Pardon Marc Emery Petition to Get White House Response

Marc Emery saying farewell to his friends before being hauled away to an American prison.Marc Emery saying farewell to his friends before being hauled away to an American prison.CANNABIS CULTURE – The Obama Administration will be issuing a formal response to a petition calling for Canadian cannabis activist Marc Emery to be pardoned and released from American prison.


The White House recently launched the We The People website for Americans to submit petitions on any issue. The Obama Administration said they will issue a formal response to any petition signed by 5,000 people in 30 days.

Having reached the goal in just nine days, the Pardon Marc Emery petition will receive an official reply from the White House. Only 36 petitions out of hundreds have reached the threshold.

“Marc is a political prisoner stolen from his home country for the crime of financing cannabis activism in the USA and Canada through selling seeds,” Marc’s wife Jodie said.

“There was widespread opposition to his extradition in the first place, and now we’re demonstrating that thousands of people want Marc to be freed and sent home to Canada.”

Cannabis and drug policy issues are popular on the petition site, with half of the top ten petitions being on marijuana, hemp and drug policy issues.

Marc wrote to Jodie, “I’m elated over getting 5,000+ signatures in nine days.” He is currently in Yazoo City medium-security prison in Mississippi, and has just under three years left to serve in his sentence until his early release date of July 9, 2014.

Read Marc Emery’s Prison Blog on Cannabis Culture.



  1. Todd Paige on

    I strongly believe that more research is needed on the benefits of Cannabis on human! It cures I only say this from experience. I’m 42 now when I was supposed to die at 5. When no cure could be found! marijuana helped!

  2. Anonymous on

    So what? It takes about 5 minutes to sign the damn thing so are you suggesting not to?

  3. txpeloton on

    This petition is a backup petition for the Release Marc petition. It demands one simple sentence. It still needs a lot of signatures.

  4. Anonymous on

    a pardon for emery would likely cause obama to lose votes

  5. Anonymous on

    Thresholds are subject to change, but changes will not be applied retroactively.

  6. Greg on

    The operators of that medical marijuana dispensary in San Fran aren’t making a profit. They operate as a non-profit organization. Any funds left over after expenses are funneled back into the community through outreach programs and support for a variety of different causes.

    By fining dispensaries out of business, the government is going to force the patients into the black market. And those guys sure as hell aren’t gonna pay taxes.

    Spread truth. Free Marc!

  7. urnrg on

    Prejudice is a form of ignorance. If you don’t know, ask, don’t huh.

    Canada has scheduled cannabis and its derivatives down to the chemical signature yet the powers that be make wild accusations of cannabis that are not based on science and are therefore prejudicial.

    And by civilization, I mean the advanced education, enlightenment and existence of a highly technological human species.

    So, petition away and let’s see if it generates results.

  8. Anonymous on


  9. Sambrezzi on

    This leader that we have here in America, will NEVER legalize or help in any way,shape, or form. All he is good for is digging in the pockets of all the good intentioned “stonies”. 2.5 million dollar fine for the biggest Med. Marijuana store in San Fran. He can’t stand people like us making any money on weed. Same as your corrupt leader in Canada. They want the money and all the control that comes with it. If he does pardon Marc, which I hope he does, but doubt, it will be only for the vote in 2012.

  10. urnrg on

    Yes, and everyone needs to continually make their demands realized but together we need to set the tone of the conversation, we need to make the truth be known — that ignorance is the enemy of civilization and that the expansion of consciousness is the antidote to ignorance. Prejudice is defined as an opinion not based on evidence. I wait anxiously for the White House’s response before I make my opinion.

  11. Anonymous on

    While I can see your reasoning, I disagree. I think the American people should continually harass the government into realizing that the issue is not going to go away!!!! And that the number of pro-cannabis Americans FAR out-number the Big Pharma and Petrochemical (etc) business people (and ignorant Christians) who want keep it illegal.

  12. urnrg on

    Now that the “Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol” petition has reached 50,006 as I’m writing this any word on when this will be responded to — before or after the response to the Marc Emery’s pardon petition?

