Police Raid on Gilbert Home Sparks Medical Marijuana Outcry

A couple hours after a DirecTV worker saw marijuana and hashish inside a bedroom closet of Ross Taylor’s Gilbert home during the installation process of a satellite dish, 12 Gilbert police officers wearing masks and toting guns busted into his house and took his pot.

Taylor, 35, is a card-carrying medical marijuana patient under Arizona’s new voter-approved law, who said he uses it for a severe loss of appetite and sleep due to post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.

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Medical Marijuana Patient: Gilbert Police Took Me to Jail

by Ray Stern, Phoenix NewTimes

?In the latest sign that Gilbert police have gone rogue, a medical marijuana patient tells New Times that he was taken to jail two nights ago for possessing a half-ounce of weed.
This is the third case we’ve heard about in the past week in which Gilbert officers allegedly told patients that the voter-approved medical marijuana law provides no meaningful protection.

Not only did the officers write up the man for possible possession charge — he says they’re accusing him of DUI because he admitted he’d smoked pot that morning. If true, that seems like one DUI case that’ll never stick.

We’re putting in a request for the police report today; we also left a message for Gilbert PD’s spokesman, Sergeant Bill Balafas — and yet another message for Police Chief Tim Dorn — this morning.

On Sunday at about midnight, Steven P., who lives in Gilbert, tells us that he was pulled over near Val Vista and Baseline roads for failing to make a complete stop as he left a strip mall lot. (At first, Steven, 22, agreed to use his full last name, but called us later this morning in a panic, saying his family was “freaking out” that his case would be publicized. Considering that he seems to be a victim — not a criminal — in this case, we agreed to just use his first name and initial.)

The bloodhound cop smelled the high-quality weed in the car and asked him about it. Steven ‘fessed up right away, he says, and showed the cop his state-issued medical marijuana registration card.

Steven says he had about half an ounce of weed in four separate, labeled baggies.

“For a second, I thought I was going to be able to drive away,” Steven says.

Instead, the officer called his supervisor, who soon arrived at the scene. They interrogated him about where he purchased the marijuana, saying that if he couldn’t provide the name and number of the person who sold it, he was going to be arrested.

He says the officers also told him that the pot wouldn’t be legal unless he bought it in a dispensary, (there are none yet) or grew it himself. As to the latter option, however, Steven says the officers implied that even if he’d admitted to growing, he could still be in trouble because there’s no legal way to obtain seeds.

Steven says he told the cops that the pot was given to him by a friend as a gift.

In our non-expert, non-lawyerly opinion, Arizona law seems clear when it states that if a valid card-holder possesses less than 2 1/2 ounces, a presumption exists of medical use.

Police booked Steven into jail and impounded his truck, but didn’t bother with his bong and pipe, which were still in the vehicle when he picked it up the next day.

“I paid $300 for that *@#&^$% card,” Steven gripes.

Again, we still haven’t got the police side of this story and can’t yet verify what Steven told us. But the bulk of the story makes sense in light of the other busts by Gilbert PD mentioned on this blog in the last few days.

On Thursday, we told you about the ludicrous case in which a full-on raid with masked and SWAT-trained officers entered a Gilbert home in search of — gasp — an ounce of weed. When the homeowner, Ross Taylor, presented his valid registration card, Gilbert police didn’t seem to care. The East Valley Tribune published an article about the case on Friday with a couple of extra details.

This morning, we related another story in which Gilbert police drove across town to Tempe and raided a business in which qualified patients sell pot to other qualified patients.

Perhaps police are institutionalized and simply can’t help busting marijuana suspects, despite the new law. It’ll be interesting to see how prosecutors deal with these cases.

It’s clear, though, that the tactics of Gilbert police aren’t being used in other Valley cities.

Scottsdale’s police spokesman, Sergeant Mark Clark, told last week that if someone’s caught with less than 2 1/2 ounces of weed and possesses a valid card, “the investigation stops there.”

Sergeant Steve Martos of the Phoenix Police Department told us this morning that, “at worst,” Phoenix officers might take a report if they find a cardholder in possession.

“If you’re within the legal amount of whatever, you’re good to go,” he says. “There’s no reason for us to do anything.”

Booking a valid cardholder caught with less than 2 1/2 ounces “would be in direct violation of the law.”

Yup, that’s what we think, too. Gilbert PD apparently didn’t get the memo.

That being said, we’re still researching the situation and hope to talk to legal experts at the police departments over the next few days.

If you know any valid cardholders who were caught and busted, or caught and not busted, please drop us a line: [email protected].

– Article from Phoenix NewTimes.



  1. Anonymous on

    Our government is disgusting, our police are far beyond disgusting. Hope they burn…

  2. Paul Pot on

    Prohibition is not simply going to end with legalization. When the drug war is over, like all wars there will be war trials and these guys who think they are so clever now are going to be on trial for their crimes against humanity. How can they be so stupid as to think that wars don’t end and corrupt regimes don’t topple. And all the people who have been abused by the system and suffered for it’s insanity will get together and sue the government for it’s negligence and mismanagement and the catastrophic effect their dreadful policies have had on our lives.

  3. Anonymous on

    This war on drugs has pit neighbor against neighbor…this is very sad. What a pathetic Direct TV guy. I suppose he thought he did some good for the community. Sorry buddy, more like playing the sheeple game.

  4. Lygeia on

    This is like arresting someone because you saw a shot glass and a bottle of Jack Daniels on their dresser in their bedroom.

    Everyone with DirecTV should cancel their DirecTV service.

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    That kind of police action is bad… I’m out of adjectives… it’s seriously bad…