Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Medical Marijuana Patient Sues RCMP and Health Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episode: A former RCMP officer who uses marijuana as medicine, Carlos Cavaco, is suing Health Canada and the RCMP for repeatedly raiding his home. Cavaco’s attorney Kirk Tousaw joins the show to discuss the details.

Kirk Tousaw, attorney and cannabis freedom fighter joins CCN LIVE host Jeremiah Vandermeer by telephone to talk about the specifics of the case and go over the latest news about the fight for medical marijuana in Canada.

Also on the show: We discuss the “dangers” of pot brownies, the DEA ‘Final Order’ on the production of cannabis for FDA-approved research and the crackdown on medical marijuana in Michigan.

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On the show:

Pot brownies give B.C. office workers buzz

Baking a Fool of Myself: No Frownie Brownie

Michigan Court Bars Sale of Medical Marijuana

Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Didn’t Open Monday Following Raids, Court Ruling

Map Shows Prices of Pot in the US

Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana

Ex-Mountie Sues Over Medical Pot Raid

Former North Van Mountie Sues Rcmp for Seizing His Pot

BPF Submission to Heath Canada on MMAR Changes

Weed Flashback: Marijuana Does Not Kill Brain Cells

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Terry Parker Jr on

    As one before the Ontario Court of Appeal, I find it disgraceful that I am not entitled to possess marijuana, when subject to discrimination by our medical profession, when trying to comply with Health Canada’s MMAR.
    This is most insulting when considering past treatment of epilepsy. Since 1959 I have been subjected to non-therapeutic pharmaceutical research and unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation at 14 years of age, in 1969. This criminal assault and torture,has not improved my confidence with our medical profession as gate keeper of marijuana. It would be worth the governments interests, as to regulate marijauna such as alcohol and tobacco. When marijuana is much safer than booze and tobacco, there should be no requirement for a doctor’s approval. In the meantime, I fail to comprehend on how the Hitzig decisiion over rules Parker. Only parliment has jurisdiction as to re-enact criminal code statue.

  2. ups prices on

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  3. CannaCenters on

    Marijuana prohibition must end in order to assure public safety… A recent news article reported that street marijuana tested for a number of dangerous pesticides. The article stated that there was 440 ppm (parts per million) of permethrin, 630 ppm of cypermethrin and 485 ppm of beta-cyfluthrin. The US Department of Agriculture sets limits of 20 ppm for permethrin, 14 ppm for cypermethrin and 6 ppm for beta-cyfluthrin. The testing also revealed mold in the sample.

  4. Anonymous on

    I too seen police injustice.

    Twice I have been held up by cops at gun point. Just for walking through a crime active area.

    I’ve been in many arguements with cops over nothing. Routine search for nothing…

    I been pat down by cops for no reason.

    One time I had a religious book on me and I had told the cop I can’t get this book dirty. And the cop purposefully put the Holy Book on the ground infront of me while searching me…

    Now when I see a cop. Automatically a hate sensor comes on. And everything they say, I imagine is an evil thing.

    And futhermore I have seen cops take take peoples personal propety while in persuit and I’ve seen cops take advantage of having a badge.

    These days I root for the criminals because cops are just as bad…

    Theres no line between good and evil basically.
    Criminals might be bad.
    But cops these days want to show people they can be worse.

  5. Anonymous on

    Alf is the best show ever!!!!

    Alf reminds me of me, I’m so out of this world. And sometimes I scare the female gender too with what I say….
    Peace man..

  6. Anonymous on

    Canadian freedom means to : Use freedom to talk about other peoples religion.

    These tv news bastards who don’t believe in anything, think they know everything.
    TV News reporters who worship idols they see, by trying to be like what they see on tv.

    Canadian freedom to demoralize any moral standard of living.

    Canadian freedom to drink alcohol and do illegal drugs. Because cops are not doing their jobs to catch the real arsonist.

    Canadian freedom to not help people live together but they use it these days to make people not want to live together.


  7. PotSuperhero on

    This is a real scam I tell you.

    From cannabis culture saying they know it all. Cannabis cultures so high they try to convince the world, cannabis will get up and legalize itself.
    we waited………..still waiting………fed up of waiting for nothing……
    No law has changed.

    Some cops being dickheads just for people being marijuana users, marijuana users who indeed live by being a canadian citizen may GOD willing be enough freedom to smoke marijuana with out a license.

    The government doesn’t want to let their secret out, even though we do not live in mass poverty the canadian government’ is following the american government.
    Which is turning slow moving economy into poverty.

    Fourthly this website seems to be only for potheads of canada. Yes real nerdy bastards who’s lives revolve around themself,and what they think is true and false in the world. And simply don’t a flying **** about anyone else.

    And if Christians couldn’t stop satanist in america from living satanic.
    Why in hell would these Christians do anything for anyone.

    Christians only help christians or jews.

    If you talk to the satanist culture in california they will tell you to ask satan for marijuana and thats all the rest of your days will see. And when people walk by it will be just a shadowy image…..

    Do people really want to talk about Religon, Law and Science.

    Facts: The government doesn’t care about none of that, they only care about money and taxes.

  8. guitarod on

    I find this article very disturbing. The RCMP & our gov’t are nothing but a bunch of bullies. From all the bad press in the news the past few years, i think the RCMP should be disbanded. To go after medicinal pot users is immoral. It should a matter of personal choice, which is the democratic way.
    All these 3rd world countries fighting for western style democracy have a rude awakening ahead of them.
    The choice us pot smokers are left with is prescription drugs ie: perc’s, oxies & alcohol.
    When taken together it is a death sentence as it will rot your liver out. Unfortunately, this is the only choices our gov’t presents us. Scary to think how many people are out there driving around on these drugs. Down with prohibition, NOW.