    I am skeptical about what the response to Marc Emery’s pardon petition will be and I expect that the White House will use the Marc Emery petition to set the tone against the other legalization petitions since legalization might have included amnesty for those with only marijuana-related convictions. Instead, they will use him as an example (but really a dizzying spin) of a victory in the war on drugs.

    It would have been better to push for the legalization petition first and wait for a response to that before pushing for Marc Emery’s pardon.

    Keep signing and lighting up.

  13. renney b. on

    thats a great thing if it happens, it would be so much capital for obama going into an election year. marc will be home to his wife for christmas, and all will be peace and love at cannabis culture. what canada could not do for its own the president of the united states did justly…

  14. Jack on

    No need to breed apathy, the fight goes on, even from within those prison walls, Marc is still able to keep up the fight. This partition is a prime opportunity to keep the issues alive, what do you expect in this modern world of spin? That Marc lay down and rot in prison and do nothing, that it is all for nothing? No way, he knows the situation, his spirit isn’t broken and his supporters aren’t stupid. Get real.

  15. Riley M on

    Why post the same info as in the article above? Did you even read the article. If not then you must be a tool.

  16. Anonymous on

    do any of you think the current administration is going to pardon a controversial figure like emery a short time before an election

  17. Chris Weiler on

    Yeah, hes a huge imbecile… Have you read anything about Marc Emery? Are you aware that you’re actually on his website right now? Probably not, or else he did something right in order for you to actually get here. People like you, posting as “anonymous” writing stupid things like this really piss me off, if you really supported the legalization movement you would know what you’re talking about, and you would know that by Marc going to prison he was STICKING UP for his beliefs, not backing down. Next time you’re going to say someone’s an imbecile for having the SAME beliefs as you, make sure you’re not on their website first.

  18. Anonymous on

    Then after you do all that, they will issue an official response; “no”. We can’t win. They’ll just say that for Emery to be pardoned for a crime that he pled guilty to, the US Code would have to be changed. You can’t just let guilty people off from a mandatory sentence because you feel sorry for him. Whether or not Tandy made a statement about her opinion of the case, Emery still admitted to conspiring to grow millions of Cannabis plants in the US. They didn’t need a political motive, they just got a twofer out of it. Marc made it easy for them. Not much you can do when a guy basically says “yes, I’m guilty as a mofo, whatcha gonna do about it?” Oh, I don’t know, maybe throw your ass in prison for 5 years. What would the basis be for the pardon? That Marc is a complete imbecile and therefore not responsible for his insane actions and words? Probably a valid argument, actually. Would a sane person do that sh*t? I think not. Ergo, Marc Emery is not responsible due to a severe case of imbecility. Free all imbeciles, now! That’s our battle cry.

  19. Anonymous on

    We the People
    We the People is a new way for //Americans\\ to create and sign petitions calling on the Obama Administration to take action on a range of important issues. Check it out!

    Only petitions that reach a certain number of signatures, or “threshold,” within a given amount of time will generate an official response. Thresholds are subject to change, but changes will not be applied retroactively.

    The current threshold is 25,000 signatures within 30 days.

    I think they know we are comeing

  20. Anonymous on

    Prisoners being held for the peaceful,non-violent possession,sale,transport or cultivation of cannabis must be released
    I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People.
    Will you sign it?
    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama
    Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets
    enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official respond

  21. Tee on

    First off a question, Can Canadians sign an American petition?
    and second once it hits 25,000 they’ll say it needs 50,000,
    Then it will hit 100,000
    everyone who signs it should show it to 5 other people

  22. Anonymous on

    Copied from We The People Webpage:
    AS OF OCTOBER 3, 2011:

    To cross the first threshold and be searchable within, a petition must reach 150 signatures within 30 days.

    To cross the second threshold and require a response, a petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days.

  23. Anonymous on

    If you go to the Responses section of the We The People website, it now says 25,000 signatures are needed in order to get a response. Check it out.