White House Admits Marijuana Has ‘Some’ Medical Value

Just days after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) insisted that there is no medical value to marijuana, the White House appeared to contradict the position, saying in a report that there may actually be “some” medical value to “individual components of the cannabis plant” after all.

The statement was just a small part of the Office on National Drug Control Policy’s yearly update on the progress of the drug war and its goals moving forward. Overall, the document only serves to affirm the federal prohibition of marijuana and what it calls “‘medical’ marijuana,” which it still views as illegitimate.

But a single passage, under their “facts about marijuana,” seems to loosen a bit from the generation-old line that there is no value to cannabis whatsoever.

“While there may be medical value for some of the individual components of the cannabis plant, the fact remains that smoking marijuana is an inefficient and harmful method for delivering the constituent elements that have or may have medicinal value,” the report says.

– Read the rest of the article at THE RAW STORY.

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  1. bhonze on

    That’s like saying the willow tree has individual components that have medical value but the willow tree itself should be illegal. You dumb asses; the “harmful” elements of cannabis never killed anyone. Let’s talk alcohol and tobacco, now that should be illegal. Oh no, we already tried that; didn’t work!

  2. Anonymous on

    Well if you read the DEA rejection for rescheduling there is a section devoted by scientists and it says right there that
    the drug has an effect, it says where and how the effect occurs and that 3 other known and prescribed drugs also act in a similar way.