Marc Emery Begins His Three-Year Countdown to Release From Prison

A recent photo of Marc Emery taken at a US federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi.A recent photo of Marc Emery taken at a US federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi.CANNABIS CULTURE – On July 9, 2011, imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery will begin a three-year countdown to his early release date from a US federal prison, scheduled for July 9, 2014.

US federal prisoners who show good behaviour are released after completing 85% of their sentence. For Emery, with time served and a clean prison record, his early release date is set for July 9, 2014.

Emery, the former publisher of Cannabis Culture and founder of the BC Marijuana Party, had a prison transfer application that would allow him to serve his time in Canada rejected by the US government in April, but he can reapply in two years. He is currently in Yazoo City Medium-security prison in Mississippi.

“Marc and I are anxiously awaiting his return home,” Emery’s wife Jodie says. “It’s heartbreaking to be apart like this. Every day is a challenge. We miss each other terribly, but our love for each other and the support we receive gets us through it.”

July 23 marks the Emery’s five-year wedding anniversary, and July 29 is the six-year anniversary of the 2005 D.E.A. raid in downtown Vancouver that resulted in Emery’s extradition in 2010.

In more worrisome news, Emery was recently diagnosed with MRSA.

MRSA is the superbug that runs rampant in hospitals and prisons. Although it can be fatal in some cases, the Emerys are trying to stay optimistic.

“I try not to worry, but of course it has me concerned for his safety,” Jodie said. “It makes me furious that his unjust imprisonment has led to him getting this dangerous infection. I pray that he will come home as healthy as possible.”

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