Diagnosed with MRSA; Given a Drug Test; Passes Grade 12; Learns More Bass Guitar

Dearest Miss: Today is Wednesday, July 13th. I’m finally under the 3-years-to-go mark, that milestone was passed last Saturday. My release date, providing I maintain my good time credit, is July 9th 2014. Only 1,091 days to go to that glorious date on my calendar.

Marc and Jodie, May 30th 2011Marc and Jodie, May 30th 2011One of the ways to lose good time credit (47-54 days), and get put in the SHU (solitary confinement) for 90 days, lose your visitation rights for a year, and phone & commissary privileges for a while too, is to fail a drug screening urine test. Today I had one of those, for the first time in 15 months in the US federal prison system. I am not concerned, because I do not drink the homemade wine/alcohol that is made and consumed by many inmates in prisons, nor have I ever smoked tobacco, marijuana or any other drug, nor consumed any drugs in any way in 15 months of incarceration.

So I am fine. But the drummer for the band that existed before mine, Laid-Back, a superb band of Brian, Grizz, Terry and Branden, was broken up because Branden tested positive for marijuana and he’s been in the SHU (Special Housing Unit – solitary confinement) for 60 days now. You don’t get to play in a band when you’re in the SHU. You get absolutely nothing’. So it impacts big time when a member of a band tests positive. That’s why Laid-Back was disbanded, and Grizz and Terry reformed with me on bass guitar and a new arrival, Damian, on drums. Our band is named STUCK (as in ‘Stuck In Prison’).

I did the five tests to qualify to receive my GED (General Educational Development) and got the highest marks in all five tests – it was posted on the board “Marc Emery – Valedictorian”. On April 1st 1975, I quit high school only three months from graduation to open City Lights Bookshop in my hometown of London, Ontario. I never have needed any high school diploma as I have been in business for myself since I was eleven. (On January 1st 1971, I started Marc’s Comic Room, a vintage comic book business by mail order and retail run out of my bedroom, and prospered. By March 1975, I decided to open a vintage, antiquarian and used book shop in the downtown of my hometown, which still operates today under different owners). But here in prison they seemed determined to have me get my grade 12 completion, so I obliged. My mother was constantly hectoring me to get my high school diploma even a decade after I became a successful bookseller in London, Ontario, so if they have a town crier in the afterworld, I hope she’s heard the news that I have finally, 36 years later, graduated high school.

When I was at D. Ray James Concentration Camp for foreigners in Folkston, Georgia, a place I still loathe the memory of, I was bitten by the most venomous spider in all the United States, a Brown Recluse spider. Often very dangerous and even sometimes fatal, this bite caused a huge swelling around the bite marks on my left buttock, and within 10 days caused a two-dollar-coin-sized hole in my buttocks that seeped blood and pus for over two weeks, finally healing completely after 45 days. Over four months later, it has left permanent scarring and a purple discoloration. It also caused me to contract MRSA, and penicillin resistant Staphylococcal infection. This is unfortunate, as MRSA is often fatal. In fact, one of the inmates in my unit at D Ray James also picked up a MRSA infection just after I did and they couldn’t control it at D Ray James, and reports from other inmates claim his leg was recently amputated and then the infection was still untreatable so he died as a result of this same bacteria I now harbor permanently in my body!

So now this is one more hazard of prohibition I have to deal with for the rest of my life, along with the stress this causes you and its potential life-shortening impact on me. If I die in prison, or because of prison-related causes, it’s imperative that all my supporters in the USA, Canada and around the world remember who was responsible for putting me in a US federal prison for peaceful, consenting activities that harmed no one and advanced a great movement. This list of villains in that case is large.

Along with this deadly bacteria I now carry permanently inside me, waiting to be activated, I have been beset by painful boils on the upper cleft of my buttocks (where the MRSA culture was extracted) and now hemorrhoids, which I have never had before. The hemorrhoids come because of pressure caused by all the hard surface seats that are in the prison. The chair in my cell, the seats in the Chow Hall and Rec area, even the toilet seat surface, all are steel, hard, and very uncomfortable. I can truly say that 2011 has been a genuine pain in the ass for me!

