“Medicinal Michelle” June 14, 1971 – October 20, 2010

CANNABIS CULTURE – June 14 is the birthday of medicinal marijuana activist Michelle Rainey, who tragically lost her battle with cancer on October 20th, 2010. She would have turned forty years old, and is survived by her beloved husband JefTek. Her activism career began with Marc Emery in 2000 and she became a major part of his organization in the following years.

She began by taking care of the house where Marc and fellow employees lived producing Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV network, and Emery Direct Seeds. When a provincial election was called in 2001, Michelle helped Marc create the BC Marijuana Party and ran alongside a full slate of candidates. She continued her role as Vice President and Financial Agent of the BCMP up until her death.

Michelle was also well-known for her work with Emery Direct Seeds, and hosting the amazing Toker’s Bowl for four consecutive years, creating an incredible intimate four-day cannabis party better than any ever held. She was always seen busily getting things done and looking after everyone around her, even though she struggled with painful Chron’s disease that had inflicted her since her youth.

She became even more recognized as one of the “BC3” – her, Marc Emery, and Greg Williams – targeted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration in 2005 for selling marijuana seeds through the mail, and faced a life prison sentence in the United States along with Marc and Greg.

During the extradition ordeal, Michelle was diagnosed with cancer. She was, thankfully, given a sentence of two years probation in Canada, allowing her to live her final years at home with her friends and family. She obtained her Health Canada medical marijuana license and was able to produce her own medicine to treat her pain of Chron’s and cancer.

After the seed business was shut down, Michelle moved on to help Treating Yourself Magazine and began producing her now famous MEDICINAL t-shirts and doctor education packages. She helped numerous Canadians get their medical marijuana forms signed, and educated thousands about the healing powers of cannabis with her “Medicinal Michelle” YouTube shows and regular appearances at events.

She spoke at IDEA City in 2009, and will be the subject of a special tribute at this year’s event with her husband JefTek in attendance.

The “Michelle Rainey Foundation” was created in her honour, and October 20th declared Michelle Rainey Day. Please go to www.MichelleRainey.com for more information about this brave woman and her legacy, and to help continue the work she accomplished and lived for.

Marc, who is serving his 5-year sentence in the United States, wrote this letter to share when he was told that she was nearing the end of her battle with cancer.

This video was made by Greg Williams for the memorial & celebration of her life on October 28th.

This photo montage video was made by Jodie Emery on the day after Michelle passed.

Watch Michelle’s inspiring and educational videos at www.YouTube.com/MichelleRainey

Visit her website and get her famous “Medicinal” t-shirt at www.MichelleRainey.com