Cannabis Day 2011 at the Vancouver Art Gallery

CANNABIS CULTURE – Happy Cannabis Day! Join us at the Vancouver Art Gallery on JULY 1 for a smoky celebration of the national day of Canada and our favorite sticky green plant.

The annual Cannabis Day festivities start at 12:00 Noon at the Vancouver Art Gallery, downtown at 750 Hornby Street. Come and celebrate your love of cannabis with tens of thousands of peaceful protestors and stick around for the live music, guest speakers and more.

Cannabis Day is one of two days a year (along with 4/20) that the Vancouver Art Gallery grounds become an open cannabis farmers market – with open sales of marijuana, hash and cannabis edibles with no trouble or interference from law enforcement.

“We’re very excited for this year’s Cannabis Day rally, and hope to surpass 10,000 attendees for the first time,” said Cannabis Day organizer Jacob Hunter. “We are fortunate to live in a city that takes a progressive stance on issues from marijuana to prostitution to the environment, and stands up to the ridiculous ideological obsessions of the Harper regime in Ottawa. The evidence is beyond clear that the drug war has failed, and while Stephen Harper may ignore that evidence, thankfully the City of Vancouver does not.”

Vendors will also set up booths selling bongs, pipes, clothing, food and drinks, and other cannabis-related items.

As usual, free joints will be thrown to the crowd for the massive smoke-session at 4:20pm.

Cannabis Day, like other Vancouver cannabis events, will have a decidedly political edge, being both a celebration of the cannabis plant and a public call for the end of marijuana prohibition. Activist speakers will target Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada, who have promised to toughen marijuana laws and send more pot-smoking Canadians to jail.

“The Conservative government can’t offer up a single piece of evidence to justify the billions of dollars it proposes to spend on ramping up the drug war,” Hunter said. “Stephen Harper likes to say the drug war is about protecting the children. It’s not. Teens consistently report easier access to unregulated substances like marijuana than regulated substances like alcohol. Simply, drug dealers don’t check ID, while liquor stores do. Now Mr. Harper is attacking medical marijuana patients, depriving them of court-ordered rights to produce personal amounts of medical marijuana. These cold-hearted changes will affect thousands of Canadians, forcing them to chose between breaking the law or suffering without medication. If Mr. Harper thinks we will stand by quietly while he turns back the clock on medical marijuana rights, he is sorely mistaken.”

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Watch Cannabis Culture in coming days for photos, videos and more information about Cannabis Day 2011. Click here for info about last year’s event.

Map and directions to Cannabis Day at the Vancouver Art Gallery – 750 Hornby Street.

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