I must thank you, my brave wife, for getting news out about this dangerous health compromise imposed upon me by my unjust incarceration. I know that your report of my having contracted MRSA was on CBC TV news in British Columbia, CBC radio, The Vancouver Province and Sun newspapers, the Montreal Gazette, newspapers across Canada, and numerous radio stations and other media. MRSA is a deadly killer of thousands, and it certainly has the potential to make my life much shorter. Rest assured I am trying to be as cautious as possible, and eating as well as can be done, bearing in mind that there are never any fresh vegetables here and that most food is full of fats, sugars, carbohydrates, and salt. It was gratifying that Canadians still care about me and that our media in my beloved Canada still finds me newsworthy even while “out of sight, out of mind”.

As to politics, there is much to discuss. I know you have been invited to be a candidate for a seat on the Parks Board in Vancouver, running as a candidate for the Non-Partisan Association (NPA). I believe you should pursue this endeavor. You are a capable woman of intelligence and compassion. I believe the NPA has identified these attributes in you, and have vetted you and feel you would make a fine candidate in November’s Vancouver civic election. Your intelligence and reasonableness and attentive listening management style is well suited to the needs of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who use Vancouver’s numerous parks, beaches, sports grounds, the aquatic center, and those workers who maintain these properties on behalf of the people of Vancouver and British Columbia.

I also want to field as many candidate representing the BC Marijuana Party in the next BC provincial election, which could be called as early as this autumn. I feel the federal New Democratic Party (NDP) is quite good at representing the anti-prohibition cause with outstanding Members of Parliament like Libby Davies and others in Ottawa, but at the provincial level, there is no such advocacy. Though my good friend Dana Larsen made a principled, significant and ambitious attempt to make prohibition and its destructive effects on British Columbia a part of the BC NDP leadership race by running for that top spot recently, the net effect is that the BC NDP is as prohibitionist as the Liberal party, and will make no attempt to ease the harm of prohibition, nor will they make medical marijuana in BC any more lawful. The BC Green Party is completely hollow and has no gravitas to participate in the BC political scene. It has no money, no impact, no anything. So I am asking all our activists in British Columbia to consider being a BC Marijuana Party candidate in the next BC provincial election. We need up to 79 candidates, and it will be a excellent chance to participate, educate our fellow citizens, carry the cannabis legalization movement into the political sphere, where we must have a presence. I hope you will start collecting names of interested individuals. Once we determine the level of interest, in September we will begin formal campaign proceedings.

In the United States, my friends in Nebraska have been inspired to get a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana outright to the petitioning stage, which is proceeding right now. It will amend the Nebraska state constitution and is titled Proposition 19, the same as the California initiative. It is extremely concise and direct. The Initiative reads as follows:


The object of this petition is to:

The Nebraska Cannabis Initiative seeks to add Proposition XIX to the Nebraska Constitution whose object is to regulate and tax all commercial uses of cannabis, also known as marijuana, and to remove all laws regulating the private, non-commercial use of cannabis.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment language:

To add a new section 1, Article 19:

– The State of Nebraska and any subdivision thereof shall make no law regarding the private, noncommercial growing and consumption of cannabis, also known as marijuana. The Legislature shall enact fair and equitable methods of regulation and taxation regarding the commercial growing and consumption of cannabis. All laws in contravention of this section and all laws referring to marijuana in the Marijuana and Controlled Substances Tax Act are hereby declared null and void, and all marijuana convictions are set aside. The Supreme Court, within 6 months from the day of the 2012 election, shall resentence any person incarcerated or on probation for a crime involving cannabis and any pending charge for such crimes shall be dismissed.

– Nothing in this section shall be construed to conflict with the laws prohibiting persons from engaging in conduct that endangers others.

– Nothing in this section shall be construed to conflict with laws regarding the treatment of juveniles.

– If any provision of this section or the application thereof to any persons or circumstance is held invalid, that invalidity shall not affect the other provisions or applications of this section that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this section are severable.


Essentially, this is a three-paragraph Proposition to legalize marijuana at the state level in Nebraska! For more information on obtaining petition forms to have filled out by citizens of the Cornhusker state, and for info on where to sign in Nebraska, get in touch with [email protected], and check out the Nebraska Cannabis Initiative Facebook group and Nebraska Cannabis Coalition profile, and Nebraska_NCC on Twitter. Approximately 112,000 valid signatures from registered voters in Nebraska will be required by July 2012 to get the legalization amendment on the Nebraska ballot. Petitioners are needed to collect signatures in Omaha, Lincoln and all areas of the state. The 112,000 number is about 10% of the registered voters in Nebraska; that’s the threshold to get this initiative on the ballot.

