ABOR Bans Medical Marijuana on Campus

Despite the allowance of medical marijuana in Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents will not be allowing the substance on any state university campuses.

ABOR’s policy is in keeping with the Drug Free Workplace Act and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, which requires places receiving federal money or financial assistance under federal programs must prevent the possession or distribution of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Arizona universities would forfeit any federal money they are receiving, including grants and scholarships, if they allowed the possession of medical marijuana on campus.

Air traffic management senior John Burgmeier, like many ASU students, has received federal grants through the university in the past.

“I know that medical marijuana can be healing for some people, but it’s still in violation of federal law,” he said. “I don’t want to lose my money.”

Students and staff will be able to access information about the policy from “normal communication channels” that ASU uses for the student code of conduct and human resources, said Sharon Keeler, director of media relations in the Office of Public Affairs.

ASU has communicated the restriction of medical marijuana to ASU Police, but if a student is caught with it, they will not be in violation of state law.

For ASU students, the change in policy might not mean much. Burgmeier said he understood the federal rules that ASU has to follow.

“People who have prescriptions for medical marijuana should just be able to go off campus,” he said. “It’s not that far of a walk.”

Students who are found in possession or use of medical marijuana on campus will be in violation of university policy, she said.

“If they have a medical marijuana card then they are not in violation of state law, should the law hold up in court,” she said.

Keeler did not cite specific consequences to students who are found with medical marijuana, but said that students who are found in violation of this policy will be handled “on a per student basis.”

Students and staff who may have medical marijuana cards are not under university policy when they are off campus and should be under the protection of state law.

Current laws regarding zoning and regulations of medical marijuana are still being finalized. Arizona is currently in the process of determining whether the medical marijuana law is in conflict with federal drug statutes or not.

– Article originally from ASU Statepress.