Stoned Cold Fox? Megan Hopes to Legalize Weed

Megan Fox desperately wants to buy some weed — but only if she can get it legally. In a seriously blunt conversation with GQ, the 23-year-old swore that if the U.S. Gub’ment legalized the sticky stuff, she’d be the “first person in line to buy a pack of joints.”

Fox then added, “I can’t tell you how much bulls**t I’ve been through because I will openly say that I smoke weed.”

“People look at it like it’s this crazy, hippy, f**ked up thing to do. And it’s not. I hope they legalize it.”

Fox then grabbed a bongo, some Funyuns and a hacky sack and took off for the nearest drum circle.

– Article from TMZ.

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  1. Nicole on

    No…. but every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter who you are – if you’re out of the closet, you give power to the movement. I think when Michael Phelps accidentally came out, he did wonders for the mindset of the non-supporters. Peace ~

  2. Anonymous on


  3. Anonymous on

    How a shitty article in a gossip rag about a Hollywood hottie smoking pot is good for the movement:

    Discussion. Pot won’t ever be legalized if it isn’t talked about. The more articles there are about people using cannabis, the better, whether they’re ‘important’ articles in ‘prestigious’ publications or ones like the above from TMZ. It gets people talking. The more discussion that happens around the cannabis topic, the more the truth will come out. And, as all of us here know, the more the truth gets out, the more minds are changed in our favour.

    Reach. TMZ reaches an audience that probably won’t ever read the Wall Street Journal or The Lancet, let alone science research papers. Even a crappy little article like the one above can still spark thought about the cannabis issue. It lets even the low-brow gossip-rap reader know that cannabis use is common, even among successful people in high profile jobs.

    Opinion. When you raise a topic, it forces the reader to take a stance, or reflect on a previously held stance. Would this little article cause someone to suddenly switch from supporting prohibition to rejecting it? Unlikely, but the more articles there are about cannabis – from every angle in stories in all media – the closer we are to having the discussion reach politicians, the ones with the power to actually change the laws.

    Substance. The substance of this article is irrelevant. It’s the fact that it was written and published and read by thousands that’s important. TMZ is not a credible news source. It’s a gossip rag and it knows it. It writes just what it knows its readers want: Juicy little stories about famous people – preferably disastrous famous people like Britney Spears or Mel Gibson. And they make fun of them. That’s why the article above ends with that ridiculous last line. So, this article offers no substance whatsoever – exactly what TMZ set out to do, but that doesn’t mean it has no value for the legalization movement.

    This crappy little article reaches a wide audience, raises an important issue, provides a popular personage to champion the issue, and helps in its tiny way to further the public discourse on cannabis. Will this one article make any real difference? Unlikely. But it’s part of a wave, a body of cannabis articles that help normalize it’s presence in society and culture.

    Finally, I think Cannabis Culture does a great service by reprinting this article because it gives us – those interested in cannabis law reform – a more complete view of how the media is handling this issue.

  4. Anonymous on

    actually many others benefit including tobacco and alcohol companies as well as the pharmaceutical and timber industries.

  5. KL5 on

    I think the last line of the article pretty much sums up anonymous’ point:

    “Fox then grabbed a bongo, some Funyuns and a hacky sack and took off for the nearest drum circle.”

    Does that kind of content suggest to you that this article came from a credible news source? To me it suggests that the writer does not take the issue seriously at all, and who should be surprised since it’s posted from TMZ?

    Considering all the other marijuana related stories out there, this one is pretty lacking in substance.

  6. Anonymous on

    The point is that the fact that Megan Fox smokes weed doesn’t really help the movement at all. I don’t care whether or not famous people talk about their drug use, that really doesn’t affect me. To think that one good looking famous woman in her early 20s is going to somehow affect the legalization movement simply because she has stated that she smokes is naive in the extreme. It’s placing value on articles like this that hurts our cause more than it helps. I’ve already explained why I believe this, so if you can’t accept that then I don’t know what else to say. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how famous you are, your OPINION isn’t going to change legislation in regards to cannabis. All I’m saying is that TMZ isn’t exactly a legitimate, credible news source, and Megan Fox isn’t really an authority on cannabis, or the movement to legalize the weed.

  7. Kada on

    So you don’t like the idea of famous people talking positively about legalizing cannabis? That’s just logical. I mean how would someone famous help the cause? No one listens to them at all. /sarcasim

  8. Guitarod on

    Most people who smoke weed are beautiful functioning
    members of society. Why is it such a big deal that we choose to toke. The DEA are basically bankrupt because they are part of the Yanky government. Makes you wonder how they can afford to carry on. The only people that benefit are lawyers, judges & law enforcement. Can North Americans really afford the stupid drug war. I think not.
    Megan, you would look nice on the cover of Cannabis Culture.

  9. Anonymous on

    I said the article was air-headed, not Megan Fox herself. It was posted from TMZ which is a gossip rag, so I am not wrong about that. Also, I do not envy her or wish I had anything of hers. I was not bashing her either, I was simply stating the very obvious fact that this article really doesn’t affect our movement one bit, nor does the fact that she is ONE famous person speaking her mind on pot. IT doesn’t make any difference to the movement. The fact that you think you need to defend this woman or the article really says it all. This magazine’s general fan base doesn’t seem to realize that this is NOT news, nor does it help us in any way whatsoever. I stand by my point.

  10. Anonymous on

    If any successful person is willing to come out and say they smoke pot, I am all for it. We need more successful people coming out of the closet. Time for people to wake up and realize most stoners are successful, not couch bums…

  11. 0ofoxy0O on

    It matters because so many people look up to her or just plain want her. I for one am glad ANYONE famous steps forward like this. She ISN’T an airhead either. She is a beautiful woman and you wish you had half of what she has. Don’t go bashing people you don’t even know.

  12. Anonymous on

    Please could CC not reference air-headed articles from sources such as TMZ? Who cares if Megan Fox tokes up? It doesn’t affect us one iota. This is why nobody takes us seriously. Link to articles of substance that actually mean something to people in the movement. This is the kind of stuff that they put on FOX news.