It is expected that Colorado and numerous other US states with a ballot initiative process will have Propositions ready for the petitioning process for the November 2012 election. Perhaps even more importantly, is where the cannabis culture’s tens of millions of individuals place their support in the upcoming Presidential contest of 2012.

Barack Obama as President has escalated the attack on dispensaries and medical marijuana states in recent weeks, threatening imminent action on the outlets in Colorado, California, Washington, and all 16 medical marijuana states and the District of Columbia. Barack Obama and his appointees as District Attorney for Western Washington and head of the Justice Department are responsible for my extradition, prosecution and conviction and incarceration in a US federal prison. The Obama Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder also refused my treaty transfer back to Canada, a transfer I fully qualified for but was denied because of my critical writings about the privately-owned concentration camp gulag that incarcerates foreigners within the US federal prison system.

No activist of conscience can possibly vote for or support the re-election of Barack Obama as President, especially when the principled Ron Paul is still a viable candidate for the Republican Party nomination. Ron Paul would end the federal drug war in its entirety, immediately. Ron Paul would withdraw the imperial armies and navies of the US from Iraq, Afghanistan, all Europe, Asia, and the middle east. Ron Paul would do everything that Barack Obama hasn’t, won’t and can’t do: balance the budget, end the warfare state, end the drug war, and restore the civil liberties lost since September 11, 2001. Ron Paul’s record in the US Congress is impeccable and he is scrupulously honest. I have supported him for many, many years as editor of Cannabis Culture, and I have campaigned for him in 2008. I support him unwaveringly. He is for a transparent government, an obedience to the intent of the Constitution, to a nation founded on inalienable civil liberties and economic liberty. He is everything Barack Obama is not.

Barack Obama is carrying out the same policies of his equally tyrannical and war mongering predecessor, George W. Bush. I urge all supporters who want to end prohibition to support Ron Paul in the primary campaigns with volunteering, donations, votes and activism. Spread the word! Ron Paul is the only Presidential option for the cannabis culture’s freedom.

As for how I spend my time, I’ve been practicing the bass guitar and rehearsing four to five hours every day, seven days a week for about 60 days now. I also read musical biographies and study music theory in any time I have where I’m not working on my skills on bass or the songs I need to learn and memorize and perform competently. I had never played a musical instrument in my life prior to picking up a guitar on May 5th. I started working on the bass beginning May 15th, and have worked exclusively on that because I was told there was a need for a bass player in the band I’m in, and that’s how I got the gig. I actually can’t believe I’m in a band, especially one made up of skilled musicians, and am enjoying this opportunity thoroughly.

STUCK had its first live concert performance on Saturday, July 2, which I wrote about to you before. Now, I am not yet at the sophistication of a skilled bass guitarist. On most songs I played the root notes of the rhythm guitar, and without any written notes to go with. I had memorized the songs and how to do my part, and the sound it made was fine, but it’s not quite the smooth, complex movement of a skilled bass guitarist yet. My fellow musicians are so good that most eyes and ears were on them, but I was very thrilled with the results.

So in the last ten days I have learned, practiced and become familiar in playing the bass lines for White Room, The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze, Sultans of Swing and White Rabbit. It will take a number of rehearsals in the studio to become proficient and smooth sounding, but it’s eight weeks before our next live electric and amplified outdoor concert for the guys here, which happens over the Labor Day weekend (September 3rd or 4th). Our tentative play list (and order of song play) for that gig is:

1. Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
2. All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix)
3. White Room (Cream)
4. Breakdown (Tom Petty)
5. Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)
6. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)
7. Wanted: Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi)
8. Turn The Page (Bob Seger)
9. Tightrope (S R Vaughan)
10. Purple Haze (Hendrix)
11. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)
12. The Wind Cries Mary (Hendrix)
13. Red House (Hendrix)
14. Little Wing (Hendrix)
15. Voodoo Child (Hendrix)
16. My Head’s in Mississippi (ZZ Top)
17. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love (Van Halen)
18. Johnny B. Goode ( Chuck Berry)

The other rock band here is Out of Bounds, a very polished band that does largely original material. They just finished composing and rehearsing a song they wrote called Prince of Pot. It’s about me, and was inspired when they saw Tommy Chong on CNN wearing his FREE MARC shirt. They performed it in the amplified electric studio last night and it’s superb – brilliant bass lines, lead guitar and lyrics. The band will be writing the musical notation for the entire song so it can be performed by Adam Bowen and a band at the BCMP lounge for webcast on Pot TV live streamed, as well as recorded for play on YouTube. It’s a terrific song tribute to me and I’d like to know it will be performed and heard out there. So expect to see “Prince of Pot”, the song originally written and performed by Out of Bounds.

