for 2011 was going to be bigger than last year, despite the severe cuts being forced upon all other government agencies, it became clear that funding for a major offensive was on its way.  Likewise, on October 3rd, when the Justice Department announced $72 million in grants awarded for 182 narcotics officers to be hired in California, we knew the offensive was imminent.

Now that war has come, we are not surprised and our campaign team is ready, willing and able to execute our plan to qualify Regulate Marijuana Like Wine for the 2012 ballot.  Meanwhile, most of our fellow activists did NOT see this coming and are in shock that they have been so completely betrayed by this President.  Everyone agrees on one thing, this is serious, unprecedented and a battle we cannot afford to lose.

NORML has posted an inspired call for full legalization, but given that legalization is currently polling at 46% in California, this is hardly a viable plan. In contrast, a poll by the Economist magazine shows 62% support for regulation instead.

Activists have called for demonstrations, letters, federal legislation and acts of civil disobedience, but that has not worked in the past and there is no reason to believe it will work in the future.

Our major reform organizations are attempting to embarrass Obama into reversing his position, but this lame duck President has long since lost the ability to command anyone to do anything.  So focusing on Obama is probably an exercise in futility.

September 30th was the last day to file an initiative for the 2012 California ballot.  Two other initiatives have been filed, but both appear to be flawed.  The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act, which I have publicly supported, received their Title and Summary on October 3rd, but they previously refiled a modified version of their initiative on September 30th.  For reasons we do not understand, both versions of their initiative failed to include 11999 H&S and is already raising serious questions.  Fortunately, the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act includes this statute in our list of laws repealed.  The other initiative, The Marijuana Penalties Act, decriminalizes two ounces for cultivation, which is worthless, since one plant can easily exceed this amount. This Act also appears to raise the current $100 fine for possession of one ounce to $250.

45 day ultimatum they are facing.  A few MCDs and growers have already contacted us and we are providing specific confidential information to help protect them.  For example, we tell them to delay any state prosecution against them until Nov. 7, 2012, when the RMLW Act will require the state to dismiss these cases, with prejudice, meaning the state has to drop it for good.

We are very grateful and energized by the endorsements we have received from the Libertarian PartyLaw Enforcement Against ProhibitionKeith Stroup, Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher, Assemblyman Chris Norby, and Jim Doti the President of Chapman College.  We are also delighted with our celebrity endorsements by Tommy Chong and Kenny Loggins.

Together we can and will defeat these Federal bullies and their cowardly new war against everything this great country was founded upon.  Truly, the most patriotic thing any of us can do is to join together and use the voter initiative process to authorize California to Opt Out of the CSA.

The road ahead may be difficult and even dangerous, but we have the right plan, the right initiative, and the right moment in history to succeed.



  1. Ozlanthos on

    There is always SPRING!


  2. Ozlanthos on

    I wish they would arrest every single one of us just to make you happy. Then you’d find out three things,

    1. About 30% of EVERYONE would disappear. While that sounds nice and all, the divot left in our economy would be too great to be made up for by the remainder and society would collapse in economic ruin.

    2. The economic drag of 60 or 70 MILLION new prisoners would create an economic black hole in our budget, and all of the defense contract slave labor done in our private prisons wouldn’t cover 1/6th of the new debt imposed on our national budget.

    3. THERE WOULD STILL BE KILOTONS OF COKE AND HEROIN BEING BROUGHT INTO THE COUNTRY!! Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few decades, you KNOW that the federal government actively imports hundreds of tons of Cocaine and Heroin every year. This is evidenced by the virtually regular incident involving federal agents/agencies, state and local police, the Military, publicly-owned/leased vehicles, and several tons of Cocaine and Heroin. You cannot have been paying attention for the last 30 years and not come to this obvious conclusion!!!

    There is only one problem with drugs in this country, and that is that we have given our state and federal government control over which ones should be legal for us to grow, purchase, sell, purchase, and consume!


