Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Preparing For Harvest

CANNABIS CULTURE – It’s less than month from harvest now and with the weather conditions this year in many parts of the country, your harvest will be awesomely bountiful. This is a time to prepare for harvest.

If you don’t have automated machinery or a large manicure crew you will have to dry first and then manicure. You will be hanging large plants or branches or clipping buds and colas and letting them dry on platforms or screens. Make sure you have enough space prepared to handle the whole crop.

Next week look forward to a video from me where I walk you through the plants that are near harvest in my small personal garden.

Note: If you had enough forethought to purchase manicuring equipment such as a tunnel machine you may be able to rip through the manicuring work rather quickly, but you will still need plenty of space to cure and dry the bud.

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