I am finally getting to writing letters again to my correspondents. Since all my time has been going to my guitar skill building and memorizing these songs, for three weeks I have written very few letters to the wonderful people who have written me. I have resumed writing one or two letters a day, but almost all my time goes to improving my musical ability. Nonetheless, I want to thank Len Preslesnik in Holland, Michigan, for sending me a great letter every day I have been incarcerated (over 400 letters!) with news items, photocopies and clippings included. He designs brilliant and hilarious politically satirizing envelopes that his letters always come in. All of them are wild works of art.

I want to thank Barry Cooper for sending me the final draft of the Hollywood movie that is being made about him! Candi And Barry Cooper put money in my commissary account every month too, which is so sweet. Thanks to Tony Glickney for buying my ZZ Top autographed guitar and putting that money in my commissary account monthly. You, Dana Larsen, and Rebecca Maverick have sent me dozens of music books, guitar song books, magazine subscriptions and it’s been heaven-sent for this budding musician getting those great items.

Thanks for everything you do, my sweet wife.
I’m so grateful for your love and support!

Marc Emery

MARC EMERY #40252-086
P.O. BOX 5888

Guidelines for mail rules are posted here at www.FreeMarc.ca.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    So in the last ten days I have learned, practiced and become familiar in playing the bass lines for White Room, The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze, Sultans of Swing and White Rabbit. Carry on practicing and you will get only better.

  2. Anonymous on

    You are right on all fronts. Except we don’t need Ralph either – we need a free vote on important issues. The technology is here, the Internet is making us all smarter month by month, and it’s time for the old system of ‘democracy’ to be replaced by the universal right of every voter to vote on all issues of importance. What good is ‘free speech’ if it can’t change a darn thing? Our world should not belong to bankers, huge corporations and their government puppets. Which leaves us. Representatives sure, but bound by law to vote the way we vote on issues. Local, provincial, federal democracy – return the power to the people who do the work and pay the taxes. The time is right as the people’s media (Internet) is now a serious contender in the ongoing information wars which we used to lose by default as we have never had a means of communicating before.

    Best of luck with the music Marc. Must be a huge rush to perform with a band in front of a live audience.

  3. David on

    Get real. Ron Paul is a hardcore capitalist libertarian. He doesn’t believe in protecting the earth. He believes in Ayn Rand capitalism. He is supported by SCIENTOLOGY. He is a Texan. Ralph Nader opposes the drug war and fights for the earth and citizens. The Demorats and Resmuglicans suck. So does Ron Paul.

  4. Anonymous on

    18-35 year age group is 60% pro cannabis consumer 46% pro all age groups

  5. Anonymous on

    Paul is for ultimate liberty -gauranteed by the constitution not by some stupid fuckin’ democracy aka mob rules -you have to protect the rights of the individual.
    As Gary Johnson simply said when 52% of the population wants the other 46% in jail We got a problem

  6. foam on

    are the only two candidates that stand for freedom period -if you vote for a corporatist aka fascist which all the rest are then you have no excuse to complain about loss of liberty. Get educated peeps!! Love You Marc

  7. Erling on

    Paul’s objections to the drug war and American wars of aggression are laudable. But the idea that he believes in perfect liberty is absurd. Paul is a die-hard social conservative, and he has consistently supported laws that would drastically restrict the autonomy of minority groups and women.

    Under the guise of “liberty,” Paul wants to strip minority groups and women of any federal protection against discrimination. He is on record as opposed to the Civil Rights Act. He opposed the decision in Lawrence v. Texas, in which the Supreme Court held that states do not have the right to criminalize private, consensual sexual acts (laws that usually criminalize the sexual conduct of gays and lesbians). Paul believes that states *should* have the right to criminalize private, consensual sexual relations based on what he considers to be “community standards”. (See his article at lewrockwell.com on this matter).

