Expendables Star Eric Roberts Wants Pot Legalized

Actor Eric Roberts has thrown his support behind a campaign to legalize marijuana, insisting pot is less harmful than alcohol.

The Expendables star, brother of Julia Roberts and father of young actress Emma, tried to kick his addiction to the drug during a stint on reality show Celebrity Rehab last year, but that hasn’t ended his interest in marijuana and now he has filmed a promotional video for website TellDC.com.

In the promo, he says, “Today we’re talking about the legalization of marijuana. How is alcohol legal and marijuana is not? Alcohol has destroyed whole civilizations, whereas pot has only made a few hippies happy.

“Now I know that’s a gross understatement, but pot remains illegal because no one has figured out how to make it profitable for the government yet. It’s political, not protective… We can use a lot more nice in the world; marijuana does that.”

– Article Originally from The Toronto Sun.