Former Cop Seeks Out Grow-ops With Heat Vision

A former B.C. Mountie is offering a new service that could help landlords tell if their tenants are operating marijuana grow-ops.

Brian Goldstone of Griffin Security uses infrared cameras to detect unusual amounts of heat inside a home from the outside, and he wants landlords to hire him to search for marijuana operations on their properties.

“The only way to be certain is to go inside and have a look, but this gives the landlord a reason to go have a look,” he told CTV News.

The service would cost landlords $75 per month.

The modifications done to turn a home into a grow-op can virtually destroy the property, and landlords risk forfeiting their homes to the government if grow-ops are discovered inside. In February, a B.C. judge approved the seizure of two East Vancouver homes worth nearly $1 million in total from a single landlord after grow operations were discovered inside.

Some communities in the Lower Mainland have tried cracking down on grow-ops through controversial bylaws monitoring electricity use.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart says he’s unsure about the new technology, but supports the idea of property owners taking action to protect their investment.

“I wouldn’t want this tool to be used as the only one for a landlord. Clearly the landlord that is contemplating it is going to have to go and have a look himself. The law does permit landlords to go in and have a look,” he said.

The law does say, however, that tenants have the right to a reasonable degree of privacy.

The BC Civil Liberties Association says the infrared scan falls into a legal grey area.

“Is it reasonable for your landlord to be conducting such an inspection of your heat usage in your house? Would that be considered reasonable? We’re not sure — we haven’t seen that case yet,” BCCLA Policy Director Micheal Vonn said.

– Article from CTV News.



  1. Anonymous on

    If pigs shoot dogs @ the wrong address, they themselves, should also be shot to death.


  2. Bud Grinder on

    That business about shooting dogs seems to be an Abbotsford, BC, specialty. I’ve lost count of the dogs the Abbotsford cops have been shooting on the way in to drug raids.

    There was one instance a few years ago where the Abbotsford cops raided a house where a birthday party for seven-year-olds was taking place. They blew pieces of the guys dog all over the kiddies having the party. What they got for it from the city fathers was pats on the back… that’s why they believe they can keep on doing it… and they’re right.

  3. Plant down Babylon on

    Sure hope nothing happens to his gay hummer or the camera when he’s not around…
    shouldn’t be too hard to spot. what an asshole

  4. Anonymous on

    Right. Cops should need a warrant to do that type of an invasive procedure. He’s not a cop and he hasn’t got a warrant.

    That he wants to make it a monthly service is laughable. Wait until anonymous gets a hold of his emails… you’ll see that happen before some lawsuit. They don’t want you growing your own tomatoes either you know? In BC especially. That’s where they shoot your dog in the head if you leave it in the yard while they’re using it for urban live fire training exercises…

  5. Classyathome on

    All it will take for this to blow up in their faces, is enough tenants setting up a gro-light and some tomatoes. Enough landlords and this cop clown get there asses sued for false search, slander, and generally wasting everybodys fucking time and effort, and dickheads with a flir go BYE BYE…

  6. Anonymous on

    Imposed fear answered with increased oppression seems to be canada’s only remaining industry.

    It’s really not a grey area, it’s a total invasion of privacy. That’s why it’s illegal to do it in the united states, they have seen that court case.

    BC is really striving to be third world.

  7. Bud Grinder on

    Just another common, typical and primitive ignorant, mercenary thug. He used to take the public’s money to thug for the government and, now that he can’t do that any more, he still needs to express his thugishness in some other way.

    These law enforcement types are all the same… filled with hate and needing to inflict harm on other decent, right-thinking people any and every chance they get.

    Why can’t the individuals who demonstrate this proclivity for harming their fellow human beings be identified early in their schooling so that some intervention could be applied to try to turn their personalities around?

    I believe that, if identified early enough, these poor unfortunates could receive some therapy in their early years which would encourage them to develop a sense of empathy for their fellow human beings which would inhibit their compulsion to hurt and harm people who aren’t like themselves.

  8. Sharki on

    I will follow the People that Follow and Spy on You.
    For a small fee we can Follow this guy around and rummage around his Trash cans.
    For a slightly larger fee we will gladly kick this guy’s ass for, Tresspassing and x raying your Home and Family.
    I call my new Enterprise “What goes around comes around” agency.
    It’s a Grey Area, but we will be as Legal as

    Spy v Spy

    Tho I have always been up front with my Landlords with my MMJ use and any personal Grows that I have had.
    This guy will have more No Knock Raids kill more innocent victims.

    Screw Him.

  9. Joe on

    Once the economy collapses then the black market will rise up and become a legal product. No man will let any nut bar in a suit tell we the people what we can eat, smoke, when and where to fart, or fuck. You can see what is happening in Europe it will soon be happening here in Canada. Government will fall all over the world as we the people bought and paid for in blood we the people own this world not a bunch of money junky banker with their phony paper money.

  10. Anonymous on

    did you notice how he scanned the neigbouring properties too? whats to stop this guy filming more than just the one house. it showed the heat of the person. whats stopping him perving on peoples sexual activity. terrible invasion of peoples privacy for sure.


    Okay, where do i start.
    A little thing some people enjoy in their lives are, what?
    OH privacy.
    okay, ya i get growing is illegal. and its easy to get away with it most of the time, because lets face it. MOST law enforcement is well, terrible. Cops don’t know what they are doing to stop illegal acts. I don’t understand why weed is illegal, looking at medical reasons and hemp uses. But why are we invading the people who don’t grow. Bodies produce heat. i know if i was with my lady having 1 on 1 time. i wouldn’t like the thought of some guy is a H3 (which is bad for the environment, pot is not bad at all for the environment. it can benefit our economy. i get the law wants to crack down on the useless drug war. but maybe we should be more effort on stop the real drugs. you know the addicting drugs, the ones that are so bad we had to use taxes to make facilities to help treat the addicts. so many other drugs are legal that knowingly kill people. slowly or could be the trigger to a instant death. this is an all around bad idea, i don’t care if the law finds loop holes to say it’s okay. we are talking about peoples privacy. just because cops aren’t good at their jobs and can’t find people who commit doesn’t mean we have to level up. its known people grow outdoor to. if my voice mattered in any way, which i already know it doesn’t i’d would tell country leaders, or whoever is in charge of this crap right to their face. “Open your fucking eyes.” okay this world is falling apart. Medical uses are nothing but pluses. Hemp, also pluses. I’m 18 years old and sadly live in a world where our “leaders” kill us in so many different ways. I’m sick of this, SO sick i wish my voice could be heard. i want someone to tell me, DETAILED facts on why this product is illegal and why it is soooo bad we need to invade peoples homes with heat vision. Someone please tell me WHY this is illegal and NO i don’t want to hear. Because they don’t know how to tax it. that is a load of bs and we all know it. 75$ a month for this service, what a joke. i really wish i could do something to help this world. sick of people loses lives, YES this can save lives. WEED CAN SAVE LIVES. instead of pumping 14 different drugs that people never heard of for cancer patients why not try the sane thing. weed, in any form. either bud, oil, food or pill form. since we all know how much the gov likes to feed us pills. i want my name to be heard, hated or not. Justin Blondeel, Canada Ontario. Small town of Charing Cross.
    Free Marc. The Prince of Pot.

  12. Anonymous on

    He’s probably happy that you are advertising his business.

  13. eyop11 on

    Indeed, this area is very grey.
    This also means if its a duplex or apartment then the whole building will be scanned, all occupants.