Washington State Mother Sentenced for Giving Pot to Son

A former Longview woman was sentenced a year in prison this week for blowing marijuana smoke into her 13-year-old son’s face and allowing him to smoke pot out of a pipe.

Diane Susanne Etchison, 37, who now lives near Pendleton, Ore., admitted to Longview police last year that she provided marijuana to the boy, including by blowing it in his face, according to a police report.

Etchison explained at the time that the teenager has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and that the family had run out of his prescription medication. She said she provided the marijuana as a substitute for the prescription drugs, according to the report.

When an officer pointed out that a state health care program provided prescription medications to the family for free, Etchison replied, “Well, sometimes I didn’t have a ride.”

The boy, who is now 16, said his mother “just wanted him to try it.” He said he didn’t like it because the smoke burned his throat.

In all, Etchison is believed to have tried to get her son high on six different occasions between 2007 and 2010, police said.

Etchison, who has no previous criminal history, was originally charged in February with four counts of distributing drugs to persons under 18 years of age.

She pleaded guilty under a deal with prosecutors Tuesday to two counts of delivering marijuana and two counts of third-degree assault of a child (domestic violence).

Police were initially tipped off to the case by state Child Protective Services workers.

– Article Originally from The Daily News.