  3. Anonymous on

    you, Hitler and Napoleon are climatic idiots.. Taking it to the streets in almost winter is suicide.. If you can’t change the climate, or change the law maybe change what’s left of your mind

  4. Anonymous on

    I don’t think black Market Millionares really need to read nickle and dime kookie stoner blogs. You seem like you are stuck in a mildly paranoid stoner brain freeze, which we have come to expect from slow motion weed needers..keep eating your doritos, its only a gas bubble

  5. Anonymous on

    Probably a black market millionaire who can’t afford to see legalization.

  6. lbezphil2005 on

    the reason people in the streest hasn’t worked in the past is because there weren’t enough mainstream in the crowds and the crowds weren’t big enough either. Right now, with occupy wall street taking center stage, we need to be like that, more organized and out there to stay. there are enough of us to do it, we should join forces with occupy wall street and get the truth out to the public! With the outcry about cancer meds and costs, wouldn’t it be good to get the info about the benefits of cannabis – also the bullshit surrounding the prohibition act of 1937 and why congress won’t repeal it now, even with the facts of all the racism surrounding the act and the lies commited by the “honorable” aslinger! Stand up, people, lets take it to the streets!

  7. Anonymous on

    The DEA is funded by taxes, you are basically paying for your own arrest, trial and incarceration for drug offences. heck even the Prince of Pot found that out that once he paid taxes on his millions of $$ he earned from marijuana seeds sales the US came for their pound of flesh, and they got it.

    Attention all marijuana activists – you are invited to ” Occupy the Bureau of Prisons and Corrections ” for decades if necessary on the inside if possible.
    That ought to show them who’s boss. Power to the people–
    marijuana prohibition… not working full time and escalating since 1938-
    thanks to stoners like you

  8. Anonymous on

    also, instead of contributing to a movement that will make a significant portion of the country (and world) happy, you’d rather put your tax money towards funding the over 2 billion dollar dea budget?

    get this fucking straight: PROHIBITION DOES NOT WORK

  9. Anonymous on

    ignorant sheep following the heard

  10. Anonymous on

    dumb stoner

  11. Anonymous on

    Wow. What a negative asshole. Dot bitch unless u have a better idea. At this point im for at least entertaining any idea.

  12. Ernst on

    There is enough for private horticulturists in RMLW so I support it.

    Don’t discount my continued activism because we are not there yet, so to speak. We will arrive in time if the bus we ride is all about Cannabis equality in California.
    That those in the Central Valley have as much protected freedom and those in San Francisco for example.

    We are forgetting our roots of being a liberal State.

  13. Anonymous on

    .. go ahead, paint your face purple and say you are from Venus
    just don’t ask the rest of us for money to pursue your retarded scheme.
    California would have to leave the USA to do this, and you won’t do that, and you can’t go it alone.. 100 world nations would declare war on you the _next day
    starting with Mexico..
    and what would you do if Hollywood wanted to leave California ?
    Honestly Kubby mega pot has messed you up like Booze does old sailors..
    .way inland from the sea
    Stick with skiing– it’s the downhill activity you are best suited for



    In response to Dale’s comments which aired on Fox news:

    ” Not sure” or “control states rights” is far from the necessary truth of circumstance for our time now. Many leaders in the state and industry have been exposed to my plea for response to the Lyme epidemic empowered by the marijuana prohibition. Please help. No one responds because they are afraid. If you google the name of my email – the recent replys to Cannabis Culture on this subject by myself are quick to view. Being a member of City of Angels2 and the Venice Kush Club along with months of ranting at Gold’s Gym in Venice – one’s speculation of the growing consciousness of the gravity of circumstance hopefully comes to mind.
    Sophisticated war assaults need response urgently!

  15. Anonymous on

    This two part plan is the only action the citizens of the US need to take to end federal marijuana prohibition:
    1) EVERYONE that sees these links sign up at both sites and weigh in on the debate
    2) Propagate those two links and ensure that everyone that sees them go to both those sites.

    Too many people are blaming the President for enforcing the federal marijuana prohibitio­n. Contact Congress (the LEGISLATIVE branch [that’s the important one when it comes to law]) via the first link. Contact Obama (the EXECUTIVE branch [until Obama vetos a passed H.R. 2306 it’s on Congress – but tell Obama anyway]) via the second link. It really is THAT easy. Participate in democracy!