Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Avoiding Mildew and Bacteria

CANNABIS CULTURE – Today comes more tips to help you prepare for this year’s harvest.

To prevent mold from forming after the bud has been clipped, make sure to keep strong air circulation in the drying space. And keep the humidity down. You can do this using a dehumidifier or a room dryer. You should also try to keep the temperature down to below 80 degrees F or 27 degrees C, this keeps the terpenes from evaporating. They have a low volatility point and waft away when the temperature rises.

Finally, don’t package material that is still wet (sweating). If it’s still losing substantial amounts of water, it is still too moist. Packaging it provides an excellent environment for aerobic bacteria. Which will turn it brown like Mexican bud and give it an earthy flavor. While they are doing that, they create ammonia gas, which has an acrid odor.

Remember, the only way to truly grow great pot is to follow the bible of cannabis cultivation: Marijuana Grower’s Handbook.

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