    His belief in freedom doesn’t extend to women of reproductive age. Although of late he’s couched some of his more stridently anti-choice language in “states’ rights” rhetoric, he believes abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. He authored a bill, H.R. 1094, that would have declared human life to begin at conception and removed federal oversight of abortion. The law itself seems contradictory — how can the states regulate abortion independently when the federal government has stipulated when human life begins? But the law is clear in its purpose — to use a combination of state and federal laws to completely strip women of the right to choose.

    I don’t see how you can look at his record and support Paul while complaining about the government “tell[ing] other people how to live their lives.” Paul just prefers that state and municipal laws, rather than federal laws, are the instruments used to inhibit the freedom of minority groups and women. And where abortion is concerned, he’ll use federal law when it suits his purpose. Not exactly the principled federalist and libertarian he’s billed as, eh?

  8. bud shakespeare, the bard upon pot on

    there is a great difference between Capitalism (Big Business,Usury, the Federal Reserve Monopoly, too big to suceed )and small independently-owned small businesses stressing the individual private entreprenure.

  9. bud shakespeare, the bard upon pot on

    when faced with a choice between the lesser of two evils choose neither.

  10. Michael Wolf Segal on

    Marc, I did two stretches totalling 13 1/2 years. Counting the days just makes the whole thing seem way longer. Until you get down into the triple digits, count months. When you hit the triple digits, count weeks. When you break the year mark you can start counting days. Also, the first six and last six months are the hardest. Get a routine going and stay in it. If you can get a job at Unicor it makes the time go faster.

  11. sean schofield on

    You need to tell your Dr.White, jam rag spunk bubble no mark politicians what you think of them, like we have done in Britain over the last few weeks, if you think it acceptable that private detectives can monitor and hack the phones of dead 13 year old girls then support your local friendly rascist goverment spin soctors.
    Keep an eye on the British press boys and girls we realy know how to mess with people who mess with our democracies, you may as well tell your South African paymasters what you think of them and go all the way and do an expose on the creeps in all western goverments, we fully intend to.
    Love that old American phrase “you cant bullshit a bullshiter son”.

  12. ... on


    -the democratic socialist nations are the most well off… the people their are smarter, healthier, more wealthy & more happy, thanks in large part to tax-funded (socialist) spending… public health, public roads, public help.

    -unrestricted capitalism is the pursuit of capital, not well-being… China lets businesses run amok, they pay hardly any taxes & the people get hardly any tax-funded (socialist) services, hence, the lack of well-being in China

    Ron Paul is opposed to the Civil Rights Act ‘for crying out loud’… he has some deeply sick views… he’s a Texas elected official need we say more

  13. Beatnuk on

    As soon as 51 per cent of Republicans are in favour of decriminalization, it will happen.

  14. Bud Grinder on

    Did I understand Marc correctly… that the BC Marijuana Party is to rise again from the ashes of Dana Larsen’s NDP defeat? When? Who? How?

  15. Guitarod on

    i think you are right on the money here. i wonder how many American prescriptions are sold in the middle east especially China. Probably not a lot. Myself, i have type 2 diabetes & a thyroid condition which i have been taking Chromium & Adrenal herbal pills for the last 5 years. These aren’t covered under my health insurance plan at work. They would gladly pay for my prescribed medication that i used previously. The description from the pharmacist warned that the 2 medicines taken together could cause heart problems.
    Go figure. I will keep on the herbs until the Harper gov’t bans most herbal remedies. They work & it is a matter of personal choice. Last i heard, weed was a herb. I love Mother Nature.

  16. Guitarod on

    Too bad your band member was sent to the hole for testing positive for marijuana. As i sit here in my self prescribed therapy session smoking a joint and playing my guitar i had this thought. Weed makes people non violent & creative. There are many more benefits to this wonderful plant than the authorities will ever admit. Back to my therapy session. Sounds dangerous eh?

  17. David on

    The Republican and Democratic parties, as well as the major political parties in Canada, are owned by multinational corporate elites. North American government structures from city to state to federal are ruled by business interests, not by what’s best for people and the environment. This is called fascism.

