Netherlands: Five Marijuana Plants are Okay, No Matter How Big They Are

Private individuals can grow up to five marijuana plants at home before facing criminal charges, no matter how big the yield is, the high court ruled on Tuesday.

However, growers will have to hand over the plants to police immediately if they get an official visit, the court said.

The ruling relates to separate home-grown cases dating back to 2006 and 2008. In one case, a man in Roermond was found to have five plants in his garden with a combined yield of 2,180 grammes. In the other, a couple were found with five plants yielding 6,712 grammes.

The public prosecution department had argued that the weight of the yield broke regulations allowing individuals to have up to five grammes of marijuana for their own use.

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  1. Anonymous on

    5 at 6 kilos is not unheard of. Outdoor plants can get very big. If you veg them for a long time indoors then put them out very early, with the right strain and skills, kilo+ plants are achievable.

  2. Anonymous on

    Too bad its not in Canada!

    5 plants at total of 6,712 grams – NOT LIKELY!
    Weighed while wet and in 10′ wide buckets including the soil!!!!!!!! Dipped in cement maybe!

  3. TheOracle on

    It’s 30 grams per person, according to Radio Netherlands

    You are allowed to buy only 5 grams a day, but are allowed to possess a maximum of 30. Coffeeshops are supposed to have no more than 500 on the premises at any given police check time.

    Radio Netherlands reports:

    High five for cannabis home growers
    Cannabis growers will be giving each other the high five after yesterday’s court ruling that they will not be prosecuted for cultivating up to five cannabis plants at home. The only snag is that they do have to give up their harvest if the police come knocking at their door reports Trouw.

    The Ministry of Justice tolerates small-scale home growing. However, there was confusion about the quantity of cannabis one could grow; 30 grams is the condoned amount for an individual to carry, but five plants can yield much more. One case came to court after police tried to prosecute a home grower who had harvested 2180 grams from one plant and was about to harvest four others. The court has ruled that the quantity of drugs does not matter as long as production is not commercial.