Cannabis Culture News LIVE: The Freedom Party of Ontario is Back

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: The Freedom Party of Ontario, originally founded by Marc Emery in the 80s, is back and ready for the upcoming provincial election. Party Leader Paul McKeever and MPP candidate Chris Goodwin join the show to discuss the FP platform and their 24-hour Money Bomb Fundraiser this Saturday.

The Freedom Party, which promotes capitalism and the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, has a growing list of candidates running in over 60 ridings across Ontario – including many prominent marijuana legalization activists.

The list includes Hash Mob activist and manager of Toronto’s Vapor Central Chris Goodwin, Treating Yourself Magazine publisher Marco Renda, former Marijuana Party of Canada candidate Robert Neron, several employees of local marijuana dispensaries and head shops, as well as many federally-exempted MMAR patients.

As part of their official platform, the party vows to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients and make compassion clubs and dispensaries a legally recognized source of medicine in Toronto.

Watch the Freedom Party Money Bomb on the front page of or on Vapor Central’s Livestream page all day Saturday, September 17 from 12:00am to 11:59pm.

The goal of the Money Bomb is to showcase members of the Freedom Party and their ideas and to raise as much money as possible for the upcoming Ontario Provincial Election on October 6, 2011.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Freedom Party.

The event will be broadcasted from Toronto’s Vapor Central and hosted by Hash Mob activist Chris Goodwin, comedians Bryan Ogorman and Mike Rita, and Much Music commentator Hunter Collins. The show will feature live speakers, video clips and discussion with many of the Freedom Party candidates and Party Leader Paul McKeever.

CCN host Jeremiah Vandermeer will also look at some of this weeks marijuana news HIGHlights.

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Money Bomb Fundraiser for the Freedom Party of Ontario

Money Bomb Fundraiser

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