One Year Since Marc Emery Ordered Extradited by Conservative Government

CANNABIS CULTURE – The date May 10, 2011 marks one year since “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery was ordered extradited to the United States by the Canadian Conservative government.

One year ago, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson signed the extradition order. Marc was taken to Seattle on May 20. He has served time in Seattle, Oklahoma City, Georgia, and is now in Yazoo City medium-security prison in Mississippi.

“Marc and I were never apart, so this last year has been challenging and heartbreaking,” said Jodie Emery, Marc’s wife of almost five years.

“It’s hard, knowing what he goes through. Marc helped millions of people through his political activism and philanthropy, yet he suffers in US federal prison for those actions.

“I also struggle, as I have to take care of him, myself, my business, and maintain my activism to change these unjust laws.”

Jodie just returned from the Toronto Freedom Festival and Global Marijuana March, where her husband has been the featured speaker and parade marshal the last five years.

This year, the “FREE MARC” image was everywhere and Jodie stood in Marc’s place, leading the parade and speaking on stage to 50,000 attendees.



  1. Anonymous on

    hey grammar nazi,

    remember when people cared about what you had to say?

    oh wait.

  2. The BallyHoo on

    As long as Marc stays strong & true, the true north strong & free, he will persevere and arrive victorious @ the end of a long & ( unjust ) journey. I know he can do this, no problem. Unjust and untrue as it is!



  3. Anonymous on

    Doesn’t sound very good from this forum post but maybe it’s not next to a huge mosquito infested swamp like in Georgia, though I suspect that most of Mississippi is probably mosquito infested too, being next to a big river. He complained about too few microwaves in Georgia, now he has zero. At least maybe now he’ll have an actual cell instead of a dorm though, if he gets lucky. Probably just the Mexican holding warehouses have the dorms.

    “My husband is there he likes it okay. It’s in the middle of nowhere, and I do mean nowhere. The visits are okay but it’s an ordeal to get in, alot of time they like to let you sit in the waiting room for about an hour or two for no apparent reason. My husband says the food sucks pretty bad but he likes the outdoor recreation, they get to watch new releases every weekend, they don’t have microwaves, they just took away pictures being made in the visiting room. He says it’s a big disciplinary place that alot of people come and go from there. If you think of any questions let me know.”

  4. Anonymous on

    is there any news from Marc? I don’t there has been anything since he arrived in Yazoo…

    he must be getting punished for all of his blogs about the other prison in Georgia.

    just terrible…

    stay strong Marc !!

  5. Anonymous on

    This year, the “FREE MARC” image was everywhere as* Jodie stood in Marc’s place, leading the parade and speaking on stage to 50,000 attendees.