Kevin Smith Tells Jay Leno, Heidi Klum All About Marijuana

Kevin Smith was one of the guests of honor on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and you have to immediately wonder just how pleased NBC was exactly to have an entire four-minute segment largely devoted to illegal drugs.

Smith (who was on hand to promote new movie “Red State” — even though he claimed at one point he was not going to do any promotion) brought up the subject of marijuana after Jay asked if he had quit smoking nicotine. This answer? He switched over from one to the other.

The conversation ended up becoming even more entertaining after Smith asked fellow guest Heidi Klum if she has ever dabbled in any sort of durg use. Her answer? It was awkward — but it was a “no.”

Klum’s show “Project Runway” currently airs on Lifetime, and you can catch “Red State” as it hits theaters this September. You can check out the full interview to the left.

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