    Ron Paul is right to oppose foreign wars and the drug war. Unfortunately, Ron Paul and Libertarianism in general are in love with rampant, unregulated capitalism, which is a system that eats the entire earth and all living creatures for the sake of profits.

    Also, Ron Paul is backed by SCIENTOLOGY, which is a notoriously vicious organization that is involved with the drug war (NARCONON) and other bad shit.

    We do not need Obama, Bush or Ron Paul. We need someone like Ralph Nader who opposes the drug war and all wars, and also supports environmental protection, human rights protection and quality of life for all living things.

    Ron Paul is not the answer. He is just another guy who has sold his soul to Ayn Rand worship of capitalism.

  18. Officer McSteroids on


    I would ask everyone not to think and not to talk about the US prison work strike. Don’t talk about the US Prison work strike – and don’t even think about it. Do it for the kids. I mean, don’t do it for the kids. That is to say, don’t talk about the US Prison strike – and don’t think about the work strike, for the children (for the children of CEO Group and GE shareholders).

    Thank you.

  19. Anonymous on

    Don’t forget MRSA was incubated in Prisons.
    It spread out from them its really bad in prisons.
    I used to work in Pelican Bay state prison in California.
    MRSA was all over the place.
    I never contracted it myself however I believe I gave it to my wife.
    I cleared it up with some difficulty using copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide and salve perscribed from a doc.
    The Salve by itself works for crap and IMHO just serves to make the MRSA stronger in the long run.
    You gotta open up the wound and rince it with peroxide several times.
    Then apply the salve, repeat the next day.
    I opened up the wound and swabbed it out with a Q-tip and Peroxide several times over the course of 4-5 days.
    Its a good thing my wife is touph as nails because that was an ordeal.
    Remember clean the wound until the peroxide stops bubbleing then apply the salve.
    A nurse in prison will not do this.
    She will probably just apply the salve and you are in for a long fight.

  20. Nelson on

    tortures, and murders routinely give two sh*t about YOUR well-being.

    TALK about psychopathy.

    Wake the hell up: oBUSHma has ALWAYS been a Wall St. puppet, if you honestly delude he’s being ‘pressured’ or ‘got too much on his plate’ you believe in unicorns, and people like YOU Toby are the reason WHY this republic is in a downward spiral.

    LEARN some rudimentary economics, ON YOUR OWN; repeating gvt propaganda or Krugman does NOT equal knowledge. Do you realize how pathetic comments like yours sound?

    SO you’re basically okay with consciously RE-VOTING for a Wall St. PUPPET, oBUSHma, who has done nothing but continue and expand ALL of GWB’s ILLEGALITIES, UNCONSTITUTIONALITIES of wars/occupation, torture, rendition, suspension of habeas corpus, drone murders, and expanded DHS-TSA police state at home?

    What you’re basically saying is ‘SO WHAT the govt murders people abroad, frame & entrap citizens with NO EVIDENCE just to keep the illusion of bogemen of al-qaeda under every bed, still rendition, TORTURE the likes of gvt whistleblowers Manning, PornScan and GROPE Fmr.Miss America Susie Castillo, or humiliate a 95yr old grandma DYING of CANCER on her last visit with her remaining family members??

    Just WTF is wrong with you, ya warmongering, torture-murder apologist braindead HACK!

    Do you honestly believe in your own lies? Seriously?

    Frankly your following delusional statement qualifies you for the looney bin:

    “Ron Paul is deeply out of touch with reality: he is against socialism, and the illegal-drug war is simply part of that.”

    Say, EVEN IF, you actually believe that, just how many GROWING NUMBER of Americans lean your way, toward socialism? No, I mean seriously. Perhaps in your mommy basement, the rest of the country looks to you like America, A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, is heading toward a socialist la la land. Really, I mean seriously, got reality much? Talking about “DEEPLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.”

    Do you even have a clue that socialism was financed and created by Wall St. Banksters as a controlled opposition? Do you even know what the definition of socialism is? It’s FORCED redistribution of wealth, aka THEFT. YOU as a human being HAS no right unless gvt respects PROPERTY RIGHTS. To imbeciles like you the THEORY of ‘coercive sharing for the non-existent “common good,” which oddly enough is always decided by a corporatist committee that doesn’t include you, may ‘SOUND’ good. But, ya see Toby this is why the rest of the world DOES live in reality.

