Too Close to Schools: 58 Cannabis Cafes Set to Shut Down

In total, 58 of the country’s 650 plus cannabis cafes break government rules on their proximity to schools and face closure, according to news agency ANP on Monday.

One third of the affected coffee shops – the name given to cafes which are licenced to sell small amounts of cannabis and marijuana to the over-18s – are in Amsterdam. The list includes the internationally-known Bulldog cafe on the city’s Leidseplein, which is just round the corner from the prestigious Barlaeaus school.

Amsterdam is home to the most coffee shops with 214, according to the CBS figures. Flevoland, Drente and Zeeland have the fewest coffee shops per head of the population.

The government wants to close coffee shops which are within 350 metres of a secondary school.

‘The cabinet does not want pupils’ education careers going up in smoke,’ education minister Marja van Bijsterveldt said in a reaction to the CBS findings.

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