Which Canadian Politicians Have Smoked Pot?

In response to a reporter Thurday, Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak admitted to smoking marijuana in his youth, saying he was wondering when the question would come up.

Indeed, asking politicians whether they have ever smoked pot is now commonplace.

Here are some responses from other prominent Canadian politicians who have been asked the question: “Have you ever smoked pot?”

“In terms of whether I’ve ever tried or been tempted [to smoke marijuana]? In terms of tried, I think you know that I’ve said before that I’m asthmatic. I cannot smoke and have never smoked anything. In terms of temptation I will leave any comment on that to my dialogue with my maker.”

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister (2002)

“Not even a cigarette. It’s true I’m not controversial.”

Tony Clement, Treasury Board President (2002)

“Yeah, in my teenage years. A couple of times. I have to admit: I didn’t like it.”

Jim Flaherty, Finance Minister (2002)

“Yes, and some might say I never exhaled.”

Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP

“I have smoked pot as a young man, yes … and it’s one of the reasons why I urge young people not to repeat the experience.”

Michael Ignatieff, Former Liberal leader (2011)

“The answer is: I never smoked. I never smoked anything, but there was an earlier time, years ago, when (my wife) made some brownies and they did have a strange taste.”

Paul Martin, Former Prime Minister (2003)

“I am not a fan of marijuana use. I have to confess this I know all politicians are asked. I’ve never used marijuana. I apologize.”

Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader ( 2008)

“When I was 14, someone tried to offer me marijuana and I remember trying to smoke it but I coughed and I got nothing out of it.”

Helena Guergis, former Conservative MP (2010)

– Article from Yahoo! News Canada.