    Here’s a simple question for you. DO YOU as a organic food loving liberal believe the FDA & USDA who you obviously KNOW is funded, staffed by the very BigAgra & BigPharma, the likes of Pfizer and Monstanto, the very industry insiders that the Fed.agencies are “supposed to regulate,” has the right to SWAT raid a Amish farmer selling raw milk, or force oppressive regulations like reporting every crop yield, origin of seed, inspection, for weekend-hobby organic backyard growers who want to voluntarily trade with other Americans?

    SWAT raid for raw milk? ARE YOU FRAKKING OUT OF YOUR MIND??

    Because as extreme as that sounds, it’s happening more and more. Socialism depends on FORCED collection of wealth; you can CHOOSE to be a socialist in a libertarian society, but you CANNOT choose to be libertarian in a socialist society, PRECISELY because a socialist TAX FARM depends on YOU, Toby, a SUBMISSIVE, brain-washed, Aldus Huxley-ian ‘soft, VOLUNTARILY ACCEPTED, scientific dictatorship’ SERFS to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Capice?

    IF you honestly believe a FREE human being has TO DIE, because lest you have been paying attention to how trigger-happy SWAT has been, when they’re called up you’re chance of dying at their hands is a very REAL PROBABILITY.

    There are ONLY TWO ways in which a govt interacts with YOU, Toby, once you get on their radar: 1. LAWSUIT 2. SWAT raid.

    Pick your tyranny poison, ya serf!

    WAKE the HELL UP. STOP using govt to TELL other people how to live their lives. This is WHY liberals ALWAYS lose the argument. Since the Wilson-era, you fell into the delusion that as long as end justifies the means, even murder, FDR’s Japanese concentration camps, and torture, are all good and dandy. PRIOR to the “Progressive Era” while obvious cycle of social upheavals abound, but despite it all on the most part, MOST Americans ACCEPTED the notion that in a FREE society you don’t have to CONDONE, other’s actions, or choices. Most were satisfied in knowing that as long as no one PHYSICALLY HARMS another, it was all good. Which precisely tells me how friggin MSM-brainwashed people like you have become.

    For goodness sakes, ya control freak, if you as a liberal accommodate oBUSHma who is CONTINUING and EXPANDING ALL of GWB’s PoliceState at home, DHS-TSA tyranny, PANDEMIC of CopTHUGGERY (did you conveniently forget G20 PoliceStateStormTroopers in Pittsburgh happened under auspices of oBUSHma?), CIA Drone-MURDERS, torturing Bradley Manning, SWAT RAIDING small organic farmers but NOT BigAgra poultry/cattle concentration camps aka.industrial farms, you may want to voluntarily REVOKE your “liberal” membership card.

    LEARN some REAL history, reading comprehension, and LOGIC before spewing propaganda, deluding the rest of the world is “with” you.

    Go ahead vote for oBUSHma to give you grubs, while he goes on to murder and torture. Hey, as long as your belly’s full, who cares about a few dead brown foreigners, or American veterans being tortured for speaking out, or servicemen/women getting their limbs blown off, right.

    Here’s the reality of your socialist delusions; because I really do wish you’d learn, you NEED to be told of the truth. Since it’s obvious you know nothing about economics, I’ll simply spoonfeed you something you’ve never been told: The Military Industrial Complex PAYS FOR YOUR WELFARE STATE!

    Capice? INNOCENT people in America and the rest of the world HAVE to DIE, and be TORTURED, just so that delusional ‘socialists’ like yourselves can have govt ‘freebies.’

    As for me, as a former liberal, I’d GLADLY vote for the ONLY living oxymoron of an ‘honest’ politician: Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul. He is the ONLY PERSON ALIVE today, that I and my conscience can WHOLEHEARTEDLY without ANY reservation vote for KNOWING he has over 30+ yrs of PROVEN, PUBLICLY documented votes, interviews, speeches, and writings to CONFIRM that he’s been WALKING the TALK ALL these years. You are a hypocritical murder/torture apologist IF you vote for oBUSHma again, after 3yrs, FULLY KNOWING he’s continued and expanded ALL of GWB’s WARCRIMES, and bailed out his Wall St. Bankster OVERLORDS.

    My candidate, Dr. Paul has NEVER voted to MURDER or TORTURE on behalf of the State so you can get your welfare. Can you say the same of the Wall St.MURDERER-PUPPET-in-Chief, oBUSHma?

