Critic of Mission’s Grow-op Bylaw Gets Police Visit

A former city councillor in Mission, B.C. is accusing the city of going too far in an effort to silence his criticism about the city’s crackdown on suspected marijuana grow operations.

Former Mission councillor Ron Taylor says he received an unexpected visit Monday night from the RCMP.

“They came knocking on the door, they got search warrants, they took three computers,” he told CTV News.

Taylor was a vocal opponent of a city bylaw that permits safety inspectors to enter private homes to look for marijuana grow-ops. Some Mission residents have complained about high inspection fees and filed a class-action lawsuit against the city last week.

“Council is running scared because they’ve got a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against them and this is one way of trying to quiet down one of their more vocal critics,” Taylor said.

The city says it was having trouble communicating the goals of the inspection program to the public, and council passed a resolution behind closed doors to hire a public relations firm to help with that.

Taylor says he got wind of that confidential information and leaked it to the media, which is what triggered the seizure of his computers.

Police searched two homes on Monday in connection with that investigation; the other reportedly belongs to Mission Coun. Jenny Stevens.

“Mission RCMP has been involved in an investigation for quite some time relative to breach of the community charter and breach of trust,” Cpl. Holly Marks said.

A troubled program

The city inspection team’s job is to track electricity consumption to find grow-ops and methamphetamine labs, but in three years of operation, there have been so many complaints that the city put the program on hold in January to conduct a review.

“A lot of it deals with the interaction between our inspection team and those people who have an inspection,” Paul Gipps, chief administrator for the District of Mission, said of the review.

“The other aspect is the fees that are levied on those properties that are determined to be a controlled substance property.”

Mandy Gowanlock and her husband Stacy are spearheading the lawsuit against the city after they were the subject of one contentious inspection.

“Basically they came in, shut my husband out, then about 20 minutes later came out and checked the hot tub and said the wiring was not to code, and then after that they gave us a fee for $5,200,” she said.



  1. Anonymous on

    Ya my name is joey and im so sick of the law saying med weed is legal and lots of other agencys and stupid pig fucks who dont care about the laws say it is ok and the local police like always can be as dirty as they want and brack the law and violate disabled vets and people and the courts let them do it so it just goes to show my matter what u do for your country or how disabiled u are they will do what they want and have the protection of the shitty dirty ass courupt pigs from chief to capt all because you and me and our family means shit to the fucks supposed to be fallowing orders and wasting that money and no way will the pigs from top to bittom ever get in trouble like we will and they dont care if its wrong or discrimination cause they want get fired for violating our rights but cops look at fir there own and fuck they civilians we dont mean shit to the law maybe we should go fuck with them at there homes

  2. Bud Grinder on

    Maybe back in Uganda or Somalia or Nigeria or wherever Mission’s mayor comes from that’s how they abuse and rip-off the public but here in Canada there’s supposed to be something called “due process.”

    I hope that the city council and the city of Mission are sent to the poorhouse by the award these victims are going to get.

    All government thugs of any kind and at any level need to repeatedly have it visibly demonstrated to them that they abuse the public at their own peril.

  3. joe on

    New world Order will be put in place buy the end of 2012.
    The world will end the system we had in place will be ended and a One world leader will run the show get use to it or fight them. All we have to do is spend our money to local stores do not spend at any corperate chain stores. Buy at local farms local stores. Thats how to defeat the new world Order.
    It is all were we the people spend our money.

  4. Paul Pot on

    Just take out the word marijuana and put in Jew and you have a state that looks a lot like pre-war Nazi Germany.

    This can all get a lot worse folks if we don’t look after our rights.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  5. Anonymous on

    400 million angry, fed up people against a million pencil pushing, control freaks, career bureaucrats, we want our rights and we want every single one of them, we are fed up having our lives ran by criminal mafia, just because I have medical cannabis in my home should not give the government a right to put cameras in my home or surveillance equipment, stop the illegal criminal searches

  6. Anonymous on

    the same thing is happening here in California, the patriot act eliminated our 4th amendment, we have become property of the state.

  7. Mary on

    1) Sure their asses!

    2) This ‘law’ is unconstitutional and should be challenged in court !

  8. Anonymous on

    Haters Gonna Hate

  9. Anonymous on

    Passing a law that contravenes Charter of Rights and Freedoms is criminal and should be treated as such. Lock them all up.

  10. Cliff on

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  11. Cliff on

    I live in the United Police States of America. I watch the evil that the American government does on a daily basis. This story tells me that Canada is not for behind when it comes to having a evil, hateful government.

  12. Dave on

    Hey maybe we should be trespassing on their homes and grabbing their computers whenever they speak negatively of us and our culture! What a sorry bunch of bullies! How in hell did they get a judge to sign off on that one?