    No Toby, you’re drowning in a lonely sociopathic pit of hell in a deluded cargo cult-dom, while calling everyone else who thinks differently as cargo cultist. Thanks for fulfilling my weekend bemusement quota. Sadly for America there are too many like you. You NEED the wake the frak up.

  21. Anonymous on

    Actually, swine flue is the result of factory farming pigs: the pigs, each of whom is as self-aware as a three year old human is, are abusively raised in torturous conditions on antibiotics & that is why swine flu exists. I doubt herbs, silver & garlic cure it… the power of prayer doesn’t cure it either; it is the result of an ongoing mass murder of slaves which should be illegal.

  22. Toby on

    Emery does not understand the political advice he gave; A1, a vote for Ron Paul is a wasted vote… Paul will not win the GOP nomination, so the election will be between Barack Obama (the ‘lesser of two evils’ regarding policy) and someone with even more deluded views like Pawlenty or Romney. The GOP is far more tyrannical than the Dems.

    Not voting for President Obama is in fact a vote for a worse candidate; we should be practical, not fundamentalist, and vote for the best candidate, even though he has some bad policies.

    Ron Paul is against the taboo-drug war, that’s great. He is against US imperialism, that’s great. But he is also against public roads, public education, the public post office, public police, public fire departments, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, public libraries, public environmental protection, public food safety inspections… he supports a gold-based economy (which is what the US had before the Great Depression & is not viable in today’s big, more complex economy), he doesn’t support science, he believes in fundamentalist Christianity. Because Ron Paul is against everything socialist (important infrastructure), he should not be voted for… ending the tyrannical illegal-drug war and ending US occupations of other nations is not worth destroying the US itself.

    Fundamentalist capitalism does not protect well-being as much as socialist/public funding for infrastructure does… we can not afford privately owned food inspection, or privately owned roads, or private education, or private healthcare or private police… the US relies on & deserves tax-funded services. Ron Paul is deeply out of touch with reality: he is against socialism, and the illegal-drug war is simply part of that.

    President Obama, unlike Ron Paul & the GOP, is out to keep the US from economic recession… the free market is about capital, not well-being, and that is why a vote for Paul is a vote for even more suffering than a vote for Obama. President Obama is politically smart; he is compromising for the sake of slow progress, lest a GOP tea-party candidate, like Paul, drive the economy off a cliff…
    Ron Paul sits back & says, “they can’t afford healthcare? They can’t afford to out the fire destroying their house? They can’t afford food? They can’t afford private security? Well then leave them. If you can’t afford the fee to the company, you are in a third-world existence & that is all you deserve, as per economic freedom. Government is bad, because, it just is, so you will suffer if you have not enough money to pay the corporations.” That is sick, far more sick than President Obama’s policies.

    Progression involves compromise & knowledge of the facts: free market fundamentalism is destructive to well-being & it should be shunned. Cannabis is excellent, but it is not better than having an advanced society with public services. More states are adopting medical cannabis policies, small progression is being made with Democrat policies & so Dems deserve the vote.

  23. Anonymous on

    Dude, hemorrhoids suck!!! And MRSA?!? So sorry to hear you are suffering even worse than before. Hearts and thoughts with you Marc, safe journey home.

  24. Worm on

    “MRSA outbreaks are entirely the fault of the conventional medical community, which has actually encouraged the breeding of the bacteria through rampant overuse of antibiotics,” said consumer health advocate Mike Adams. “The rest of the story is that MRSA is easily killed by colloidal silver, garlic, rainforest herbs and numerous other natural remedies, but the entire conventional medical community continues to pretend these substances don’t exist. Thus, they refuse to embrace the actual cures for MRSA, and thousands of people are dying each year as a result. This medical catastrophe will continue for as long as doctors remain ignorant about the curative powers of natural remedies while remaining foolishly limited to the use of patented pharmaceuticals to treat all infections,” Adams said

  25. LittleTree on

    I FREAKED OUT when I saw the News about your MRSA!!! Sickens me that members of my government are so currupt and the dangers they have placed you in! FAIL ON OBAMA AND HIS THUGS!!!

    Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement that has gotten me this far. GO NEBRASKA PROP.19!!!

    Take care of urself!